the best parts of mockingjay
  • the hanging tree was powerful as fuck
  • effie and haymitch flirting
  • buttercup 
  • finnick and annie hugging and kissing like bury me with them
  • hijacked peeta which is so not okay but at the same time was so perfeclty portrayed like a++ josh hutcherson and makeup artists
  • jennifer’s flawless acting like can i get a hell yeah

Oculus’ friend. I am garbage.
He might be making few cameos, just to have some interactions to Ocu. (without having to ‘borrow’ anyone else’s dudes haha)
Hurp….yea, there are other awesome three-eyed ASE’s around, I just really wanted him to have that eye ;u; (though mostly it’s kept shut but pfff still it has meaning)

I am Chinese and I am so pissed that Suzy dont even try to learn Chinese. Min at least tries and you can see that she gets better year by cear but suzy just stick with her korean and dont even care. its just arrogant. she may be busy but if you are in a chinese band you shall at least try it! all exo members speak chinese as well but she justr refuse to learn it. just arrogant this girls. I cant stand her.

crackedgrace  asked:

(1/2) I didnt EXPECT to finish Survivor's Guilt tonight but here I am at 4 in the morning IN TEARS. I literally got out of bed and went to my computer (in the living room) so i can tell you that that fic was AMAZING AND LIKE??? ITS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED AT. ALL. I really felt the weight of like everyone being dead throughout the entire fic and uGH it makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry but theyre HAPPY and they have a BABY and you talked about Xander in the last chapter and I couldn't be

(2/2) happier bc Xander was my son. I JUST LOVED EVERYthinG ABOUT IT LIKE OH MY GOODDD, your writing makes me So Emo AND i jUSTR efuoifuehfiuFE. oKay I need rest so I’m going to bed but I love you and thank you for this gift u have written.

Tbh, I wanted to put Xander back in the story but it didn’t work so oh well. I have future headcanons about him and them meeting again, though!

YOU are seriously the sweetest person for getting out of bed in the middle of the night to send me this. I’m so happy to read that it made you feel all those things and am grinning like a loon rn. THANK YOU SM and I hope you catch up on sleep now!! <3

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Hi :) I found your blog by chance and I love it! My compliments for all the analysises, especially about Eddy and his brother! Just wondering: do you think that the kids sometimes understimate Eds' bond? I mean, they don't understand fully their friendship and care for each other... because sometimes I've got this impression. What do you think? Thank you!!

Thank you so much! This is nice of you to say. I hope you check out more.

I have talked about this before, actually. The kids don’t understand the Eds friendship until the movie. They think they’re justr a band of three people who hang out for some odd reason. 

The cul-de-sac kids have no idea why Edd would hang out with Ed and Eddy, but it’s because of Edd’s own reason. He has outright said that he believes the kids to be shallow.

The kids don’t pay attention to the Eds friendship. They notice the strain in the later season, but make it worse for them.

It’s when Ed and Edd run to Eddy’s side. This is the first time the kids are seeing a heartwarming moment between these friends. They finally see how close they really are. They have stayed together because they’re the only ones who understand one another. 

The kids don’t know anything about their homelife, besides with Eddy and Bro, but I think the kids are jealous of the Eds friendship. They all want to have that close bond and want to learn from the Eds. This is why they take things too fast and act as if nothing every happened in the past.

Would a friendship last between the Eds and the cul-de-sac kids. Not for a long amount of time, but at least there will be peace among the neighborhood.