juust wanted to try this for once


I really wish there was some way to make everything Martin Shkreli does 5,000 times harder.

I mean something beyond having his bail and legal fees set 5,000 times higher.

Like, when his alarm goes off in the morning and he wants hit the snooze button? Fine, but he has to hit it 5,000 times before it stops. (and same to even just set the alarm). Wanna turn the light on or off? Yup, gotta flip that switch 5,000 times before the light does anything. Need to flush the toilet? No problem, just be ready to try 5,000 times. Shower too cold or too hot? Welp, 5,000 alternating tries on the hot water followed by 5,000 tries on the cold water, until he gets it juust right. Don’t like what’s playing? Wow, now he’s got to press the channel changer 5,000 times just to change it once. Need to send off an email? Well, after typing every letter of every word 5,000 times, then he still has to hit ‘send’ 5,000 times. Uh oh: poor lil Martin heard something scary in his house and wants to call the police? Better hurry up and start dialing 911 about 5,000 times.

All that plus a lifetime of spotty cell coverage, unending dropped calls and slow, intermittent internet service.

And I wish this on every wealthy jackass who tries to price gouge and make a profit off the misery of the less fortunate.