Monday Musings

1. Been up job-hunting all day. Still no word from my existing employer. I’ll try to call them back again today. 

2. Thank you, justrunnorarun! She offered to read anything I may have and I sent her “The Tent,” and she had just the nicest damn things to say about it. Totally made my day!! I really hope I can do the script some justice. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written.

3. I’m bored. Like serially bored. I guess I will write.

4. I think I’ll start Friends from the beginning while I do that.

5. I may go for a walk today. Just a nice long walk. Maybe some human interaction. Still feeling a tad bit lonely, slightly depressed but that’s mostly due to being at home when I should be working, and still stupidly unaware what I’ve actually been accused of.

6. Got an email from Cannes today with the Logo to use and also investors to pitch our existing movie to and future movies. So those lines you guys helped with yesterday (THANK YOU) I hope that it works on them!

7. Trying not to stress about my trip.

8. Jordan got his cast off today. Only 4 weeks, not too bad!

9. alright, I’m out I think.

10. Hope your day is great!

Have a fantastic Monday!!!!!

Alright, Nora's post made me want to play.


Green tea is good with a pound of sugar.

Green Lantern underwear, I have two pairs.

Green stuff, I’ve been eating more…because you know…..fat.

Green apples…..gross…red apples delicious.

Green T-shirts galore! Favorite has a big pineapple on the front. Why!? I have no idea.

Green is my son’s favorite color.