Before the Darkness

Empty words or broken promises,
Neither my heart nor my brain cares
I’ve stopped wondering a long time ago
About what we are, who I am, or why’d you go

Whether you’re here with me or out with her
Nothing we do can make this any lighter
Confused, distraught, sad, and broken,
So much has been said, and yet, I haven’t even spoken

I’m done with trying or even thinking
Even more so with all this pretending,
When all I can think of is time spent with you
I don’t even care if it’s just an hour or two

Lonely days or cold, windy nights
Truth be told, I’m out of lies
God knows when you’ll finally realize
That I’m just a girl and she’s your life

Choose to let me go or make me stay
I’ll come running back anyway
Just let me feel the warmth, the tenderness
Even for just a moment, a split second…
Just… before the darkness


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