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justniallhoran yeah it’s like there’s some unwritten rule that trends in this fandom when you join, you can’t be a Louis girl and approve of his girlfriend. It’s just not how Louis girls are supposed to operate or something. When I even joined, LS tried to convince me she was bad news and I disliked her for weeks until I tried to understand why I was supposed to hate her and there were never good reasons. Most were fans opinions and none had evidence she was as awful as they claimed. Most just hate her for what she gets in the way of. And coming from the spn/patd fandom and seeing how the gf’s/their spouses got treated for years and the reasons people had in those fandoms to why they hated them, it was like the same story all over again. You have to be bitter and hold a grudge against who they’re with or you’re no good.. Unless they marry.. Then most of the hate just disappears and the hatred becomes a minority..

I’ve been on tumblr for a while now and haven’t made one of these yet so I figured I should. I follow a lot of amazing blogs that aren’t just all One Direction, and your all really nice to me. A big thank you to adoresnialler for making the beautiful edit. Bolds are mutual’s

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I originally wanted to put it all in exact alphabetical order but I got sick of saying the alphabet and gave up

justniallhoran I mean like I don’t think the LS are the reason HL aren’t as close as they used to be, but it may have played a small role in why they aren’t. I feel like they just grew up and their interests changed, so they grew apart and maybe just didn’t have a lot in common anymore so there was not much keeping them as close as before. I do think the role the LS thing caused was headaches for their families/drama for whoever they’re seen with and the only reason they never address the subject is I’m assuming they’re expecting it to die out on it’s own the less they’re around each other.. I don’t think it’d bother them as much if people didn’t constantly bring it up to them/attack their families and friends with it but like I’ve seen similar stuff happen with Pete/Patrick of FOB where they got tired of it and don’t even respond to it if people direct anything shipping related at them. And in PATD with Brendon/Ryan, they drifted cause of different interests and career motives but the shippers acted similarly, attacking their gf’s/calling them beards, etc. I’ve seen this same soap opera played out in so many fandoms. Everyone I mean everyone in the PATD fandom hated Brendon’s wife for the longest time without specific reason, reminds me of the Eleanor thing so much.. Now everyone loves her. She used to have hate blogs and everything. The shipping thing does ruin interaction these people want to have with fans. And the same as what I’ve seen with other women attacked cause of pairings, they got more and more private about their relationships and share as little as possible with the fans, as we’ve noticed Elounor doing lately. A big change that people aren’t getting used to, so they are just certain they have to be broken up. Hate does have an effect on people, it takes time, now Eleanor even refuses photos, etc cause of the trash she knows it starts. I mean I’m not saying people have to like her/love her but damn, hold some respect for her as a human being.. She’s someone Louis cares about and that was the first reason I ended up approving of her when I was figuring everything out. We are just fans, who are we to say who these adult men should or shouldn’t be with. Louis is 22 years old, fan girls shouldn’t be still making a thing out of who he wants to be with in his personal time. It’s his own choice to live with, never ours to make. As to whether or not people believe the relationship is legit, they can decide not to believe it if they want, but keep their mouths shut about it cause it is real and has been ongoing whether or not it wants to be accepted. The real vs fake crap is just depressing at this point after like 4 years..

i’m just gonna get straight into this i love everyone on this list<3

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