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I’m starting to notice that babes don’t like harry shafts so I have to take definitely take care of that.

To be completely honest, I rarely even NOTICE what a dude does with his stuff. If he trims, shaves, lets everything run wild & free, I honestly don’t notice. It’s so completely unimportant to me. I just dive right in there.

I will absolutely put a hairy ball in my mouth, I don’t even care.

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she grows out of it and we (the audience) don’t notice it unless we stop to think about it

Right, she still acts like that, but they slowly transitioned her into a more involved person. It’s obvious now, how she’s enjoying things non-ironically and it’s willing to do a good job, but it was a very well paced and subtle progression.

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I would think you’d notice a clean versus harry shaft during fellatio.

You’d think. I mean, I’ve never choked on a dick hair or anything.

I guess I just mean it more from an appearance perspective. It’s not like I’m more or less likely to blow a dude based on what he does with his pubes. But I get the impression a lot of the time that dudes are more picky about that with women. So I’ve always just shaved by default, to avoid any apprehension.

However - belly and chest hair is a totally different story. KEEP THAT SHIT.

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and don’t give us any of the “im-too-old-lol” posts either

Nah brah, it’s not like that. I don’t give two dickfarts about getting older.

It’s just the fact that I started year 25 on a high note and I was hopeful and happy and everything just got way fucked up very quickly and I’m ending it with a lot of goddamn regret and now I just want to FIX THINGS so I don’t feel quite so confused and hopeless but instead it’s just getting worse and I’m not ready to end this year IT NEEDS TO END WELL. I need to not disappoint myself year after year after year.