justnotweasleybeautiful asked:

A prince? My, it's an honor. Yes, it's a good school, I'm a Gryffindor, though.. I get teased a lot that I should be a Slytherin. Aww well, gotta learn not to listen to what people say.

Then clearly the people teasing you have only a cursory understanding of your character. One would think they would know better.

Never let their teasing get to you. You are above their words.

justnotweasleybeautiful asked:

There are times when I do do things that aren't so good, but they're innocent, pranks and what not. No it's a boy and girl school, it's wizardry, sorry I just woke up, I'm not much of a morning person, sometimes it's hard to stay awake in classes. Wow, that's amazing.

I see. I suppose that is acceptable. Loki and I played our fair share of pranks in our boyhood.

Thank you for clarifying. I have heard mention of the place before, but know little about it. I was uncertain.

I am a prince among gods. ‘Tis a weapon only fitting.

justnotweasleybeautiful asked:

Well, I have my.. moments, people can be, well you know "special", though it's mostly for good, I'm still in school, I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Witchery, said to be the best there is. Hehe, really? Does it only control thunder? Or what else can it do?

Mostly for good? Explain.

“Witchcraft and Witchery”? That seems redundant. Has the school been changed to a girl’s school, then?

A more apt question would be what can’t it do?