Just Sell It

I’ve decided that the second half of this month, I can’t believe it is flying by so fast, I will “just sell it”. I know that it is not altogether shocking revelation, my willingness to part with my apparel and accessories, but this time I am REALLY serious. If my children will give me more than 10 minutes in the house without an argument over a toy or a temper tantrum, and if my kitchen renovation finally comes to fruition, I promise to post ALMOST all of my goodies to Poshmark by the end of the month. This will include some new-to-me, never-worn fall staples, as well as, some of my vintage favorites.

I came to this “just sell it” realization this morning, after my son destroyed one of my favorite vintage necklaces while trying to lasso an unassuming action figure. At first I was sad but in all honesty I should have just sold it! I have worn this particular necklace many times and have received several offers to buy it off of my neck that I foolishly turned down. I now know that holding to “my favorites” will only prolong their inevitable demise in my home of toddlers and constantly increasing waistlines. So, in an act to salvage my stash and share the wealth, I WILL part with them. 

Please stay tuned for closet updates (hopefully) for the remainder of the month. It is “Just Sell It September” and it’s going to be good :)