Und wer zu lange stark für andere war, und wer zu lange zusammengehalten hat,was auseinanderbrechen wollte,der wird irgendwann selbst auseinanderbrechen.Und die tausend kleinen Teilchen,die verloren rumfliegen,werden sich ihre Verursacher suchen und sich mit schmerzhaftem Verlust in sie bohren.
Weil sie alle merken werden,was sie verloren haben.Und was nicht mehr zurückkommen wird.

~stay strong

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Not too much longer…

Just Let Go, by hadley fraser- Review

5 track album

I don’t generally write reviews on EPs ( mostly because, I have to admit, I don’t really know how to do that) but after listening to Hadley Fraser’s first creation, I decided to give it a try.

We already know Hadley Fraser as a very complete artist: actor, musical performer, polyhedral musician… This lovely and talented english man certainly knows how to make people talk about him and after more than ten years of career, he finally decided to collect all the magic of his performances in this short but – as for all the little things in the world - excellent work.

Where to begin, then, to describe the simple beauty of this creation?

From its content, of course, five songs perhaps little-known but no less beautiful and incisive, that will inevitably get stuck in the heart of every listener by dragging him into a whirlwind of emotions, intended to continue with each listen.

That veiled melancholy from “Just Let go”, those sensations of lightness and freedom transmitted from “Heading West”, the peaceful energy of “Herne & The Red Kite”, the sweetness of “But For Me” and “On Constellation Street” make this album a real blaze of emotions, perfectly transmitted by Hadley’s soft and neat voice.

I’ve heard Hadley singing before (never had the chance to see him, unluckily) and I didn’t need to hear an album to realize his incredible vocal skills, but listening to something recorded in a studio is totally different and Hadley managed to live up to expectations, as always: his tone is the same as we remember – warm, strong and vibrant in the lower notes, neat and clean in the highest, high and vivid in his falsetto – and his voice control is unexceptionable, a real ”singing machine".

Except that, contrary to any machine, every note he sings is filled with emotions, every frase and every belt communicates all the love and the effort Hadley puts in his music and this is probably what, more than anything else, can be seen from this album: how much vitality and love this stunning artist dedicates to his songs.

Fundamentale, moreover, is the contribution of all the background musicians, especially Tom Deering – who is also responsible for all the beautiful arrangiaments – and Rosalie Craig, unexceptionable vocal partner and Hadley’s lovely fiancèè (Oh, Rosie… You lucky girl): the chemistry on and off stage is so obvious that alone is enough to move every listener from the beginning to the end of the album.

So, if anyone ever asked me to describe “Just Let Go” in one word, I wouldn’t have so many doubts about which one to use: Emotional.

To all real music lovers I truly raccomend to listen to it al least once and if I really have to fin one flaw… Well, let’s just say it is too short.

Five songs are not enough, Hadders, we want more!

We’ll be waiting for your next work, ready to dream with our eyes (and hears) open thank’s to the magic of you wonderful music.