Today I went along to a fitness class called barre3, at Madonna’s Sydney gym, Hard Candy. I had no idea what to expect (ballet meets yoga, meets Pilates… say what?), and my confusion was furthered when I was given cute little socks with toe cut outs. Intriguing.


After lots of stretching, pulling, lunging… I know my gluteus maximus will be tight and a little (or a lot) painful tomorrow. Elements of the three disciplines together made for a wonderful workout. Not in the common boot camp, body attack way but the method made every muscle in my body work. And boy did I work! There were many grunts, groans, and expressions searching for mercy.


After the class we were treated to fruit salad, and a goodie bag. Who doesn’t love a good bag? Thank you Santa Vittoria, C coconut water, detox in a box, nuzest nutrition, hardcandy fitness, and Barre3!  









This week the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation raised over $4.02 Million to be donated to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. The money is going to:

- Buy life-saving medical equipment

- Fund staffing positions

- Refurbish wards and parents’ accommodation

- Fund research into child health

Many people and businesses chipped in to help raise the funds. Channel 9 held a telethon raising $2.61 million, Event Cinemas donated the proceeds of a movie screening. And today I was lucky enough to take part by walking in a fashion show for Mackenzie Mode, at the Coogee Bay Hotel. The show was part of the hotels high tea fundraising event; the official amount raised is yet to be announced. I wore 6 dresses all up; the dress I’m pictured in is called “driving with the top down- Ginham & Tea”.