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My Questions:
1 - Good childhood memory; 2 - favorite number and a reason, if there’s one; 3 - A country you want to visit; 4 - Would you like to live abroad? Where?; 5 - Favorite smell?; 6 - Something that makes you smile without you even realize it; 7 - If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?; 8 - A superhero; 9 - A character you would like to play; 10 - Do you like hats? If so, do you wear them?; 11 - What are you waiting for in life?

1- Favourite shows?
The Walking Dead, Dexter, TBBT, Friends, Suburgatory, New Girl, True Blood, Elementary.

2 - Favourite episode of your favourite show.
That’s just to hard to answer, John. I have more than one favorite and argh, I can’t chose one. Sorry. hahahahaha

3- Favourite book serie.
Harry Potter, for suuure! And I do love the Mediator saga, by Meg Cabot.

4 - Monty Python or SNL?
Haven’t watched much of both, but it’s hard to say. Two different kinds of humor. Some episodes of SNL are awesome and the ones I watched of Monty Phyton were great. I’ll go with Monty Phyton then.

5- A city you want to visit someday and why.
London. It’s the love of my life since I was young. Very young. 

6 - Your role model[s].
J. K. Rowling, Chris Martin, Markus Zusak.

7- If your life were a TV show, which song would you choose as the theme intro?
Life in Technicolor ii - Coldplay

8- If you had an horcrux, it would be a/an…?
A very small object that sink in water and I’d through it on the ocean never to be found again.

9- Favourite holiday.
Christmas. It would be Halloween if I lived in a place where Halloween happens for real.

10- Famous crushes you have.
Too obvious. hahahha My bias list says it all (numers 1 - 9) plus Tom Hiddleston, Tom Felton and Chris Martin. hahahahaha

11- An unpopular opinion.
I always end up thinking too much about this. And I don’t know if this is unpopular, but you are in this together with me. Apple sucks.