harry potter was so messed up guys

not the book series

the character

he was so messed up like he lived in a closet and was hungry and treated like crap and no one helped him escape that life for a decade and then he finally gets to know his heritage and his family and oops kiddo you’re kind of famous?? wizard jesus??? so deal with that without any kind of adult guidance whatsoever you’re eleven and grew up in a house without any kind of emotional support you’re mature enough to handle that and THEN he finds out that he’s actually got people in this world that want him and want to love him and he finds out that… this world… hates them???  like one’s a werewolf and the other is a “criminal” and this world that celebrates his life hates the people that want to genuinely love him and care for him??? and the family that also loves and protects him are treated like crap because they are poor?????? and aren’t racist??? 

then he grows up a bit more and then suddenly he’s got this fuckin’ genocidal war lord out for his head specifically and he’s killing people and shit and NO ONE BELIEVES HIM they literally look at him like YEAH RIGHT YOU ARE JUST THE LITTLE BABY THAT SURVIVED A BAD NIGHT YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING and Harry’s like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK


and then he starts a club to teach kids… how to protect themselves?  Because he’s been let down by adults all his damn life so fuck them fuck them all he doesn’t need them they won’t listen to him so he’ll do what he can to protect these kids because the adults won’t do it it’s all on him he’s gotta do it he’s gotta

and then people that love him and want to protect him just for the sake of protecting a friend start dying one by one

and then he fuckin learns that all his fuckin life he’s been raised to be killed and he just

walks into the forest calmly 

and accepts it



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genre: angst, fluff, au
warnings: violence/abuse
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 4.075
a/n: this is inspired by the spring day mv and the ones who walk away from omelas, not based on it. i just experimented a bit.

Omelas is safe.
Omelas is peace.
Omelas is home.
Omelas is us,
and we are Omelas.

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anonymous asked:

Saw your post about shy s /o holding pinky with their own and love it. Could I request for the same headcanon but with Sousuke, Seijuro, Rin & Momotaro?

Thank you for reading them, anon! Lub my free! Bois :)) also sorry for this being a little late!

-Admin Robin


  • Looks down at your joined hands when you grip his pinky with yours
  • “Nice”
  • Imagine: A tall as fukin Sousuke linked pinkies with his s/o who is walking beside him, pointing at things as they enjoy the scenery
  • Thinks taking things slow is necessary and very much respects your space
  • But if you lean into his side even a little bit (if you’re walking, or sitting, or even just standing there) he will not hesitate to pull you close to his side, his strong arm wrapped around your side and his large hand on your hip
  • He makes sure he has a green light before he displays any sort of physical affection
  • Will mindlessly play with your fingers
  • Thinks its very pure and sweet
  • He himself almost never gets flustered, so having this new gentle and sensitive side to him is su-per cute and it’s so nice seeing all the effort he’s actually making to ensure that you’re comfortable with the relationship, and with him
  • Doesn’t smother, but likes to always be around you and within close proximity of you


  • This sharko is so fucking weird sometimes i stg
  • Ok so, it all started when you two were walking out of his swim practice and he just kinda reached for your hand, but you pulled away out of embarrassment and flushed and averted your eyes and he was just “Babe? What’s wrong?”
  • So after a moment’s hesitation, he reached for your pinky with his, and when you looked down at your joined hands and then back at him and gave him a sheepish smile, he smiled back and that’s how that happened
  • Like at first he was all “shit did I hurt them” but then he was like “oh no nvm you’re just a lil shy bean i gotta protect”
  • It’s stupid funny when he shit talks competition and gets all competitive and his brow is set into this hard line and his eyes are narrowed and teeth are  gleaming and then you just
  • Walk over and link pinkies and lean the side of your head into his side and he just
  • Calms down instantly like oh shit
  • His entire team knows of your pink power talent, so when Rin is pissed about something they’re all “Shit someone go get (Name),” “Don’t worry, Rin, (Name) is on their way, the doctor will see you soon”
  • Rin: Oh, fuck off, guys
  • You: *walks in and sneaks up behind him, gently grabbing his pinky*
  • Rin: *in a gentle voice* hey, baby *kisses ya head*
  • Thinks you being shy is cute and he really needs to watch out for you
  • Loves you


  • He’s vvv blushy too so he totally respects your shyness and can relate to it
  • Pinky Linking = nut
  • Seriously though, imagine you two going out to the park and him finding his stupidass beetles and being so happy about it and all smiley and cute and you two walking off with linked pinkies
  • Much like Rin, it calms him down to be holding your pinky
  • Ex: Momo: HYpeR
  • You: *pinky grab*
  • Momo: *stops screeching*
  • His brother is 1000% impressed and has you on speed dial just incase he needs to get a hold of you if Momo has a meltdown
  • Although Momo is loud and outgoing and fun, he is gentle with you and makes sure that you’re all good before he even thinks about kissing you or doing anything really physical
  • Introduces you to a lot of things and loves how in awe you are with trying something new
  • Will deadass grab your pinky in class, even if he has to stretch across the aisle to get to you
  • Weird but charming, protect him


  • It’s kinda hard for him at first, because he’s a very affectionate lover, but he will totally love linked pinkies that’s his shit
  • He believes that everything takes time, and he would rather wait and take baby steps than to just jump right in and make you uncomfortable
  • Will literally grab your pinky when doing anything, even walking up to the podium to receive his medal
  • Dork but u love him\
  • You guys will be sitting on his couch watching a movie for date night, and your pinkies will be linked
  • Y’all’s pinkies are basically glued together
  • Literally nuts because you’re so cute and sweet and pure like wow
  • He totally loves seeing you flustered as heck but also he knows that you don’t always like being embarrassed so he makes sure that he’s super sensitive with you
  • Imagine this tall ass bby boi next to his s/o bein cute and walking around in the mall
  • If you’re standing in line, he’ll link pinkies and stand behind you, resting his chin on the crown of your head
  • He knows you’re super shy, so he will 1000000% order your food for you do not fret
  • You have this boi’s entire heart aw aww

Hey, hey ! May I please request NDRV3 guys with s/o that easily gets jealous ? Thank you very much beforehand, and yes, this blog is completely awesome, please keep up the great work, you precious cinnamon rolls ! <3

Aww, thank you! Here you go, please enjoy it!

Korekiyo Shinhuuji

  • you don’t know exactly why but??
  • you do not like him talking to this person.
  • he is on a date with you??
  • so why is running into an old friend more important than you??
  • you make sure to stand nice and close to him while they talk.
  • you do little things, toying with his hair, holding his hand, kissing his cheek-
  • casually mentioning that you should probably get back to your date??
  • FINALLY the other person gets the hint and goes away!
  • korekiyo acts like he doesn’t know what just happened, but he definitely knows.
  • and really, he finds it flattering.
  • you really do fascinatate him.

Rantarou Amami

  • he’s just talking to a friend??
  • so why are you looking at him like that??
  • after a few minutes of solid glaring he decides maybe this conversation should end now.
  • he breaks it off and turns his attention right back onto you!
  • he wants to know what he did, if you’re okay, what’s wrong??
  • you admit that maaaybe you were feeling a little jealous. 
  • he thinks it’s a little cute honestly, but wishes you would let him talk with other people…
  • he promises that no matter who he talks to, you are the most important person in his life!

Ouma Kokichi

  • the second he notices you feeling jealous he is FLIRTING HIS ASS OFF with this person just to be a little shit.
  • he keeps giving you these looks because he knows.
  • and then??
  • and THEN??
  • this person actually ASKS HIM OUT!
  • and he immediately just kisses you as hard as he possibly can.
  • like, full on dips you.
  • “sorry im taken but nice talking to you”
  • and he takes you and just
  • walks away
  • it becomes a joke between you eventually.
  • but now he does it all the time. just to mess with you.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • a pretty perceptive guy! notices you’re jealous pretty fast!
  • wants to break off the conversation, but doesn’t want to be rude, but doesn’t want you to feel bad, but doesn’t want to be rude!
  • now he’s being really awkward and this conversation is getting really awkward and!!!
  • and then they ask why he is sweating so badly and he just leaves
  • you quickly catch up to him and apologize and confirm that he can talk to whoever he likes!
  • (just maybe not while youre supposed to be spending time together)

Kaito Momota

  • notices you’re acting kind of off, but isn’t really sure why.
  • keeps his conversation going for a while, sees you getting pretty mad, still does not know why!
  • eventually he breaks off the conversation SUPER abruptly, scoops you up, and leaves with you.
  • takes you right back to your table and continues your lunch date!
  • does not ask why you were mad because you don’t look mad anymore, but if you wanna talk about it he’ll be all ears!
  • and he’ll think it’s pretty silly and adorable.


  • he doesn’t understand what’s happening but his expression analysis tells him you are not feeling great.
  • he drops the conversation COMPLETELY.
  • he’s asking you if you’re sick, hurt, hungry, tired, sad-
  • is now just completely ignoring the other person because you are in distress!
  • so…
  • mission accomplished?
  • but now you have to tell him in front of this person that you were actually…
  • just…
  • jealous…
  • and kiibo does not understand at all but you are embarrassed so kiibo takes you back to your date, still completely ignoring this person.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • you weren’t going to say anything but-
  • this person has been definitely flirting with gonta for almost an hour.
  • you remind gonta that you actually have somewhere to be today??
  • he reminds you that no you dont??
  • you remind him that yes you do??
  • you take him and leave
  • you explain to him that you dont like him talking to other people like that and other people talking to him like that and that was totally unacceptable and she was flirting???
  • gonta didn’t even realize!
  • gonta is so sorry!
  • gonta is showering you in affection now, all the way home, even while you’re trying to drive.
  • he needs to remind you that he is exclusive to you!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he does not appreciate being told who he can and can’t talk to.
  • he can decide that on his own.
  • however after looking at how pissed you seem to be he’s thinking maybe the decision he wants to make is whatever one makes you happy really fast.
  • so you two leave!
  • he gives you a whole long talk on how independent he is on the way home and that he can make his own decisions and that you can’t police his relationships.
  • so you cry.
  • but still he is a grown man and he can make his own choices thank you very much.