There's always this misconception that if you wear eyeglasses, you're really really smart, like top of the class smart

well, personally for me, it’s not much a huge deal….

although it kinda gets to me sometimes especially when people would ask me to help them in stuffs they don’t understand….

just cause I wear glasses, doesn’t mean that I completely understand every single thing, down to the very smallest detail in the world you know….

don’t you think that we are also stupid? I mean seriously, if only we had taken good care of our eyes, then we wouldn’t have to wear eyeglasses….

seriously…..[although in my case, apparently, it’s inborn so…no what or when, i would still have to wear eyeglasses….although i could wear contacts too…just that i’m kinda scared :))] 

or maybe it’s like, eyeglasses makes you look smart that people kinda want to wear them now….the nerve….:)) 

cuz looking nerdy is in-season now, huh? people these days….

oh yeah, and there’s this misconception that people who wears eyeglasses are like nerdy and stuffs……NO! 

not everyone….[although i guess, i am a bit….otaku-ish…meh, whatever…] 

I’m not ranting, don’t get me wrong….just wanted to get it out of the system…cuz it kinda gets to me…:P 

well, I, for one, do like guys who looks good wearing eyeglasses, so yeah….that explains why most of my favorite anime characters wears eyeglass….with the exception of Levi Heichou, and some other characters that I forgot because Levi kinda tops the list right now >~< 

haha i’m not good at ending posts so…..yeah~ 

END~! >~<