A little introduction

Hello, my name is Brittania and I thought I’d write up a little intro about myself and the purpose of this blog. I am on a journey to become a healthier, happier, better me but it’s no easy task. I’m not a naturally positive person, in fact I tend to jump to the worst case scenario when dealing with life and that train of thought often leaves me depressed, angry and feeling anxious.

I don’t believe in taking a pill to change your outlook on life and in my experience “medicine” has only amplified my problems and negative thoughts. I do believe that one of the best ways to change your perspective over to the positive side is to get up and move, so that is what I am here to do.

When I was in high school, I was a misfit, a loner, a tortured artist. I knew everyone but didn’t really have any friends, no one to confide in, so I stayed in my head a lot and let out all the anger that had been building up inside through drawing and painting, but still that didn’t seem to be enough. Just as my freshman year was ending my school’s pool was finally finished. I remember seeing flyers for  water polo tryouts over the summer but never really gave it much thought. Did I really want to be in a swim suit around all these people that already picked on my looks and whom I disliked being around? Not really, but I was curious still and I decided to go.

Yes that first day was terrifying and awkward but I’m glad that I went, if I hadn’t I might not be here now, nor would I have made some great friends with people I’d never dreamed of even speaking to. Not only was water polo great exercise, but it gave me release for all the anger. Playing water polo and later joining the swim team (and club during the summer) really made high school fun for me and completely changed my perspective.

My senior year, the swim coach decided that yoga should be a part of our practice, so three times a week an instructor would come and help us stretch out for 20 minutes. I fell in love with it and have been practicing it ever since, though not as consistently as I’d like. Through yoga, the meditative state I’d become accustomed to while doing laps, was carried on and often when I meditate still I can hear the water splashing gently by my ears, even though I’m sitting on dry land. 

Fast forward to about three months ago when my best friend came for a visit and brought a bunch of hula hoops with her. She’d been telling me about how she’d seen people on youtube dance with them, that she’d tried it, fell in love and was going to make me one too. I thought it was a little silly to be honest. I hadn’t watched any hooping videos online before she put that first hoop in my hand and told me to watch her for a minute. 

She’s always been a good dancer and we even go-goed together for a while, but this was simply amazing. She looked so graceful, elegant, and best of all it looked fun. So I tried it and have not looked back since. It’s so silly to think that a ring of plastic can have such a huge effect on your mood, and ultimately your life. Hooping, so far, has taught me (or reminded) many things: patience, determination, how to really play, to laugh at mistakes, that you can learn from everything and everyone, that I don’t have to be perfect to look good and feel good (a concept I often struggle with). 

So, what is my purpose here? I want to use this space to inspire myself, and maybe others, to get up and move! It’s so easy to feel depressed and want to lay in bed or crawl into a dark hole and hide from the world and all my problems, but when I do get up and dance or do yoga, I feel 180% better, I believe in myself, and am happy.

I’ve set a few goals for myself, small ones and big ones as my main goal is to practice yoga and hoop everyday. For the bigger picture I want to become comfortable enough hooping, to start fire hooping; I’d like to be in better shape and tone up all my jiggly bits and flatten my tummy; I want to be able to do a hand stand and lift my own body weight easily; I want to be able to do the splits but my legs are really tight so I know that one is probably a couple years away. In the shorter term I have a whole list of tricks I want to learn with my hoop, but also learning to flow easily through them; I want to easily and comfortably be able to do a forward bend with my hands flat on the floor; I want to eat cleaner, drink more water, and less coffee; to improve my posture; to improve my balance with Crow pose and Crescent Moon (two of my favourites); to train my brain that feeling good about myself is not determined by what others think or what I see in the mirror, but by how I feel.

And now I’ll raise my mug of green tea and say cheers to staying inspired, motivated and to loving this process.

xoxo Brittania