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Can't remember if you've addressed this before. Why did Chibnall give Hardy the pacemaker when he did in series 2 (as opposed to never having it done or leaving it as a cliffhanger to end series 2)? Does that parallel to anything in Thomas Hardy's stuff?

Because it was the right moment to give him the pacemaker, narratively speaking? He developed that heart condition as a direct result of the stresses of Sandbrook and the betrayal of his wife. He was dying and alone at the start of S2, then Ellie came along and with her help he started to recover. There’s that scene in S02E05 where she’s putting up the evidence wall while Hardy collapses outside, and the sense is that she’s literally unpacking the contents of his heart, putting up all the things he carries inside him that are killing him, and because she’s putting everything right, Hardy is naturally able to recover from his pacemaker operation in the next episode. “No more broken heart” is directly thanks to Ellie’s intervention and the resolution of the Sandbrook case. It would be pointless to drag the pacemaker operation issue into S3, though that doesn’t mean Hardy’s health issues won’t resurface.

In terms of Thomas Hardy parallels, Hardy is most like Jude, a melancholy and kind man who suffers from chronic health problems as a result of his work. He improved and was able to cope thanks to his other half Sue, but when he loses her and his children die he is “saddened… to sickness.” The implication is that he might have survived had his other half Sue returned to him, but in the end he wasted away and died alone of a broken heart.