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How do they find out about the relationship? That'd be interesting XD

Who? The Decepticons? Or both factions? Uhm, I guess it’s possible that Megatron either finds out through his amazing powers of being Megatron (remember TFA Megatron? He could take control of every screen in Detroit and he only uses it, like, twice, to give orders to Soundwave and some goons. And nobody notices.) or Blitzwing switches to the Random Persona and sings a very vulgar TMI song about it and then he has to explain himself.

And for Bee, well… let’s face it, he’s an awful liar, you’d just have to follow him in secret or something and you’d find out soon enough. That, or it could go down like in the scenario I described a few days ago, the one suggested by the anon, that Bee saves his life and, by doing so, reveals their relationship to everyone.

(Little fun fact, if you’re interested: the first headcanon story I had for those two had Prowl as the person who finds out by accident, but he doesn’t dare tell Optimus. That scenario usually leads to Prowl telling Bee to cut it out or Prowl, not telling Bee he knows, trying to kill Blitzwing any given chance, knowing he’d make Bee hate him, but trying to spare him the punishment if their relationship ever came to light. He also was the only character who took this thing very serious in the entire story. I know that this is not very good, but it was the first scenario I had and it’s kinda dear to me :3 Alright, fun fact over.)

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Well, this is sort of a three-way tie between Knockdown, Trauma, and SG Starscream.  The edge probably goes to Knockdown here.

What I like about Knockdown is … he is substantially different from Knock Out, probably the most different out of all the SG Decepticons, and yet it only took a few adjustments to make him who he is.  

Knockdown is selfless;  Knock Out is selfish. Knockdown is introverted and quiet;  Knock Out is extroverted and bombastic. Really, those are the only base differences between them. Everything else just grew out of that.  

Trauma is interesting because on the one hand he’s kind and compassionate (his spirit animal would be a golden retriever) and on the other hand he’s resentful of living in Knockdown’s shadow.  Or not resentful exactly, but frustrated.  He likes Knockdown, that’s not the issue, but why can’t anyone see Trauma for his own merits?  That’s what he asks himself.

Then there’s Starscream. She came about in part because so many female TFs are young ninja badasses, which is a completely legit archetype but daaamn they don’t ALL need to be like that. Then I started thinking about Kup, how he was this grizzled war veteran and from there I wondered what an elderly female TF would be like, and then I started thinking about Maggie Smith / Professor McGonagall and, yeah.

But she’s also based on a lot of women I know in real life.  Women whose work is not glamorous (whether it’s homemaking or work-work), but who are there (often behind the scenes and unacknowledged) making sure Things Get Done.

SG Starscream is regular Starscream without the ego (but WITH  confidence and a sense of self-worth), someone who in a lot of ways does run the Decepticons, for a certain definition of “running them.”  If you want something done on the Heretic, you don’t go to Megatron.  You go to Starscream.  Because Megatron is busy with his battle plans and such, and while Starscream is ALSO busy with those battle plans and with practicing flight formations with her armada and with patrols, she will take time out of her day and arrange for your problem to get solved, because that’s what she does.

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