trash--bags asked:

So, this might come off as creepy, but I've been reading your thoughts and feelings and book recs and mini essays for awhile now, and I swear I am in love with your brain. Not only do you have these wonderfully interesting and colorful trains of thought that are entertaining and meaningful and intelligent, you put them out into the world fearlessly and eloquently and beautifully and basically just please let my brain marry your brain.

GOSH okay!!!!!!!

trash--bags asked:

Your taxidermy work is absolutely beautiful! I wish I had the money to buy a headdress from you, it'd be the most gorgeous, amazing thing I own. Currently I only have a fox tail, a coyote tail, and some mink hipbone earrings, but damn what an amazing addition to my (tiny) collection that would be! I'm trying to convince my fiance to take a trip out to Oregon with me so we can do awesome nature-y type things for our honeymoon, and I think it'd be awesome to meet you/get drunk/watch Mythbusters.<3

Thank you! And we’d be happy to show you some awesome hiking locations not too far from the city. The Columbia River Gorge, recently pictured, is probably one of the most amazing places to go.