anonymous asked:

for your theme Nultuo, when i use the double column option, some posts don't appear on my blog and it's frustrating because everything else about the theme is perfect D: please help?:c

I’ve checked the code multiple times and I don’t know what the problem is. Some ask and text posts don’t appear or you can see them for a second and then they disappear right?

I’m aware of this problem and I’m going go try to ask a friend to help me out, but it might just be a problem with the mansory code or one of the codes I’m using incorrectly. I’ll try to solve it as soon as I can, but for the time being I suggest using one column if it bothers you too much.

I’m using one column myself because of this issue. /:

juurou-deactivated20130218 asked:

Looks great on your blog! <3 Thank you for using my theme sweetie~

I know!!! I’m so excited, though I was tempted to change to a different one of your themes but this one was my personal fav. Thanks for being so awesome with your theme making and all!!!