oh schnap I got tagged ~
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tagged by hey-cuteness 

1. whats your last name?

it starts with an ‘n’ and ends with an 'n’, more I ain’t telling ya’ll.

2. favourite song at the moment?

good girl - carrie underwood or i’d rather go blind - etta james

3. any song that reminds you of me ? lol

enchanted - taylor swift (you know why bb <3)

4. favourite book?

the hunger games - suzanne collins or dear john - nicholas sparks

5. what shirt are you wearing right now?

6. do you miss school?

not really.

7. do you like someone?

does celebrity crushes count? if not, no.

8. do you watch any kdramas?

hahaha no…. i used to when i was younger though.

9. favourite singer?

i don’t know… either justin bieber or jessica sanchez, hahahaha.

10. favourite food?

chicken. can’t live without it.

11. what country would you want to visit? 

i’m up for anything really. i’ve been to the USA but i wanna go again :(

new set:

1. what’s your guilty pleasure?
2. an embarrassing moment?
3. if you could pick any place in the world, where would you live?
4. a song you never get tired of?
5. which celebrity would you want to look like?
6. do you read fanfictions?
7. ever been really heartbroken?
8. favorite album?
9. are you a lazy or active kind of person?
10. coffee or tea?
11. how long do you think you’d last without internet?