Lapdance (Cheryl x Reader)

Prompt: Could you do Cheryl x female reader but like at a party the reader is dared to give Cheryl a lap dance and it goes from there?

Song I used: Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls

A/N: I would have had this out earlier but I had a bit of a spider situation (OMG IT WAS SO BIG HOLY SHIT RIP) Anyways, this is one of my first fics like this so please bare with me and let me know what you think!


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Lapdance (Cheryl x Reader)

It all started with Reggie opening his mouth.

Cheryl had made us all play “Never have I ever” and the topic of Lap dances came up.

“(Y/n) gives the best lapdances holy shit.” He raises his drink your way as you roll your eyes. The rest of the room cheers to that.

Then it came out.

“I’ve never had one before.” Cheryl’s rang through the room.

“Dude. (Y/n), You should give her a lapdance.” One of the other jocks suggested.

Her face went bright red to match her hair as you instruct Reggie to bring you a chair.

“You’re in for a treat, Blossom.” You whisper to her as you push her into the seat.

The room cheers you on when your song comes on.

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Sun and moon

I’m always intrigued by
the Sun and the Moon
for they’ve shared all our secrets
with us, all through our lives
They’ve seen times of war and peace
seen beauty and the hidden beasts
Our heartbeats and heartaches
love and hate, scars and all our pains

Ishida Uryuu Live Tweets the RR Wedding

I’m gonna attend Kuchiki-san’s and Abarai’s wedding, although they invited me in the last minute #seriouslyguys? #Ithoughtweweresupposedtobenakama #isthisbecauseofyhwach?

@HatNClogs Urahara-san, your jokes aren’t funny.

Can’t believe Abarai’s getting married. #thoguhthewasfriendzoned4life

I arrived early and the squad 11 members are already drunk #whyamInotsurprised?

Apparently Inoue-san made Kuchiki-san’s veil #whywasn’tIconsulted #I’mtheresidenttailor #myfashionsenseisthebest

Also, Kurosaki’s the photographer… #amItheonlyonelaughingattheirony? #bestnakamaarephotographers #nakamazoned

Kuchiki-san is Inoue-san’s best friend?! What the hell? #cansomeonepleasethinkofArisawa-san?

ABARAI IS KUROSAKI’S BEST FRIEND? WHAT ABOUT SADO-KUN? #fuckyouKurosaki #Iwasyourrivalfirst #rememberthat #plusI’myourcousin #Ishouldbeyourbff #yeahI’msalty

@HatNClogs No, I won’t consider changing my username to “SaltyQuincy”, thank you very much.

Oh, wait, the wedding’s finally starting! #won’tmissit

Abarai looks dumb with that grin on his face #healsolooksfat #guesshestoppedworkingoutwithallthispeace

Meanwhile, Kuchiki-san looks as happy as a cat inside a laundry machine #can’timaginewhy

Glowing bride my ass, Inoue-san.

It might be because her clothes suck. I should’ve made them. #sorrynotsorry #shewould’velookedfabulous #IshidaClothesarebestclothes

Kuchiki Byakuya’s face says it all.

Is Abarai crying? #dafuq

KUROSAKI IS CRYING?! #don’t´pretendyoudidn’t #Isawyousheddingtears 

I’m surprised you-know-who didn’t crash this wedding.

@HatNClogs I’m sure you know who I’m talking about

I’m surprised Kuchiki Byakuya even let Kuchiki-san get married at all. #overprotectivebrother #hisownsubordinateandhissister #ouch

Isn’t she supposed to get married to a noble? #justwondering #don’tknowhowSSnoblefamilieswork #whydotheyhavenoblehouseswithnoking #itdoesn’tmakesense

Kuchiki-san looks about to pass out #someonehelpher 

Welp, they’re married now #kuddosIguess #myOTPsankthough #itsuckstobeme

The banquet would be more elegant if the eleven squad wasn’t drunk out of their minds

I just had the unsettling thought that Abarai and Kuchiki-san will be having sex tonight #awkward #atleastsomeonewillgetlaidtonight

Kuchiki Byakuya looks like he thought the same thing #poorguy

Inoue-san spent the whole ceremony looking at Kurosaki #heartbreak #definitelywon’tgetlaidtonight #itsuckstobeme

Kurosaki took too many photos #doubtallthoseKuchiki-sanclossupsareforAbarai #photographerzoned

I’m going to spy on Abarai and Kurosaki #theykeepforgettingaboutme

What feelings, Abarai? Don’t pull crap out of your ass #weallknowyou’retryingtopullthenakamaapart #jealousbastard

AND KUROSAKI AGREED?! #thiscan’tbe #fml

Hello darkness my old friend

@HatNClogs I’m glad my misery amuses you 

@HatNClogs I don’t see you with a girlfriend either

@HatNClogs Alright, I didn’t want to know that #scarred4life

It’s time to leave #finally #Iwasboredouttamymind

Inoue-san and Kurosaki keep ignoring me #ofcourse #whydidIexpectanydifferent

Aww, come ON! #thiscan’tbehappening

I’m gonna translate Kurosaki’s speech for you, Inoue-san. He means that since he can’t have the “nakama” now, he’ll settle for you #heignoredyouforyears #you’resecondbest #butyou’remynumber1 #nakamazoned4life

Might not get the girl, but I still have my dignity intact

Still the lone Quincy

Back at home, and glad the wedding’s over #canweallagreeitwasafiasco

@HatNClogs I’m gad we agree for once

Yes, I’m the shade master. Bow down to me

Here is thorinduil for whoever ship it (: It’s really simple manip
though and i tried to add a quotes but i can’t find the right one and
made in hurry. So to everyone who have some quotes that match for the
manip, feel free to add/edit it c:

Another RichLee (almost) kiss manip! I hope it’s look good… I just
wondering Lee sit on a table at their office and uh-oh they have
argument so Lee tried to grab Richard by the collar but ended with
kissing him xD Sorry just an absurd imagination.

have a lovely holiday everyone♥

I get easily annoyed by light touches. Not like only from people (a touch from people in general can really get on my nerve tho), but also from clothes etc. touching my skin. It´s unbearable sometimes. Can anyone else with bpd relate, or is it just me being extremely over sensitive about EVERY damn thing?

Might the ‘smirk’ and the 'heavy accent’ both be related to - oh, I don’t know, just a wild guess - his visible mouth injury?

I was so surprised by the tweeting journalists reporting what they saw in such loaded terms, without considering the circumstances at all. It’s like saying a blind man 'looks arrogantly oblivious to his surroundings’. Or that someone with scoliosis 'refuses to sit up straight’.

(Who am I kidding, I’m not really surprised at all. But still.)

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the voice in the beginning "IDOL CHART SHOW" reminds me of Amber.. is it only me?!!

The (lost?) art of conversation

Today in my seventh period Humanities class - essentially an AP World History course that integrates the study of artistic, musical, and philosophical/religious developments over time - my teacher turned to the class and posed an interesting question: what is “conversation”?

We had been discussing the intellectual culture of the Middle Ages, specifically the rise of ecclesiastical universities and the school of thought known as scholasticism. During the lecture, we were given a glimpse of what a typical day in the life of a medieval student looked like: rise at 4am, breakfast, mass, copy lectures verbatim as the teacher reads from the only available textbook, lunch, disputations, more lectures, self-study, bedtime by 9pm.

Makes high school look like summer vacation, no?

Anyway, apparently these students LIKED intellectual debate. They actually enjoyed friendly discourses on Aristotle’s Metaphysics and theological doctrine - or, as my teacher puts it, “foamed at the mouth” at the thought of conversing over the virtues of poetry, Benedictine monasticism, and whatever Biblical interpretations they had. Medieval scholars spent their free time meticulously dissecting sections of literature; often, a single conversation on, say, the concept of the afterlife could go on for hours. And therein lies the key concept - conversation.

My teacher then recounted one of her own self-proclaimed “nerdy” experiences during an AP grading convention. She and her other history teacher friends were casually talking one night when somebody in the group asked what their favorite historical periods to teach were and why. They then proceeded to spend three-and-a-half hours talking Mongol invasions, Cold War, WWII, and post-classical China - sharing individual opinions, mulling over difficult questions, arguing for and against certain points. In the end, my teacher said, each person’s viewpoint probably did not undergo some radical transformation. There was no yelling, no screaming; nobody cried and nobody cheered. Instead, they all walked away from the discussion with new-found perspectives that they might have overlooked previously. Obtaining perspectives leads to understanding, and the accumulation of understanding births intellect. And that, I’d argue, is what makes a meaningful conversation.

Her words led me to think about the role conversation plays in my life - and its existence (or lack thereof) in society in general. When do I truly converse with those around me? Too often, we take the words of others for granted. Our “conversations” are short and exceedingly trite in nature: “How’d you do on the math test?” “Fine.” Or, “Hey Mom, what’s for lunch today?” “Chicken and rice, it’s in the fridge”. Technology seems to precipitate this quality decay. Now, it’s so easy to grab a cell phone and punch in some words or symbols (or an odd, hybrid mixture of both). While this method of interaction may work just as well for relaying a message, the gift of perception and comprehension we gain from truly consequential conversation disappears. Don’t get me wrong, I am no 21st century Luddite - I confess, even, to using and loving the convenience of technology, whether that may come in the form of my TI-84 Silver Edition, laptop computer, or social networking sites.

I’m just worried that the declining meaningfulness of our day-to-day chit-chat discloses a frightening truth: has the once-treasured art of conversation been lost for good?