To celebrate the fact I do actually have a digital camera now, here are two photos I took today. Pacific National locos BL29 and X44 are on their way to the port of Long Island on the steel train that runs every day or so. The top photo isn’t as great as I had hoped because I somehow got water on the lens from the rain, but here are my first pictures of this train. Hopefully I can get out there soon and get some more pictures of it.


This loco truly is a rare beast. This is G42, a Garratt steam locomotive built for the Victorian Railways by Beyer-Peacock in Manchester, England. The Victorian Railways had four Narrow Gauge lines built in total, and G42 served on two of them, the Walhalla line and the Colac-Crowes line. Today, it runs on the Puffing Billy railway, which is also one of the four Narrow Gauge lines built. G42 had a sister, G41, but she was scrapped after the closure of the Walhalla line in 1954 and G42  was transferred to the Colac-Crowes line, after operating on the Walhalla line. G42 is my all time favourite loco, I hope to get plenty more photos in the future.