Just Like Home || Itachi-Of-Konoha

18 years had passed since the massacre, a once bright eyed little boy had now grown into that of a matured man. His face thinner, less babyish as he stared out the small opening of their hideout that early morning. Dew still covered every surface in view as he waited for Itachi to return with breakfast.

When left alone, one’s mind can wander, wander even to places in which one wishes it wouldn’t. Over and over he replayed the picture of Itachi bundling him up as a child and taking him out of the village. Few possessions remained from the home he’d lived in as a child, a small frame sat beside the bed they slept in together of their parents; his favorite dino long since shoved into the depths of the closet due to fowl memories from it.

What exactly had happened all those years ago? The question had floated to the surface many times, Itachi skillfully avoiding it each time with an art only he had mastered. A rustle in the leaves signified Itachi had returned snapping the younger raven from his thoughts.. Dark eyes shifted toward the cloaked figure as he appeared, “Took you long enough.” His tone feigned that of annoyance though his eyes read something different.