oh man remember that time I was outside after a Chelsea Grin show and I knew they were all in their bus so I tweeted Alex not to look out the window and next thing I know the curtain was being held open and basically the whole band was staring out and I just

ok so last night, Jasmyn got this update on our phone.

anyway, my mom was asleep on the couch in our living room, and Jasmyn and I were talking out there (my mom can sleep through anything)
Jasmyn was reading the tweet out loud, and immediately after that, my mom woke up-some how-and said “what?!" Jasmyn and I asked what she was talking about.
she said "I’m gonna puke”
us: “why?”
her: “because I wake up and hear you talking about virginity!”

we all got a good laugh out of that.. my mother is so sheltering sometimes.