Hank: Juston…I’m not the kind of man who says empty words just to make people feel better. So when I tell you this, I mean it. You didn’t lose a machine today. You lost your best friend. And I will never forgive myself for failing to stop it.
Pietro: Oh, spare me. I’m getting nauseated just listening to you all. Really, I had to do this for the sake of my own sanity.
Juston: I-is that…?
Pietro: Your sentinel’s central processing unit? Yes. Once I saw Emma levitating it, I switched it with a unit from one of our training robots. They’re quite similar. All faster than her eye could see, of course. And our defenses prevented her sensing my mind…remarkably, given the splitting headache your whining has given me. 
Juston: You…you’re a mutant. You must hate sentinels. And you still…
Pietro: The heart wants what the heart wants, yours wants the sentinel…and mine wants quiet.
Juston: I don’t know how to thank you. Any of you.
Pietro: I do. keep your excessive displays of emotion to yourself–Ah. Oh, very well. I suppose I can stay a few moments longer.  

Avengers Academy #33 by Christos Gage & Tim Green II

Avengers Academy #32, June 2012

Written by Christos Gage 
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Penciled by Tim Green II

—  There’s a Sentinel enrolled at the Academy. The X-Men want all Sentinels melted into slag. Uh-oh…

Price: $2.99 | 32 pgs
On Sale: June 20, 2012

AA32-33 is Act 2 of the AvX tie-in for Academy, and Juston's Sentinel comes into play. And that’s Emma Frost on the cover, which took me awhile to notice on Saturday, when these covers were first revealed that was her.

Ok… last post on “Avengers Arena” for real this time. A ton of attention has been paid to Nico’s death, but in some ways Juston’s death was every bit as terrible and in some ways even worse.  At least Nico got to make a sacrifice and go down swinging.  As well drawn as the sequence of Juston building the mech was, him building a weapon that could so easily be turned against his friends betrays everything the character was about.


A fanmade script based on the comic book “Sentinel” by Sean McKeever. You can read it here.

SYNOPSIS: Juston Seyfert is a fifteen year old boy from Wisconsin living near his father’s junkyard. His family isn’t that well off, and that has certainly affected Juston’s life - he doesn’t have a lot of friends or personal possessions, he’s bullied at school, and he’s forced to spend most of his free time building stuff from the junk he finds lying around in order to alleviate boredom. One day, his life changes completely when he finds a Sentinel - a giant robot built by the government to hunt mutants - in his own shed. Gradually, the two of them develop a weird friendship that transgresses boundaries. But, all things considered, can such a friendship even last?