History is not repeating itself.
We as humans are repeating history.
Common sense is a figure of speech for what we should realize as awareness.
The balance of right and wrong on which the idea behind religion is based.
The labels of racism, ageism, sexism, all add unnecessary filters go the essential human rights which covers us all.
The only way there will be peace is if we step back from unnaturally falling into divisions and realizing that we are all one race.



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[l-r] Commerce Mayor Lilia Leon, Mayor pro tem Tina Baca Del Rio, and Councilman Ivan Altamirano have taken tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from the Justmans. By Brian Hews Two weeks ago, a Hews Media Group-Community News investigation found that Morley Justman and Russel Justman, owners of Commerce-based Justman Packaging, and a family that has donated tens of thousands of…

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Standing In the Shadows of Motown - Paul Justman | Music Documentaries |277035014

Standing in the Shadows of Motown is a 2002 documentary film directed by Paul Justman. It recounts the story of The Funk Brothers, the uncredited and largely unheralded studio musicians who were the hand picked house band by Berry Gordy in 1959. They were the band who recorded and performed on Motowns’ recordings from 1959 to 1972.

Standing In the Shadows of Motown
Paul Justman
Genre: Music Documentaries
Price: $13.99
Rental Price: $2.99
Publish Date: November 15, 2002

Detroit, Michigan, 1959. Berry Gordy gathered the best musicians from the city’s thriving jazz and blues scene for his new record company: Motown. They called themselves the Funk Brothers, and they were the greatest hit machine in the history of popular music. This is their story.

© 2002 Elliot Scott Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Standard Orbit 114: A Tour DeForest Performance!

Dissecting Spock’s Brain.

On this episode of Standard Orbit, we prep for surgery and perform a deep dissection and examination of what Star Trek fans have labeled as the “worst” episode ever in the history of The Original Series, and was even parodied as a stage production in 2004 for a limited run in Irvine, California at the Irvine Improv! William Shatner, in his autobiography Up Till Now, and in his memoirs Star Trek: Memories, called this one of the series’ worst episodes; a “tribute” to NBC executives who slashed the show’s budget and placed it in a bad time slot.

There was a great deal of unrest happening behind the scenes at the beginning of Star Trek’s third season. Gene Coon was trying to complete his writing contract and director Marc Daniels felt marginalized by executive producer Fred Freiberger. The show budget was always under pressure which in turn forced co-producer Robert Justman and Fred Freiberger to constantly redirect creative to fit production, increasing tensions between them and the NBC front offices. Did these underlying forces ultimately affect the return The Original Series on September 20th, 1968?

Norman C. Lao and Jeffrey Harlan

Ken Tripp

C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer), Norman C. Lao (Executive Producer), Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer), Charlynn Schmiedt (Executive Producer), Ken Tripp (Editor and Associate Producer), Renee Roberts (Associate Producer), Richard Rutledge (Associate Producer), Richard Marquez (Production Manager), Will Nguyen (Content Manager)

Welcome to Standard Orbit (00:01:10)
The Most Hated Episode Ever? (00:02:37)
A Changing of the Guard (00:04:45)
The Remasters Show Production Stresses (00:08:21)
The Two Halves of Spock’s Brain (00:14:50)
A Tour DeForest Perfomance (00:23:30)
The WORST Episode Ever? (00:30:03)
Hailing Frequencies Open (00:46:29)
Our Final Thoughts and Thank You (00:50:19)

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Commerce Resident Threatens Hews Media Group Newspaper Delivery Driver

Commerce Resident Threatens Hews Media Group Newspaper Delivery Driver

Art Ibarra, who has sent abusive emails to HMG before, “gets in the face” of the delivery driver. Staff Report Eddie Garcia, the long time newspaper delivery driver for Hews Media Group-Community News, is most of the time is greeted with enthusiasm from residents whom he delivers the newspaper to every week. “People love this paper,” Garcia said, “they thank me all the time when I deliver the…

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