"Did you like your punishment?"

-mature content

“Controlla! Controlla! You like it when I get aggressive. ” I sing while I wine my hips on this guy behind. I’m honestly just feeling the moment. I look good tonight in Balmain dress. It fits my hips and breast perfectly. I don’t know why Justin isn’t drooling on me. But, it’s whatever. I’m turning the fuck up and I am feeling it. The dj turns the song to One Dance by Drake and that’s when everybody goes crazy. I start to get even more turnt. After having that Vodka soda I just got in the zone. The man behind me started getting even more crazy as my movements increased.
“Y/N, let’s go.” I hear behind me as I dance. I turn around and see that it is Justin.
“No, I just got hype, Justin. Lighten up we haven’t been out in a while.” I say as I slow down my hips to the rhythm of the song.
“Fuck it.” Then I feel my body get lifted off of the ground and I immediately know it’s Justin. I’m so out of it intoxated that I can’t even fight him. So, I just let him carry me. As he gets outside paparazzi are taking pictures and flashing their lights at us.
“Justin baby, put me down.” I plead.
“No. I need to show you what dancing on other guys does to me.” He says as he carries me to the car. When we get to the car he throws me into the back seat and he hops into the drivers seat. He pushed the keys into the ignition and he drives to a nearest alley.
“Justin where are you taking us?” I say while looking up at him.
“Just shut up. You are frustrating me. ” Justin says while slapping the back of my thigh.
“Ohhhhh! Justin is getting handsyyyyy.” I say slurring. I’m so tipsy, but it feels good.
“Oh you want to see handsy.” He pulls the stick shift into park and he climbs up out of the front seat and moves to the back seat.
“So, how was your little dance with the guy in the club?” He asks me while licking his lips and looking down at me.
I just giggle he looks so good right now, lawd save my pussy ‘cuz it’s screaming for him.
“Oh stop, Justin. It wasn’t that serious. ” he pulls his shirt off and starts to pull of my shoes.
“Get on your stomach, Y/N.” Justin demands as he pulls down his pants.
“No. I like it like this.” I say teasing him.
“Oh so you want this the hard way.” He forcefully pulls me up and turns me around. I loudly giggle. Then he pulls my dress up and smacks my ass really hard.
“Uhhhh!” I moan really loudly. I love when he gets aggressive, but let’s not tell him that or he won’t let me cum.
“Don’t. Play. With. Me.” He says every word and follows it with a smack on the ass. “You. Are. Mine.” He growls in my ear. The heat from his breath gives me chills and makes me get goose bumps. I’m hella horny and he needs to speed this up. The stinging on my ass increase the pleasure I am feeling and I am getting more horny as the time goes on. The then takes off my dress and he rips the strap by accident.
“Justin this is Balma-” I get cut off by him spanking me again.
“Don’t speak unless spoken to. You want to play hardball, then that’s what you’ll get.” he turns me back over and pull down my panties with his teeth. Oh god. I’m about to get some tongue action. He trails kisses down my thigh.
“I’m gonna show you who you should be wining on.” He then kisses my pussy.
“Ahhh!” I scream out as soon as he kisses me. Then he parts my pussy with his fingers and licks my entrance. He slowly goes up and down my walls and begins to suck on my pussy. He goes to my swollen clit and swirls his tongue around. He then leads his tongue back down and sticks it into my hole. He rotates his tongue around. I scream out in ecstasy. Oh my this feels amazing. My pussy is crying. I’m dripping wet. I arch my back, but he pushes me back down.
“You like that, huh. Y/N?” He says while he sucks on my clit.
Out of breath I reply, “Mmm… Yes I do.” Then he pulls away and stops. No. I was slowly reaching my climax and he stops.
I know what game he is trying to play and I won’t let him win. So, I pretend not to be affected. He then pulls down his Calvin Klein boxers and that’s win Big Willy decided to spring free. Damn Daddy. That’s all I have to say. He inches towards my face and puts his dick in my face.
“Suck.” He demands. I quickly lick up and down his length. I slowly swirl my tongue on his tip and then I begin to slowly swirl and suck on his tip. He wants to tease me. I will tease him. I slowly push my head forwards and take as much if him as possible into my mouth. I gag a little bit as he thrusts inside of my mouth. His dick is hitting the back of my throat, but I will be fine. I slowly pull my head back to give him a handjob, but then I realize that I have to tease him.
“Uhhh…” He says when I pull him out of my mouth. “Oh so you want to play?” He pulls me down, so that I am lying comfortably on my back. He puts his fingers in my mouth and bends down to kisses my forehead. “Let’s play. ” he pushes in my vagina forcefully. I cry out in pure pleasure.
“Ohhhh!” I yell. He starts off fast. You hear skin slapping skin. He is biting his bottom lip and muttering curse words.
“God damn, Y/N. You feel amazing around me.” Justin says in between thrusts.
“Mmm” I moan in response. I slowly start to shake and squirm. He is going at a regular pace. His dick is pushing on my walls. It is rubbing the back of my pussy it feels like heaven as his dick thrust in and out of me. I feel him in every part of me. Oh fuck. My toes are starting to tingle. And I feel it all down my spine. I know I will cum soon. The Justin pulls out. Fuck he knows my body, so well. I hate him. He won’t let me cum.
“You thought you were sneaky, huh?” He lifts me up on my knees and pushes me forward, so know I am in a doggy position. He bends forward and licks my butt hole. He is being so kinky. After I get really moist and juiced up he sticks his tip inside of my ass. He slowly creeps all the way inside and then he pulls out teasing my ass. He pushes in and pulls out. He continues to hit the g-spot that is up my ass.
“Ahhh!” I yell everytime he punds in me.
“Oh god, Y/N” he pulls in and out repetitively too make sure I am comfortable with anal. Which, I definitely am. Then he picks up then past. Feeling him inside me is so foreign. The feeling if anal is insane. It feels so weirdly good. At first it stings, but the as his dick rolls in and out of my ass and slowly hits the spot it feels amazing. I pushes my hand underneath me and I start to fumble with my clit. But, Justin pushes my hand away and pull it to my back. Now I am restrained. He pushes in and out and I start to feel even more knoted and Justin is getting more sloppy with his thrust we are both really close, but I need to olay this off. Justin spanks my ass really hard increasing the tension in my stomach.
“Fuck, Y/N.” He says while he spanks me.
“I love you, Justin.” I am trying to sweet talk him, so that I can cum. He realizes what I am doing and he removes himself from me.
“Don’t play games with me, doll.” He sits in the seat and pulls me on top so that I can ride him. He slides his dick on top of my clit to my entrance. He does this repetitively until he pushes himself in. I slowly bounce trying to upset him. I hate that he keeps on interrupting my cum. But he lifts me up slightly and begins to pound upwardly inside of me. He hits the spot every thrust lord does it feel amazing. Justin’s hips work like magic I swear. He pounds into me as I scream his name then he pulls out of me and brings me to my knees, so that I suck him off until he cums. But, he won’t cum unless I do. So, when I go on my knees I just stare up at him.
“Y/N, is there a problem?” Justin asks while he plays with the tip of his penis.
“ You want to cum, well so do I. ” I star up at him while I am on my knees behind the front passenger seat.
“You don’t get to cum. You made my dick jealous and now you can apologize. ” He says to me as he slowly pushes my head towards his dick. I huff and slowly start to bob my head on his dick. As suck really hard and strong. I lick and swirl my tongue around. I’m working my Y/N magic on his ass. Then his dick begins to twitch between my fingers. So I take my fingers and I squeeze his tip. I lick his tip and I suck his balls. Until he erupts and moans out loudly and slowly his dick sways side to side.
“Good Job” he says out of breath. “Did you enjoy your punishment?” Then he pats my head and he gets dressed and hops back in the front seat. I stay naked because I have a trick up my sleeve. As he starts the car and slows out of the alleyway. I part my pussy with my fingers and I start to play with my clit. I can make myself cum. Take that Justin.

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Cuddle Session

“Babe!” Justin yells from the room, so that I can hear him downstairs.
“Coming Daddy”, I say back to him as I jog up the stairs.
“Yeah, J?” I say out of breath.
“I want some lovin’”, Justin says with a little pout.
“I love it when you are clingy, Justin.” I walk towards our bed and climb in with him.
“Y/N, I’m so glad that we get a chance to hangout today. You know with my busy schedule?” He says while gazing at me with his hazel eyes. I swear when he does that he sure gets my juices flowing. I lay closer to him.
“I’m happy, too. Justin I miss you when you are away. It feels good to be in your arms.” I smile while snuggling up near him.
“Y/N, I’m gonna write a song about you girl. You’re gonna love it. It’s gonna be about your little nose and your pink toes. Boy, I love everything about you.” He sighs while looking up at the ceiling.
“ I wonder what it’s going to be like in 10 years. Maybe we will have some children, and we can move to a different state and it will just be about you and I, Y/N” I love when Justin talks to me about the future he makes our relationship feel even more secure and hopeful.
“Wait, we aren’t gonna have a dog? Haha I want a dog, Justin.” I say looking up at him while laughing.
He snickers, “Oh, I forgot and we will have a dog. Maybe we can have a little farm, also. Name one of the horse, Y/N”
“You play too much, Justin. You are so silly.”, I say while tracing his tattoos.
“And you are beautiful. I hope we do get to have that farm, though. The kids will love it. ” Justin says while poking my dimple and smelling my hair.
“You’re beautiful, too. My sweet hazeled eye boy. ” I say while cheesing and getting in his face.
“ Oh stop it.” He says while playfully acting bashful. Then he leans in and licks my face. I swear he is too much.

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(J U S T Y)

So here it is! Here we are!

I wanted to write a song about how it feels to simply just want to love someone back to health. I wanted to put into words how it feels to simply want to be with someone and make them utterly happy. So happy that they never even think about whatever pain/heartbreak/hurt they’ve had to endure. I wanted to write a song that would make you want to give love one more try. Enjoy and boost the shit out of this LOL.

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"Justin I'm pregnant," I cry

My period is hella late. I think to myself. This never happens. I head upstairs into Justin and I’s shared bathroom. I have some old pregnancy test from when I had that pregnancy scare in January. I pull out the boxes and tears are running down my face. I’m not sad that I may be pregnant it’s kind of exciting. I just don’t know how Justin will take it. His schedule is so crazy and he may not have time for me and the baby. I pull a few test out of the box. This is scary, but very exciting we will see how it will go. I pee on the two sticks and I wait for the results. I’m crying so bad. I don’t think I should be, but I am.
“Y/N! Where are you? I have to show you what I wrote today. ” Justin yells so that I can hear him from downstairs. Oh shit, Oh shit. What the hell? He usually gets in around 6. I’m fucked. I should hide these test. Um… Where can I put them? I hear Justin’s footsteps walk into our room. I quickly shove them into my pajamas shorts.
“Hey, Bieber.” I say while giving him a quick smooch.
“Babe, why are your eyes red? You’ve been crying. Why?” Justin says looking down at me, while I hug him. He is gazing at me. I love when he stares at me. His eyes are so pretty. A beautiful shade of hazel.
“Oh nothing, Daddy. Don’t worry about me.” I say. What he doesn’t know is that he might actually be a Daddy.
“Mmm. You getting a little kinky. Huh?” Justin says while lifting me up and he kisses my neck. I laugh loudly it tickles when he kisses me up.
“Stop, Justin. Not right now.” I say while erupting in laughter. “ What were you telling me about that song?”
“Oh yeah, it’s downstairs. I will be right back I gotta go grab it.” Justin says while skipping out of the room. He is really excited let’s just hope he stays excited long. I have some time to check the test, so I run into the restroom and pull them out of my pajama pocket. It is right around the time that I get to see the results and I check them. I’m so fucking scared. I immediately bawl. This is such a happy and sad feeling. I’m pregnant. It even tells me I am 2 weeks along. I always thought me and Justin used protection.
“Yo, Y/N. I have the song. It’s so wavy. It’s called Cold Water.” Justin says while walking into the bathroom. I quickly tried to hide the test, but he walked in before I got the chance to get rid of them.
“Wait, what is that?” He drops his book on the sink and he walks towards the toliet where I am siting.
“Justin it’s just some results to my test.”, I say as I wipe my tears.
“Why are you taking a test? We aren’t pregnant. We can’t be.” He looks nervous. This isn’t going to go well. I can’t hold back. I am now loudly crying and hiccuping. I hand him the test. I know he doesn’t want this baby. You can see it in his eyes. His hazel eyes are a dark shade of brown.
“It’s postive, Justin. ” He doesn’t respond he is just staring at the tests.
“Say something, Justin. Please.” He is speechless this can’t be good. Why isn’t he speaking? I hope he doesn’t abandon me. I hate to see my family broken. I always wanted to have a full and happy family.
“Y/N, Why are you pregnant?” Justin says while dropping the test on the counter.
“What do you mean? What the fuck is a question is like that? I’m pregnant because you and I had sex.” I say while standing up. This dude is bugging the fuck out. I walk out of the bathroom in disbelief. How dare he ask me ‘Why I am pregnant?’
“Y/N, this isn’t planned. This isn’t right. ” he says looking shocked and speechless.
“Well, this is our reality. You better believe it and understand what is happening. ” I snap at him. How could he act this way towards me? I’m pregnant and he is making it seem as though he doesn’t have a part with my pregnancy.
“I don’t know what to say. I don’t know. Y/N what are we going to do. I can’t have this. ” Justin says pacing around.
“You can’t have this. What about me? What about the baby? This is beyond just you and I, Justin.” I yell at him. I’m furious. Why would he think about only himself in this situation?
“ You know what I mean. This isn’t the right time. What are we going to do? Y/N, don’t cry. I’m just a little shook. ” Justin says while walking towards me and engulfing me in a hug.
I push him away, “ What are we going to do!? You are insane, Justin. I can’t deal with you, right now.” I say while going into our closest.
“Come on, don’t get upset with me. This through a curve ball in everything.” Justin says while pulling his shirt off and throwing his shirt on the floor. I guess he got sweaty out of nervousness.
“Oh fuck off. I’m gonna stay at (F/N) house. Just for a few days. Don’t come looking for me.” I say while pulling out my miniature suitcase. I start murmuring curse words. “What a fucking idiot. What am I gonna do, Y/N” I say trying to sound like him.
“Calm down. You don’t have to leave, Y/N. We have to discuss this.” Oh hell no. I hate when people tell me to calm down when I am upset. “Justin, I have every right to be upset with you. Don’t start with me, bro. I’m telling you that now.” I say while giving him a warning glare. I’m trying to not stress myself out, but he is pushing my buttons.
“Please, just hear me out. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. This was just unexpected.” He says pleadingly.
“Then, why did you react that way, Justin? You worry me.” I’m so exhausted with all of this.
“Just don’t leave, Y/N. Put the suitcase down.” He says walking towards. He tries to grasp my suitcase.
“No! Give me my suitcase. Give me a reason to stay with you.” I say while struggling to pull the suitcase from out of his hand. We are basically playing tug-of-war with the suitcase.
“Just give me the suitcase. I don’t want you to leave me please don’t leave me.” Justin is pleading with me. I’m about to let up and just stay. I feel bad for wanting to leave when thibgs get heated, but then I slip on Justin’s shirt and things get crazy from here. Why would he leave his shirt on the floor? I go flying back with the suitcase in my hand and I hit the wall as the suitcase hits me in the stomach.
“JUSTIN!” I scream as I hit the wall.
“Oh shit, Y/N! Why is there blood?” Justin runs towards me.

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So I’m currently reading The Fall of the Kings by Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman and I’ve just found this line:

“Feeling as though the world had gone mad and he the only sane man left in it, Blake […]”

… And I couldn’t help giggling in the most embarassing and weirdly satisfied way because I’ve litteraly been calling him Only Sane Man Blake in my head since part one, more or less. I’m glad he himself agrees with me, though probably I shouldn’t. 

Stay strong, Justis. 

Justin and I adopt a few pets

“It’s your turn, Y/N.” Justin yells over the music.
“DA DA DA DA DA DA AND I NEED YOU! DA DA DA DA DA DA AND I MISS YOU!” I yell while pointing at Justin. Then we sing in unison.
“AND NOW I WONDER…” Justin and I sing together. He pulls into the driveway of Poppi’s Pet Shop. He turns off the music and the takes the key out of the ignition.
“So, you ready to get a little member to join our family.” Justin asks me while smiling and playing with my fingers.
“Hell yeah.” I say to Justin as I hop out of the car.
“Oh my god, Y/N! Look at those kittens in the window!”, He says so ecstatically.
“Ohh it’s so cute.” Justin takes my hand as we make our way to the shop. I’m so freaking happy. I love animals, so much. It’s also good for company especially since Justin goes away for his Purpose tour in 2 months. But, let’s not think of that let’s think about these cute furry animals in front of me.
“COME ON Y/N!” Justin says as he drags me into the shop. He acts like such a kid for these animals, I’m not gonna lie I do, too. As we head inside I head straight towards the kittens in the window. I play with the cat with the two mismatched ears. She is so cute.
“Look, Justin I think this one likes me.” I turn around to show Justin, but he isn’t there. “Oh God. Where did he go?” I say to myself as I roll my eyes. I go towards the back and see him staring at the iguana.
“Yo, Y/N. This is gnarly. We should totally get this fella.” Justin says. He looks so mesmerized. I wish he looked at me like he looked at that iguana. He is so cute.
“No way. I will not deal with that smelly monster.” I say while scrunching up my nose.
“You’re a smelly monster, and I deal with you. ” he says while laughing.
I pull Justin, “Come on let’s see more of the sea animals.” We go to the fish tanks and we stop by a group of fish that look like Nemo.
“Justin, Look at Nemo and his family. Haha… Look at Marlin!” I laugh.
“Y/N, take a picture of me with them. Insta is gonna love this.” Justin says while posing using fish lips. I pull out my phone and we snap a few pictures. He is such a model and he does it so effortlessly.
“Alright, let’s get down to business, Y/N. So, what you wanna snatch up?” Justin says while scratching his beard.
“I really want a puppy, but I also want a kitty. But then I want the little bunny it was so freaking cute.” I say while making a little motion showing how tiny it was.
“Y/N, I want the iguana!” He says while pouting.
“Who’s gonna take care of the iguana when you are gone, Justin?” I say while going to the iguana cage.
“I guess I will take him with me when I leave.” Justin says while bending down to look at him.
“He is a cute little guy. But, I need a little buddy for when you are gone.” I say while hugging Justin’s back while he bends down.
“Well, of course you are gonna get your little pet, babe. Let’s go search for one.” Justin says while pulling me to the kittens and puppies.
“Yay! I think I know which one I want.” I walk to the kittens pin and I pick up the kitten with the mismatched ears.
“Oh my, Y/N. She is a doll. You definitely need to get her. ” Justin says while taking her out of my hands.
“Perfect now we have our little critters. Let’s go, adopt them and we will be on our way.” I say while putting her back in the pin. “Thank you, Jus.”
“You’re welcome, my love. ” J says as we head to the desk to get our little babies.

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