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P5 Ask Meme

Because I wanted to make one of these. Feel free to use, reblog, or whatever.

Ann: Best Girl?

Igor: Favorite Persona?

Futaba: Favorite Palace?

Haru: Favorite (party member) Social Link?

Caroline: Least favorite Palace?

Justine: Least favorite Boss?

Sae: Least Favorite Character?

Ryuji: Favorite Quote?

Mishima: Favorite (non-party member) Social Link?

Morgana: Part you thought was easy?

Makoto: Most used Party Members?

Yusuke: Best Boy?

Akechi: Character you had the biggest change of heart about?

Akira: If you had a Palace, what would it be?

Reaper: How many times did you die?

Sojiro: Favorite DLC Costumes?

Kamoshida: Character you hated the most? (Boss wise)

Medjed: Favorite part in the game?

Mementos: Least Favorite part in the game?

Arsene: Favorite awakening scene?

Kawakami: Most surprising scene?

Takemi: Favorite NPC?

Velvet Room: Unpopular Opinion?


Thriller- iZombie Zombie Apocalypse AU

Check, Please! Bones AU

Jack Zimmermann is a bestselling novelist/forensic anthropologist who works at the Smithsonian and helps the FBI. His partner is FBI agent Eric Bittle.

On Jack’s team at the Smithsonian are the artist/computer nerd Larissa Duan, entemologist/rich guy B. Shitty Knight, and their boss/coroner Justin Oluransi. They get profiling help from Adam Birkholtz, and assisting them is a rotation of Jack’s grad students, most notably Chris Chow, Derek Nurse and Will Poindexter.

Together they solve lots of murders, and Bitty still bakes a lot of pie.


Oh, you don’t have the job until I sign off. And I don’t sign off until I ask the potential candidate a few questions, such as, “what the fuck are you doing here?”