justins eyes



every time i see the mcelroys i have this thought

Travis always looks like he has only half a clue what’s going on but he is just happy to be there

Justin always looks like he knows something you don’t and he is probably up to something

Griffin always looks like he knows far too much for his own good and he wishes he didn’t and he’s low-key mad about it

Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

1: Moisturizer

Before you apply makeup it’s important to always use moisturizer. This helps to prevent dry and flaky skin.


2: Foundation

Once you have put moisturizer on start by applying foundation. Use your fingers to dab the product in 4 spots on your face. Then use the brush to blend it. On your forehead, brush back and forth. On your cheeks, brush down and away from the center of your face. And on your chin, also brush back and forth.


3: Concealer

Add a drop of moisturizer to your brush before adding the product. Then dab the product about 4 times under your eyes. Smooth with the brush, then use your middle finger to lightly dab underneath your eyes. The heat of your finger helps blend the concealer even more for a really natural finish.


4: Powder

When applying the powder use circular motions to buffer it into the skin for a natural look.


5: Bronzer

Swirl the brush in the product, tap the brush so some product comes off (important!), then start with your cheeks. Sweep the brush up and down starting at the outer part of your cheek, working your way in. Repeat on the other side. Then finish with your forehead, chin, and neck.


6: Mascara 

When you apply mascara you should dab the wand on a tissue first which gets rid of any clumps, then wiggling it at the route of your lashes and sweeping up.

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