Mutual; Final

Summary: Completely content with your asexuality, you’re once again thrown back into confusion when you meet Tall, Dark, and Handsome, which leads you to believe you’re a gray ace after all. But his own confession has you wanting him even more.

Genre: fluff, smut

Member: Sehun (mentions of Chanyeol)

Words: 2,739

prologue part 1 part 2 final

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anonymous asked:

Sweet~~ Finally it's open. So can i request a scenarios where Kasamatsu, Akashi and Nijimura having nightmare about their s/o who died after giving birth and how they would react when s/o awaken them from their dream. Sorry for the bad languages, and thank you. I really love your stories :)

scenario: “I’m sorry Mr. we lost _______.” For him it was like the time had stopped. “You may see her” the doctor said and opened the door. He walked over to your bed and took your hand in his, lifted it up and pressed your hand against his cheek. “_____”.

Kasamatsu: “Yukio! Yukio! Wake up please. It’s just a nightmare!” a slap in the face finally made him look up and his eyes widened.

You sat astride over  him, shaking his shoulders. Tears fell down and landed on his face.
“______!? Is it really you. Are you for real?”

His eyes widened even more.
In a sec he had pinned you down in the matrass.  Now it was his turn to shake your shoulders.

“You are alive!” he said and tugged you close to him. He buried his face against your neck.

“Don’t ever leave me ______”.

Akashi: He fumbled blindly in the dark. Suddenly someone grabbed his hand.

“Seij! It’s me! Please snap out of it.”

He could hear you but it was useless. It was just his imagination. You where dead. He couldn’t let him believe. His heart was broken and he couldn’t let him get fooled. The pain, the hole that you left in his heart, he didn’t think that he could bear it anymore.

“Seijuro please, babe wake up!”  

It was something in your voice that made him open his eyes. Your voice were so irresistible.

You sat in the bed with your boyfriend lying next to you. His crimson hair pressed against his face and he sweated. He had screamed out your name in the middle of the night. You woke up and tried to wake him up.

You rested your hands on his chest; your tears fell down on his cheeks.

“Seijuro, it was just a nightmare.” “______, I’m sorry, let’s go back to sleep” he mumbled and laid his arms around you, pressing your body against his.

Nijimura: You woke up from hearing your boyfriend calling out your name. You looked up and tried to turn around. Then you discovered that Nijimura held you so tight against him so you couldn’t move.

“Shuuzo wake up, it’s just a nightmare! Shuuzo I can’t breathe, Shuuzo!”

Nijimura opened his eyes. At first he didn’t understand what he saw.

“______?” “Shuuzo, let me go I can’t breathe!” Nijimura immediately let go of you.
“_______, are you okay? You are not hurt or anything?” Nijimura took your head between his hands. Leaning his forehead against yours.
“Just a nightmare.”

Maybe not tonight - Jaehee x reader

Tonight was the night.

Your hand fiddled with the hem of your skirt as you sat on the edge of the sofa. 3 long months of waiting and your girlfriend Jaehee had finally got the early evening off- instead of trudging home at around 10pm as normal, she was being let off at 5! It had taken a lot of pleading and eyelash batting at Jumin for him to finally agree. 

Your other hand joined the first in skirt-fiddling as you wondered when she’d get home. It was already 5:24. What if Jumin changed his mind? What if Jaehee had forgotten to come home early because she was so used to late shifts? What if you didn’t get to go out tonight? The two of you had originally planned on going to the cinema and then to a restaurant afterwards… Could she really have forgotten? No, you were probably just overre-

The light sound of a key turning in your apartment door interrupted your anxieties as you whipped around to face the hallway.

Trudging into the living room, Miss Jaehee Kang practically collapsed on the seat next to you, carrying an all too familiar box with her. She slouched right back into the sofa and looked at you, who was still perched with a straight back. Her eyes were full of regret.

Elizabeth 3rd had paid a visit.

You practically see the tiredness seeping out of her- she looked like she was about to cry. The two (three?) of you sat in silence for a few minutes, before you smiled sympathetically down at her, running a hand through her hair.

‘Why don’t we stay in tonight, okay?’

After throwing on your pyjamas and helping Jaehee into hers, you sat at one end of the sofa and positioned your girlfriend so she was lying down, head in your lap.
Despite her slightly red cheeks, you could tell she was probably too exhausted to argue with you, let alone try and convince you she was still up for going out. Still, the concern in her eyes and furrowed brows was apparent, but gently combing your hand through her hair seemed to calm her down soon enough. Maybe, too soon enough? About 20 minutes into the first crappy romcom, the sound of light snoring alerted you to the sight of woman you loved, asleep in your lap. Her breathing was light and steady, and her face was beautifully relaxed before you. You were considering taking a picture, honestly. Even Elizabeth 3rd was being rather tame tonight, as she snaked herself around your ankles and curled up on the floor. Everything was so perfect.

So maybe this was better than a night out.

anonymous asked:

I had a rough day.. Could you maybe do a fluffy Oikawa scenario? Just if you don't mind.

Oikawa gingerly wraps his arms around ___, pulling them close against his chest. He couldn’t even speak with how happy he felt finally being able to hold his s/o. The week had been hard for both of them, and he’d thought that surely he’d lose his mind if he didn’t see ___ for any longer. 

When he’d gotten out of practice that day he’d practically ran all the way to his s/o’s house and frantically knocked on the door until they answered. The shocked but happy look on ___’s face was the best as OIkawa explained that he finally had some time to come be with them. ___ led their boyfriend inside, dragging him down onto the couch with them. On top of them, he laughed and grabbed their face, giving them a gentle kiss and asking if they could watch a movie together.

anonymous asked:

Could I maybe get a scenario about Aizawa having a S/o who is about to start a new job and is totally freaking out? It would be greatly appreciated I love this blog so much.

Of course =) And I hope I could answer it well enough!

“It’s going to be fine.” Aizawa says, placing calming hands on his partner’s shoulders, before he slides them down their arms to take their hands into his. “Come on, take a deep breath.”

His partner follows his advice and Aizawa breathes with them for a few moments, until they seem less frantic than before, though they still look worried and very nervous.

“You know what you’re doing, even if it maybe doesn’t feel like it.” He continues, looking at them seriously, before giving them a small, warm smile. “It’s okay to be scared and I also know you’re going to make it just fine.”

They worry their lower lip with their teeth. “I don’t want to mess this up.” They admit quietly.

He gives their hands a reassuring squeeze. “That’s okay. Though, I think you don’t have to worry. You’re smart; you’ll do the right thing.”

His partner gives him a small smile and Aizawa tugs them with him towards where their lunch sits on the table. “Let’s eat first and we’ll take everything else step by step.”

huntersmoon1  asked:

Headcanons+ a scenario for modern au sinbad as a single parent.


  • Sinbad would be very nervous about the idea of being a father
    • not something he ever expected
      • despite the number of women he’s been with
      • always makes sure to use a condom
      • makes sure they take a morning after pill to be doubly sure
    • very cautious about such news
      • highly skeptical
      • needs to know that the child is his without doubt
        • aware of his status in the world
        • people will trying to latch onto him due to that
      • will not allow himself to believe the claim if the woman doesn’t agree to a parentage test
  • he would be overly prepared for the life change
    • reading many parenting books in his spare time
      • often falling asleep with the books atop official documents
    • training himself in preparation
      • putting diapers on bags of flour
      • making a list of areas dangerous for the baby
        • planning on securing them
  • he would be very involved
    • wishing to be just like his own parents
    • having them with him at all times
      • conscious of how he behaves in front of them
        • toning down on his drinking and flirtation of women
        • even becomes more conscious of sleeping around
      • often having them with him while he works
        • reading to them documents, asking their thoughts and such even as a baby
          • not allowing his position to have him neglect his child
    • not a fan of leaving his child be with others
    • very overprotective
      • aware of his many enemies
        • they would try to take advantage or harm his child
      • always leaves them with one of his eight generals when he has to be away for extended periods of time
        • Hinahoho being first choice due to the most experience with children
        • Ja’far being second as he helped raised his siblings (Kikiriku)
        • Drakon third as he cares for the soldiers under his command
        • Masrur being fourth as he took care of other children as a slave
        • Yamraiha being fifth as she looked after others at Magnostadt
        • Spartos being sixth as he has experience with structure
        • Pisti being seventh as she has some experience with her nieces
        • Sharrkan being eighth as he has no experience with children (no maturity)
  • he and the eight generals would be very involved in education
    • beginning tutoring lessons at a very early age
      • not wanting his child to be uneducated as he himself was
        • Yamraiha, Spartos, Drakon, Pisti, and Sharrkan being first tier tutors as they were formally educated
        • Ja’far, Hinahoho, and Masrur being second tier tutors as they were informally educated
      • Sinbad would want them to understand the value of knowledge
        • how powerful a well versed individual can be
        • that battles can be won with the right words
          • never having to lift a finger or send a soldier
  • he would also have them involved in recreational activities
    • preferring activities that taught strategy, survival, personal responsibility, leadership, social skills, and strength (mental and physical)
      • feeling those lessons should be taught and understood
        • wanting them to understand how their individual actions have not only the power to affect them, but others as well
      • his eight generals helping in this area too
        • each general being responsible for some skill/virtue to be taught
          • Hinahoho: swimming and hunting
          • Drakon: military affairs and honor
          • Ja’far: stealth and preparedness
          • Sharrkan: swordsmanship and friendliness
          • Spartos: spearmanship and fortitude
          • Yamraiha: magic and imaginative
          • Pisti: animal handling and courage
          • Masrur: martial arts and consideration
  • he would be nurturant, but also authoritative
    • son or daughter, they would both be treated the same
      • though he would be a bit harsher with his son than daughter
    • most of the time, stepping back and letting them take their own risks
      • encouraged to explore and be creative
    • however, he would also be firm when necessary
      • both having to accept responsibility for their actions
        • wishing for them to understand what happens when one’s word is given
          • how it must always be honored
          • the importance of before acting and speaking
      • both coming to learn the dangers of having too much pride
        • where being too cocky or arrogant can lead them
    • he would still be reminded that they are children
      • not trying to torture them with his punishments
        • aware that many find his reactions/responses to be cruel at times
      • wanting them to understand that certain things can’t be overlooked
        • even if they are royalty
          • sometimes money and status aren’t enough to save a person


Sinbad would stand before his child, looking down at them, before explaining to them the importance of achieving things through their own determination and hardwork. He admits that being his child casts a very large shadow upon them, given all of his accomplishments over the years, but how they shouldn’t allow that fact to discourage them–instead, they should use that as a motivation in their own endeavors when making their mark upon the world. Due to this, Sinbad encourages them to go off on their own adventure, when they’re a bit older, and experience the world for themselves, without people aware of their lineage, before they become too tied down by their duties as heir to the Sindrian Kingdom. He warns them that the world is equal parts dangerous as it is beautiful, and reminds them to remember their teachings, as well as to remember that a word once given must always be fulfilled. He then hoists them up, placing them on his shoulder, voicing how he isn’t too worried about when that day comes for them to leave home on their own for the first time, feeling that they’ll be fine, before requesting that they write to him, telling him of all the adventures that they’re sure to have.



cookiepie111  asked:

Could you please do a scenario were akashi is in love with a delinquent please 😀

Of course! Here it is! I hope that you like it. If you want me to write it different, then please let me know. Enjoy! ^^

He knew that this was wrong. Hiding a delinquent in his house. But the two of you had something special.

A knock on the window brought him out of his thoughts. He reached out over his working desk and opened the window so you could climb in.
And there you stood in your black clothes in his working office in his home. A delinquent that he had fall so hard for.

“You always know how to make an entrance”

Akashi grabbed you by your waist and pulled you in for a deep kiss. You recoiled when he touched a new wound over your cheek and some bruises on your neck.

“It’s new.” Akashi said caressing your bruised skin. You looked away.

“I got into a fight with my boss.” Akashi sighed.

He knew how dangerous your life was and he has tried to get you out from the situation but you didn’t want to talk about it.

He took you to the kitchen and asked you to wait.  You sat down on a chair. He came back with some pads, water and disinfectant.

“Here drink” he gave you the glass of water.

“I know that you can’t get out from this situation but please be more careful.” He said as he cleansed your wounds.

Once again you looked away, it was hard not to kick ass on the street and more difficult to not get kicked.

“Please, look at me _____”. Akashi cupped your chin and turned your face to him. “Promise me to not get into fights ______, I can’t stand it when you get hurt. Please?” you looked up with tears in your eyes.

“You know that I can’t promise that Seij.” You reached up and kissed him.

“But I can promise to be more careful.” You said when he kissed you back. And there it was, your smile that he loved so much.

anonymous asked:

Makoto and Momo comforting their girlfriend after a panic attack?

As someone who has suffered from panic attacks, I just wanted to say thank you for requesting this because I really think this could help some people. But warning! If you think this will trigger you in any way please don’t read it! Female pronouns.


He held her in his arms as she shook, her cries muffled by his shirt which was now stained with her tears. He didn’t say anything for a while, cradling her body and rubbing her back in an attempt to slow her heart rate and breathing back to a normal and safe pace.

“Shh ______, it’s ok. You’re safe, I promise. I’m here,” he whispered, “Concentrate on my voice if you can. Keep breathing. Everything’s ok. If you want to talk about it, I’d be happy to listen, but if you don’t then that’s ok too. Just know that I’m here and I’ll always be here for you.”

When her breathing slowed and the tears stopped, she still clung on to Makoto, grateful for even just his presence as he continued to rub her back and just hold her there in his arms.


Momo sat with her on the floor, with her lying down and her head resting in his lap, completely drained and exhausted.

“How are you feeling ______?” he tentatively asked, unsure if she was in the mood for talking.

“I’m not feeling great,” she murmured softly, “but I feel a tiny bit better.” Her eyes were closed, her hand wandering to find his. “Thank you for being here for me.”

He lifted the hand that she had clasped his with and kissed it gently. She then took his hand and rested it on her chest and Momo was glad to feel her heartbeat had slowed down now.

“Just let me know if you need anything,” he began, “whether it be now or in the future. I don’t want you to have to face this alone. Even if I can’t manage to be there, call me if you’re able to. I want to be there to help you through it, to help you stay strong.”

She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him. She lifted her other hand up to cup his cheek and smiled.

“Thank you, Momo. It really means a lot. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Fic Rec Masterlist

for y’all who need to suffer

All’s Fair - Baekhyun   - By: @3kpop2jagi1

my favorite one right now. Roommate AU. Angst, Fluff, a little Smut and many many games.

Exeption - Jongin & Taemin   -By: @jongintaeminscenarios

This one is my all time favorite, I think. It’s so so good but is updated once a year so author-nim please if you care about my mental system update <3
College AU. Best Friend!Taemin with whom the reader is in love, while Nemesis!Jongin has fallen for Tae’s girlfriend. The plot is too good.

Battles - also Baekhyun   -By: @prince-baekhyunn

seriously I live this fic and if only the writer would continue because I actually need it. Also Roommate AU. +Best Friend!Baek, +Jealous Girlfriend!Taeyeon.   Angsty angsty angst.

Rookies  - Jongin    By: @soobadnoonecanstopher

this is some good shit believe me. Workplace AU, Sweetie!Jongin with a little crush on the reader.  Fluff + Smut

Good Enough - Sehun.    By: @pebble-xo

Prince AU, Pregnant!Reader, Jerk!Sehun what more do you need in a fic? plus the writer is a total sweetheart and that’s always a plus. <3  Angst and a lot of Fluff.

Rich Games - Suho   By: @exobtsimagination

Rich!Suho, High School AU. This fic has basically become a classic and it’s pretty long but worth it. Angst all the way.

Mellifluous - Baek once again.  By: @suho-mochi

Where you meet Baek through some friends and the crush is instant from the both sides.

Incipient - Suho.  By: @suho-mochi

Roommate AU and very very sexy Junmyeon. (My fave writer and she just KNOWS Suho, I mean the fic is so so real it’s painful)

Executive - Suho.  By: @suho-mochi again…. (i think i have a crush)

CEO!Suho and Assistant!Reader….. this is so good! +Bonus: Sweetie cousin!Jongin!!

Black and White - Suho.  By: @galactichen

I finally found this fic again after looking for soo long this is pure masterpiece for all of you who love to suffer! I’m seriously in love with it, probably the first fic I’ve cried my eyes out for.

Soulmate!Suho. Angst. In a world where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.

So this is it for now, but I’ll keep updating this thing every time I remember a fic that I’ve loved.

And basically, you can go through any of these writers’ masterlists and you’ll spend you life so beautifully. Let’s thank these people for creating such things

so many masterpieces lost because they didn’t get much notes and now I can’t find them….

Markiplier Name & Birthday Scenario!

So, this idea was inspired by DarkAdmin-E while I was lurking on Deviantart, as they had done Markiplier scenarios based on birthdays! Definitely check them out, and see what answers you get!

This is very similar to that. Your first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name, birthday month, and zodiac sign will determine your scenario with, respectively, an objective, a person/character, the reason why, and…a twist at the end. You can use your own, or make random combinations to see what you get!

First Initial Of Your First Name: What Are You Doing?

A: Making & Telling An Improvised Story to Santa’s Bastard Kiddies With

B: Playing Hide-And-Seek Flashlight Tag with Slenderman and

C: Recording An Episode of The Boner Cast At A Strip Club With

D: Doing A Pax Panel With

E: Having A ‘Sexy’ Dance-Off With

F: Eating Cheez-Its and Playing ‘Amnesia’ With

G: Playing Laser Tag With An Army of Bastard Kiddies And

H: Filming A Sketch Comedy With

I: Cooking With Chef Iplier And

J: Surviving Five Nights At Freddy’s With

K: 12-Hour Charity Livestream With

L: Three-Hour Drunk Minecraft Session With

M: Playing Outlast On The Oculus Rift With

N: Hosting A Karaoke Night With

O: Going To An Empty, Creepy Carnival With

P: A Contestant On ‘Hire My Ass’ With

Q: Cutting Off Your Lips And Putting Them On Cats And Dogs With

R: Making Pancakes With

S: Pole-Dancing With

T: Building A Human Raft With

U: Ghostbusting In The Victoria’s Secret Store In Kansas, Missouri With

V: Don’t Laugh Challenge With

W: Whisper Challenge With

X: Surviving Subnautica IRL With

Y: Smashing Bottles Against Your Head With

Z: Testing Scent-O-Iplier With

First Initial Of Your Last Name: With Who?

A: Darkiplier

B: Ryan & Matt (SuperMega)

C: Game Grumps

D: Bob

E: Chica (AKA: Boat Dog & Chef Dog)

F: Santaplier

G: PewDiePie

H: Tiny Box Tim

I: Stone-Faced Tyler

J: JackSepticEye

K: A Pet Named Steve

L: Wade

M: Wilford Warfstache

N: Ninja Sex Party

O: Matthias

P: Google IRL (Googleiplier)

Q: The Crazed Butt Stabber

R: CinnamonToastKen

S: Markiplier

T: The Blonde Boyz

U: Freddy Fazbear

V: Sienna Spaulding

W: RubberRoss

X: Zombiemold

Y: Latin Goddess


Birthday Month: Why?

January: Because You’re SPECIAL!

February: Because, Bitch, I’m FABULOUS!

March: Because…life and love is apparently NOT Candy Crush…

April: Because That’s What The Book Says To Do!

May: Because You Know What’s Best!

June: Because….*coughs* I Got A Haircut!

July: Because I’m Pregnant. DON’T EAT JEWS!

August: Because…There Are Boobs And Butts…hehe…

September: Because You Just Want To Have A Good Time!

October: Because Ryan Needs To Stop Blowing That Horn On My Crotch!

November: Because There’s Something Of Utmost Importance: You Look Beautiful Today!

December: Because Santa And His Bastard Kiddies Are Comin’ Tonight!

Zodiac Sign: When Suddenly…What Happens?

Aquarius: It’s Cthulhu!

Pisces: Flying Dildos Rain Like Rain!

Aries: The Author From ‘Danger In Fiction’ Has You Trapped In His Story!

Taurus: MMMMMMMMM Joins Super Smash Bros., So You Cancel It For That!


Cancer: POOF! A Flare From ‘Toward The Light’ Was Shot!

Leo: At Long Last…You’ve Found the Blacksmith! …maybe?

Virgo: Someone Pressed B To Blow…yep.


Scorpio: It turns out…YOU were the ghosts!

Sagittarius: What? A Nurse? Tell Her To SHUT UP!

Capricorn: A Harpoon From Happy Wheels Stabs You In The Butt!

Now, put all of them together…what did you get? 

Thanks for playing! Have a great day!

anonymous asked:

Hey can I request an imagine? If so, can it be one where you're left in a room filled with business men because Joker leaves for a minute, and they all start interrogating you about how trustworthy you are, and then Joker comes back in and hears and beats them up? Thank you!

idk if this is what you meant but lmao i decided to let the oc have some fun

As you watched him walk out the door with ease, you noticed his hand pull something out of his jacket. His knives. You let out a small laugh in a room of silence, not knowing it wouldn’t be long until you would be interrupted.

Some terribly ungroomed guard to your right caught your attention, seeming to be staring at you with intent for trouble.

Watching with squinted eyes, you saw how he sauntered in front of you. “How is it,” he asked, voice seething and venomous, “that J leaves us, in the hands of you?” Every word he spoke drew out an unmistakably hateful emotion.

Though you couldn’t help but smirk at his words. He obviously had no clue who you were, what you were. “That’s Mr. J to you, Ray.” You barked back, leaning against the desk chair you currently sat in. All the other guards in the room held their breath, their eyes widening only slightly. “And honestly, I’m wondering the same thing.” Reaching under the desk, you scanned the room lightly before staring back up into the eyes of the offender. “Whose life,” you started, running your tongue along your top lip with a smile, “do you think, J values more?”

Pulling out a gun, the smile on your face only grew wider as their fear grew denser. “You’re just his toy.” Someone in the back barked, though held no different demeanor of fear and terror as before. “You’re dispensable. He’ll replace you in a heartbeat.”

You stayed silent for a second, before bursting out into maniacal laughter. They wanted a mutiny, huh? Then they’ll get the punishment for mutiny.

“That’s a good theory,” when you finally calmed down, you rested the gun against your cheek, “but why do you think it is, that he hasn’t gotten rid of me yet?” Waiting for someone brave enough to answer, your eyes lit up as you saw one more guard have the audacity to speak. What fun you’ll have today.

“Because you’re his fuck toy, ____.” The man spat. Now having three, large men walk up to your table, you saw J’s hair peek through the door frame. But you were only just starting to have some fun.

Sitting up a bit, you raised your eyebrows as if contemplating what they said. “Not that you’re wrong, because that’s definitely part of it,” waving for J to stay where he was, you twirled the gun frivolously around your finger, “but I think you’re misunderstanding me.” Looking quickly at the guard who stood in front of you, Ray, you smirked. Pulling the trigger, you shot out his knee, hearing a blood curtling scream echo throughout the room made you laugh once more. Where he now lay on the floor, you walked over, gently laying a hand on his leg.

“What the hell, ___?” Someone else screamed, but you were too busy admiring your work to look up at them. Watching in fascination at the stream of blood that began to pool on the floor around his leg, you pressed down harder on his knee. His screams were music to your ear.

“You see,” you whispered, looking at his now fear-filled eyes, “to be with the Joker, you have to be crazier than the Joker.” Tracing his face lightly with your finger you began to giggle once more, thinking about the rest of the men in the room.

“Who else had a problem with me?” Standing up, you twirled, looking around at the men staring with wide eyes. Jumping over to one, you held the gun up to his hip with an eerie smile. “What was it you called me?” A bead of sweat began to form on his forehead, but you persisted. “Oh come on now, what was it?”

You pressed the gun tighter into his body, watching him wince with every centimeter it grew closer. When he opened his mouth, you pulled the trigger with no second thought. Who’s the dispensable one now?

“I’m impressed.” A gravelly voice praised, turning to be none other than the joker himself walking through the door. You giggled a bit, bowing at your little ‘performance’. Though the way most of the guards finally stood to attention when he walked through the door made you pout. Where was your respect? “But I’ll take it from here, doll.”

When you walked past him, you offered your gun, but he declined with a smile. “You know, I prefer knives.”

anonymous asked:

could you do yoosung with an mc with a game addiction just like him?

This request was so much fun to write… Thanks for the request, anon! -Z

Nothing beats coming home after a very long day, taking off your shoes and your coat, and putting on your headphones. You shake your mouse, quickly waking your computer from sleep mode. 

Keep reading

boyfriend! wonwoo

Originally posted by fyjeonwonwoo

  • the cutest bf 
  • friday night movie dates !!!!! 
  • either at the movie theater or ur place bc sometimes u guys are in the mood to watch some classics and other times you guys want to catch a new movie coming out 
  • cuddling until you guys fall asleep 
  • lots of home dates
  • he doesnt feel like he HAS to go outside and do something with you
  • he’s comfortable enough for you two to just enjoy eachothers company @ home
  • just lounging around together
  • spontaneous ice cream runs
  •  outside dates tho !! 
  • includes cafe dates and bookstore dates !! 
  • he recommends all his favorite books to u bc he wants to share something he enjoys with someone he loves 
  • hes the type to say i love u when u guys are in a tight hug like he’d hold u so close and whisper against your ear
  •  texts u with emoticons omg … so cute 
  • sweater paws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • lets u wears his sweaters 
  • hed probably go to the store and end up buying matching ones so he can have another thing that reminds him of u 
  • if u buy him any gifts he’d try his best to use it all the time 
  • like a bracelet? only comes off his wrist when hes in the shower and when he cant wear it during performances 
  •  cologne? hed spray it on every morning
  •  a sweater ? hed wear it as many times as he could before he has to wash it ( and without being called out for wearing the same shirt 24/7 lol) 
  • ahhhh eskimo kisses !!!!!!!!! 
  • like him crinkling his nose when he smiles and he comes in to rub his nose w ur nose
  • him telling u random old man jokes 
  • “hey wonwoo im hungry" 
  • "hi hungry im looking for my girlfriend do you know where she is ?" 
  • "did u just ……………”
  • him coming over to ur house for sleepovers 
  • him coming to ur house at 3 am just because he missed u 
  • but being too embarassed to admit it 
  • “why are u here ????" 
  • "wow !!! this isnt my house ??? how’d i get here ??? i wonder ….." 
  • ”…… just get inside wonwoo" 
  • taking!!! care!! of !! him !!! when!!! he !!! is !!! sick!!!!!!! 
  • making sure he eats all his meals and helping him when he’s in pain 
  • comforting him by holding his hand and talking abt things to distract him from the pain 
  • calling in to check on how hes doing 
  • hed always assure you that hes fine and wouldnt show u that hes in pain bc he wouldnt want u to worry 
  • when ur on facetime w him he blows u kisses 
  • sometimes mingyu texts u to tell you that wonwoo wont shut up abt u and asks u to do something abt it please
  • whenever you do something cute, he’d just pause and blush bc omg ur so cute???? how?????
  • he likes to admire you a lot
  • like when you’re sleeping on his bed beside him he’d look at you
  • and he’d just be like
  • “wow how’d i get so lucky?? “
  • if u ever catch him doing this he’d deny it at all costs w a very red blush on his cheeks
  • dotes on you a lot
  • he can’t say no to you
  • mingyu says he’s whipped and he doesnt want to admit it but he really is
  • when you tell him ur on ur period he’ll google how to help ease ur pain
  • tries to shower you in kisses to make you feel better
  • being super gentle w u!!!! bc he sees u as a fragile person that must be protected at all costs
  • taking pictures of all the places he goes to so he can show you and share his adventures with you if you arent there
  • polaroid pictures!!!
  • hanging up the pictures of you two in his room
  • ok reading books together but listen… you two on the floor with you sitting between his legs and his head on your shoulder and his arms around you holding the book up
  • “are you done with this page yet?”
  • for your one year anniversary he’d give you a book he made himself that’s filled with all the things you guys did together 
  • like a receipt from that one restaurant you went to
  • the ticket from the fair you two visited
  • movie ticket stubs 
  • ahhhhh he’d spend so much time on it like he’d decorate it with stickers and write tiny little mementos for everything in the book
  • and it would have everything starting from the first date you guys had
  • couple rings!!!!
  • whenever you’re feeling under the weather he’d buy you your favorite food to go and come over to your place
  • he’d have your favorite movie playing and wrap the two of you in a warm fluffy blanket so you two can cuddle
  • if you ever cry, he’d be your shoulder to cry on
  • he’s kind of awkward but he’ll try his best to make you feel better with a good hug
  • wipes away ur tears for u
  • “wanna go get ice cream?”
  • bringing you to his garden!! lmao
  • when he finds out ur favorite fruit, he’d try his best to grow some on his own and surprise u with them
  • generally  a giant sweetheart !!
What Seventeen cooks for you
  • Scoups:a fish he found
  • Jeonghan:5 course meal
  • Jisoo:*vegan/organic/gluten free/sugar free/low fat*
  • Jun:canned soup
  • Hoshi:*doesn't cook and orders takeout*
  • Wonwoo:*spicy noodles so you can be even hotter than you already are*
  • Woozi:cinnamon buns
  • DK:serves looks
  • Mingyu:food he probably ended up sneezing in at one point
  • Minghao:*attempts to make your favorite traditional dish*
  • Seungkwan:k i m b a p k i d d i n g
  • Vernon:unseasoned chicken
  • Dino:popin cookin
The New Guy

Summary: Namjoon is your boss and when the new guy, Jungkook starts flirting with you, he gets jealous and confronts you about it.

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: Smut. 

You had been working at the same company for ten years, and Namjoon still remembered the day you had first started. He was working a lower paying job at the company at the time, meaning that he was around newbies a lot and was able to watch you often. 

There was no way anyone could have had a worse first day than you. It was obvious you were nervous and right when you walked through the door, you ran into someone and your cup of coffee splashed all over the front of your blouse, ruining the whole outfit for the rest of the day. 

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Give You What You Like

Genre: Angst, Smut, Wolf!au

Member: Kai (appearance by Luhan)

Words: 2,268

A/N: This is a one-shot set after Long Way Home.

When you turn off the lights,
I get stars in my eyes.
Is this love?
Maybe some day.

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Punishment (Chanyeol) [Smut]

Prepare to sin.


I was in trouble, big, big trouble. Chanyeol had shut and locked the door the moment we were both inside our shared apartment.

“Now, why did you think that teasing daddy under the table was a good idea, princess?” he asked, his voice was kept low as he advanced towards me. God, he looked extremely sexy in his dark blue suit tonight.

There was a little formal party for EXO’s Monster’s first win. The members were all dressed in their nice suits and we left for the restaurant.

“I-I’m sorry, daddy. But you looked so good in the suit…I couldn’t help myself.” I answered quietly as he backed me up against the armrest of the couch.

“And you couldn’t control yourself until after we gotten home?” he questioned, hands roaming up to rest on my hips. I looked up at him and shook my head.

“You were a bad girl tonight, baby. How many do you think you deserve?” he asked, quickly pulling my body flush against his, hands now slowly moving to grope my ass. My face turned red.

“10?” I asked, hopeful that he would disagree. He did disagree, but not in the way that I wanted. His head shook as he pulled me with him onto the couch. He sat down and motioned for me to lay across his thighs.

“So little? Considering your actions tonight, I think you deserve at least 15, sweetheart.” he growled out, one hand going to lift up the hem of my dress, revealing the black lace panties I wore especially for him. He raised an eyebrow and smirked, his hand caressing the cheeks before striking down without warning.

I gasped in surprise as he did it again.

“Why don’t you count them for me.”

“2, daddy.” I did what he asked as his hand came back down.

“3, daddy.” I couldn’t help but moan out for him to do it again. His deep chuckle resounded through the room.

“Dirty girl. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? You knew you were going to be punished.” another smack came down as I counted. This went on for another ten spanks. By now, my cheeks were tinted red and my panties were soaked. Chanyeol knew full well that they were and landed the last smack right on my pussy.

A loud moan left my lips as he motioned for me to get up on my knees.

“Since daddy didn’t cum at the restaurant, why don’t you help him now?” he asked, unzipping his pants halfway down his legs. His member was hard and aching to get out from his boxers. I pulled them down and he groaned as his dick was free.

I didn’t have to be told twice before I latched my mouth onto the tip, my tongue running slightly over the slit. He let out a deep moan but still growled.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to tease, baby.” at this, I took more of him into my mouth and sucked. His head was thrown back in pleasure as I ran my tongue on the underside of his erect member.  When my tongue came back to the tip, I didn’t expect for his hands to grip my hair as he forced my head down his shaft.

I hollowed out my cheeks for him to fuck my mouth. I knew he was close when his hold on my hair tightened. With one last push, he held my head as his dick was deep down my throat, his seeds shooting inside.

His hands released my head as I swallowed the rest of his cum. Breathing heavily, he told me to stand up, and I did. With a hard press, I was suddenly bent over the armrest of the couch, ass up for him to marvel. Two digits held themselves in front of my mouth.


My tongue ran over every inch of his two fingers as his other hand abruptly ripped off my soaked panties. When that was off and away, he pulled his fingers from my mouth, a string of saliva following. In a quick move, he had those two digits shoved deep inside my pussy.

A moan ripped from my throat as he moved his fingers in a scissor motion.

“So wet. All for daddy.” he rasped, curving his fingers in a coming motion. My hands tightly held onto the fabric of the couch as I moaned, back arching as I moved against his fingers.

“D-daddy, I’m about to..” I warned him, the warm feeling rising to my abdomen. Just when I clenched around his fingers, he yanked his hand away, resulting in a whine of protest from me.

“No no, baby girl. You’re going to come with me buried deep inside you.” he shook his head. A hand gripped my ass as his other hand guided his member towards my entrance. With the slightest touch, I knew he was hard again.

A quick thrust of his hip was all it took for his dick to be inside of me. I couldn’t stop my moaning as he didn’t give me time to adjust to the new size. Hands gripped my hips tightly, pulling them to meet his force halfway.

His hips were snapping as he drove into me, speeding up as I kept whimpering at his power.

“…Daddy..” I breathed out.

“You love this, don’t you? Having daddy fuck you on the couch while you’re in this pretty little dress.” he then pulled me up so my back was against his chest. My body was moving as he kept thrusting. One hand went to pull down the neckline of my shirt, exposing my boobs as the other went to rub my clit.

Fingers twisted and pulled on my erect nipples, making me cry out in pleasure. The same warm feeling returned as he thrust harder inside me.

“Are you about to cum?” he asked but didn’t expect an answer. I couldn’t answer anyhow, I was too busy moaning at what his hands and dick was doing. I felt my pussy clench around his shaft as he kept thrusting.

“Daddy…daddy please…” I breathed out, my eyes closing.

“Cum.” he applied pressure on my clit and that was all it took for me to lose it. I came around his shaft as he kept moving inside me, riding out his own orgasm.

I was wiped out and fell back against him. He pulled out his member and laid down on the couch, pulling me down on top of him, the two of us still breathing deeply.

“I think I should tease you more often…” I smirked to myself.

That was how I earned another round in our bedroom.


I need ten bottles of holy water for all the smut requests you guys send me. Honestly though, you all need holy water. Next up is a fluffy Kyungsoo scenario. Hopefully that will balance out the sins that you’re all committing with me.


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