“What’s this? What’s this?” Ruby optics looked over the intruders; one a vampire with a familiar scent and aura–a pureblood, just like Tristan herself–and…hm? A little enigma? What fun this would be! But despite the lack of time she spent inside it, mother Sharpie would not forgive those who went too close to her home.

                    Entering a vampire’s home is forbidden. This mansion is her safe place, not a lost and found box.

                    But Tristan Sharpie was still an innocuous little firefly, right?

                    With little fluttering from blonde pigtails, the woman tilted her head to the side and asked very innocently, “Who are you?”

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Smiling brightly at the little brunette, Juuri pulled Yuuki close and cuddled her whilst brushing her fingers through the girl’s hair as she did when Yuuki was just a child.

She also started to hum gently enjoying the moment between herself and her daughter so much. She loved her husband and son but sometimes it was just nice to have a girl moment with Yuuki who was so full of kindness, beauty and love. 

Yuuki closed her eyes as her mother held her. She was always trying so desperately hard to behave like an adult…to stop herself from making blunders and letting people down. It was comforting to just let herself be cradled by her mother, as if she were truly a child again. She squeezed her eyes shut to prevent herself from crying. She wouldn’t worry her mother right now. 

“Thank you…” She whispered softly, nuzzling against her, her smile naturally forming on her lips despite feeling a little down right now. She couldn’t possibly be unhappy around this person.

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“Oh Yuuki!” Juuri giggled and squeezed her daughter again, forgetting for a moment that Yuuki was currently suffering from a headache like herself.

“I’m nothing to want to be like sweetheart,” she added with a bashful smile, not entirely used to being complimented by anybody but Haruka, whom of which had been gone for a considerably long time.

“You just be like you, you’re perfect already,” Juuri nodded as if that made it fact and cooed as she gently placed her hands on Yuuki’s cheeks, warm to the touch to go with the rose colour currently colouring them.

Yuuki couldn’t believe what she was hearing. When she was a little girl, she had always admired her mother, and aspired to be just as beautiful, graceful, kind and considerate as her. There was just something likeable about her, and Yuuki knew that she wasn’t alone in thinking this. She had heard many other people compliment her mother, the Headmaster, Isaya, many Aristocrats had compliment Yuuki, pointing out the aspects of herself that reminded them of Juuri. Then again, it was just like her to be modest.

“Okaasan is too modest! Lots of people admire you.” She responded with a large smile. Yes, if Yuuki were just a little more like her mother, she was sure she would fit into her role as a pureblood more comfortably.

“I-I’m nowhere near being perfect…” She continued with a small, nervous laugh

“But…I want to work hard so that I can become a better person.” She finished, trying to reassure herself that this was possible. Perhaps it was just because today had been difficult…but she wouldn’t lose her faith just yet. 

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“Ah, Kaien,” Juuri giggled fondly at the memory of her old friend, she would have to take a trip to visit him soon, she was sure he’d get a shock seeing her as she’d been dead for so long only to be resurrected.

“Pssshhhh,” Juuri playfully pushed her daughter’s shoulder, chuckling at Yuuki’s mood which was improving quickly, it made her beam to think that Yuuki was feeling better, she hated the thought of her children being in pain from anything including illness.

“Ahhhh, a leader you say?” Juuri exclaimed before pointing her index finger high in the air, “Well then I, Juuri Kuran, will teach you to be a leader!” she then blushed darkly and cleared her throat.

“Somehow I’ll teach you,” she added with a wink and sighed as she cupped her own face, she really was so immature at times.

Yuuki smiled sheepishly at her mother’s behaviour. Somehow, even when she was behaving this way…she still had an air of authority and charisma about her. After all her years as a human, Yuuki really wasn’t sure if she would be able to integrate herself into the Vampire society, especially in the position of a leader.

“But how okaasan? Do you think it’s possible?” She questioned, eager to know the answer, if there was indeed and answer at all. The small brunette was beginning to lose faith again. I just seemed to be one of those days where Yuuki wished she could take a break from being a Kuran, and retreat back to her former persona as Yuuki Cross. However, if her mother was willing to teach her, she would listen, despite feeling completely inadequate right now.

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Juuri couldn’t help the large smile that fell on her face at the sound of her daughter’s determination to become better even though she thought that Yuuki was perfect the way she was, she knew it wasn’t just because she was her mother as well.

“Admire me?” Juuri quickly shook her head, “they say such nice things because I am a Pureblood,” she sighed remembering that being a female Pureblood also attracted a lot of unwanted attention from ordinary Vampire males, sometimes females too, but mostly males, she was just thankful that her overly handsome husband was there to set them straight by placing a simple kiss upon her cheek.

“I will help you in any which way I can,” she curled her hands into fists with determination, looking a little childish as she did so, “but I wonder how you’re going to become better,” Juuri pondered out loud, Yuuki would need a starting point to work on and then move on from there.

The small brunette shook her head stubbornly.

“I’m sorry, but I just know the Headmaster wouldn’t compliment you just because you’re a pureblood! Isaya-sama too!” She folded her arms as if to confirm that the matter was closed, and hoped that her mother would take it playfully, and not think her rude. Yuuki realized she could be stubborn  she was always that way with Zero as well, but she knew in her heart that she only behaved that way when she was certain she was right about something.

“Okaasan will just have to accept that she’s loved!” She finished, giggling playfully, and genuinely beginning to feel the first signs that her mood was lifting. 

The sudden change in her mother’s composure suprised her, but she couldn’t help the smile that crept to her lips. It reminded her of herself…hmm…perhaps they were more alike than she though?

“Well…” She began, trying to decide what she felt her weakest assets were…and why that was. She was inexperienced…having lived with the Headmaster for so long, she wasn’t used to suddenly having the kind of power an responsibility of a pureblood…but somehow she felt ungrateful saying such a thing to her mother.

“…I’m not very good at being a leader.” She admitted, recalling something Aido-senpai had said to her about taking control of the Night Class…he’d mentioned being charismatic…but was that something she could learn?

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“Hmm,” Juuri paused and thought about her answer for a few seconds debating on how she should answer this before deciding that being honest was best as she was sure that Yuuki would become a mother in the future if her daughter ever decided to settle down.

“I would be lying if I said being a mother was easy, it can be very difficult, especially when you have a son who acts like an eighty year old and a strong minded daughter,” she arched her eyebrow playfully at Yuuki before giggling lightly and cuddling her a little tighter.

“But I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s more fun when your children are just themselves,”

The young pureblood couldn’t help but giggle at her mother’s remarks about herself and Kaname. The two of them could be a little…difficult in their own ways, but surely they hadn’t turned out so bad, with such a kind mother carefully guiding them.

“I hope if I ever have children…that I’ll be just like okaasan!” She replied, a small blush spreading across her cheeks. She just hoped that her mother would realize that she was being completely sincere, and not just saying it to make her smile.