This is an illustration I had already started the other day but then I was distracted by episode 7x03 sadness. 
This is based on Life Through A Lens by Justley, an AU Daryl X Jesus fanfic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8238601/chapters/18880594 
Daryl is meant to be younger here.

Thank you for all your recent prompts/requests!

Taking care | Westin

Justin had just about panicked, when he woke up and Wes wasn’t there. He’d never been so grateful for the ‘online all the time’ culture of the Bradford Suits residents, who quickly informed him of Wes’s whereabouts. But there was definitely something wrong and Justin felt himself go full protective when Wes said his stomach was churning. He poured a bowl of lucky charms and made a pot of lemon and ginger tea, setting them on a tray with a couple of mugs he went into his room. His stomach unknotted itself at the sight of Wes there, safe, but then knotted right up again at the tense way he was curled up. He set the tray down beside the bed and climbed in beside him, wrapping his arms around him from behind. 


Bradley hates Valentine’s Day

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love him any more than I do he does as says this… I would also totally let him call me 'woman’… XD

And we see some ♥ Justley ♥ right here - LOVE these two!

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