Welcome to Euoria’s Gold List #2 !

Hello my fellow nigglets, pleaase dont delete this text or else i will poke you until satan comes to take your life from underneath


·       please be following euoria ( I will be checking)

·       reblog this post at least once

·       likes do not count, but may be used to bookmark

·       all blog types are accepted, although indie blogs/square-like instagram photos will have a superior chance


·       followers!

follow from your truely 

·       i have 80k+ followers, so you will definitely gain many followers! (if you want proof, ill be happy to post a photo for you, i get new followers everyday, so it does change)

·       a new friend cough me cough

·       a link on my blog for 4-5 months :D

higher chance?

·       just have a kick ass blog 

 follow my instagram @justinecausing and post a post saying that you have followed with the tag #euoria

When will I choose?

·       Ill be choosing when it has enough notes

·       I will be choosing 5-10 superior blogs

Rules after I choose you;

·      You must be following euoria, I will check every so and so, so (lol) please be following me or you will be deducted out of the list and will be replaced

·      Yes you may get promos once a day

Happy Blogging little nigglets

first people to only like my most recent instagram photo  (apple guava photo ) on @justinecausing gets a blog rate out of 10 and maybe a follow if i like your blog x

i will stop promoting on 11.30pm AEST

sorry if you miss out

promoted to 72.5k

im looking for a new banner

can somebodymake me a new gif banner that looks a bit indie/boho?

  • black and white
  • my url on it “euoria”

ill do a first 50 to the person who makes the perfect one and 

just send it through my submition box if you have one x