~WHERE ARE YOU NOW?~ chapter 1 ~


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“No!” I screamed as his fist raised in the air.

Bang!, Jinsu’s fist slammed into my head and I blacked out on the ground.

My eyes fluttered open and I was alone in the apartment.

he was probably out fucking some random chick at the moment.

good because that meant that i could pack my bags and get out.                           I ran to my room and got a suit case, I opened my closet and started throwing clothes into it, I shoved the last of my shoes into the suit case and zipped it up.       I shoved my make-up and jewlery into a small over night bag and then gathered my bags and walked towards the door.

I ran into the parking lot and pulled my keys out of my pocket and shoved my bags into the car and started the car and started it and drove out of the parking lot, speeding onto the highway.

I was free and this was just the first step.

I knew Jinsu would come looking for me


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I sat on the couch and smiled looking at the tweets from all my beliebers.             I watched as my twitter overflowed with tweets from my beliebers.                     I tweeted to some of them and then got a message, it was Jasmine.                     ‘Hey Justin can I come over?’

                                                    'Yeah Jas sure whats up?’

'Okay I will be over in a few’      

                                                    'Cool see yah then’

this was weird, Jas hasn’t talked to me since she got with that guy, Jinsu.              she just kind of changed when they got together, she started smoking, she was much wilder, not her usual self.

I answered the door to see Jas, in tears.                                                         “Jas?!” I said

She cried and walked into my arms.                                                                   “Jas? what happened?” I noticed the bruise under her eye, anger immediately filled my body.

“It’s was Jinsu wasn’t it?” I asked furious                                                                 She nodded and cried into me.