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Let’s Talk about ADHD

Some of you may think that ADHD is just someone getting distracted by squirrels all the time. And while easily distracted is a symptom, it’s more than that. (In all honesty, I got distracted by a video I was watching for 5 minutes up to this point.)

AD(H)D isn’t a brain disorder, per say. It’s a Neurological disorder where messages to the brain are fired faster than normal. This results in divided thinking and short attention spans. Someone with AD(H)D will start a project and leave it unfinished to start a new one. They won’t think to do something until they see it right in front of them. Most of their decisions are made on the fly, not really thinking too ahead.

Now, the H in ADHD means Hyperactivity. That means that…Ohh how do I explain this…Your thoughts are usually displayed through impulsive actions? You act before you think? Something like that. It’s tricky for me to explain.

Now, unmedicated, people with ADHD have a very hard time concentrating on important things like school work or anything that doesn’t really grab their attention. It makes passing school very tough. And the hyperactivity makes it hard for them to make friends who aren’t scared off by their boundless energy.

As someone who had to go through the first grade undiagnosed, it was difficult for me to really fit in. I had a hard time making friends. And when I was finally diagnosed, but when I forgot to take medication, I ended up scaring my friends because they weren’t used to this ricocheting personality I have. I didn’t feel like I had a chance to make many friends. And I ended up getting picked on and bullied (sometimes even physically kicked) until the eighth grade.

To this day, I wish I had the same way of functioning like the other kids. I wish I didn’t have so many thoughts at once all the time. I wish I could control my energy without the use of pills. ADHD sounds like fun, but it isn’t all fun and games.

Now, I hear all sorts of Squirrel jokes all the time because of my disorder. And I’ll usually laugh because it’s true. But this is something that you should keep in mind:


some of you are acting like louis saying the band got stronger after zayn left is some kind of drag…its the truth?? the band DID get stronger and heres why:

zayn leaving was obviously a really really hard time for all 5 of them and if you read zayns interview with fader he literally says he loved the band and the boys, but for a LONG TIME he felt like he didnt belong. zayns always had a different outlook and style and taste in music and hes so unique but hes right – one direction was a cookie cutter band at one point. zayn was turned away from being creative and writing songs and experimenting and thats what hes all about. the other boys knew he wasnt happy for a long time and dont you think that would have killed them too, knowing one of their closest friends felt separated and uninterested in not only his career but a career that involved them too???

the band got stronger because they knew zayn could be happy, they could see their best friend do what he loved. the four of them banded together through a loss of a member and yes, that made them stronger. that doesnt mean they were held down by zayn, that doesnt mean they dont miss him, that doesnt mean that they wanted him to go. that means they coped with the situation together and theyve worked through a tough time.

in the end, it was a good choice and both parties can now pursue what they want. but that doesnt mean that they dont still love each other. stop jumping to conclusions and trying to pit ot4 and zayn against each other everytime they speak of each other.

Overwatch Aesthetic - Modern Mercymaker

For @thattallonenerd!

I haven’t really thought about it before but hoooo boi this ship is actually really cute!?! also boobs :):):)

modern widowtracer {x} modern mchanzo {x} pharmercy in highschool {x}  

modern roadhog and junkrat {x} modern d.va {x} modern genyatta {x}  ‘

modern mercy76 {x} modern symmetra {x} modern pharah/symmetra {x}

modern zarya/mei {x} modern reaper76 {x} modern pharah {x

 modern widowmaker {x}