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Exposed: Justin's relationship with Scooter, Selena's impact on him, and the new blind.

Finally! An actual post. 

About a week ago

I told you guys that we owe an apology to Scooter. Yes myself included because I thought that Scooter was horrible to Justin and that was silly on my part because I just assumed that without even speaking to my sources. 

So since you guys kept asking, I finally asked my source. 

As you guys know, after Justin’s 18th birthday, he was no longer treated like a child by the people around him and that was a difficult transition for you guys because the Justin you knew since 2009-2012 was completely different from the Justin you knew in 2013-mid2014.

Justin himself said that he put on a mask that wasn’t him and the reason for that was because of the Jelena breakup. If Selena left Justin alone and didn’t play endless mind games on him, 2013 wouldn’t have been as bad as it was for Beliebers. Don’t believe me about the mind games she played? Then explain Za, in this video, in which he says “And my girl she just was, she just was like ‘I can’t believe you, how dare you’ and then she’ll be like ‘I love you so much’ and then she blow up my phone.” Keep that video of Za in mind, and then keep this post in mind about how every time Selena released something, she would go back to Justin. Then keep this post in mind, about how every time Justin tried to move on, she came back into his life. And finally, keep this post in mind about all the times Selena humiliated Justin publicly. 

After all these points; try and tell me those weren’t her playing mindgames on him. One second, she’s up his ass. The next, she’s shading him and talking about how he’s a bad boyfriend. Then, once he tries to move on, she makes him feel like DIRT claiming that he knew of her insecurities and still continued to try to move on as we showed you in this post. How dare he move on after a breakup!

So that was a lot to handle for Justin. One minute she wants him, the next she doesn’t. He thought he was the reason for her issues. And what a lot of people never seemed to pay attention to, including me, is Avalanna’s death in the end of 2012 aka when him and Selena broke up.

My source tells me that Justin truly believed Avalanna was gonna get cured.

So add that all together. Two people Justin loved SO much, left him, and one didn’t make anything easier for him. So what did he turn to? Drugs. He started medicating his pain with drugs. Not the smartest decision. 

Anyone who stuck with Justin from the beginning, could see that he wasn’t happy. Even his Believe tour in 2013 was a mess. He would show up late for things at one point. He would look like you killed his parents in front of him at meet & greets. He was not happy. He was depressed and was desperate for instant happiness which is why most people turn to drugs.

Keep in mind everything I just told you, now add on the part where the world hates him and the person he loved is out spreading lies about their relationship as well as going back and forth to him.

I assume he finally realized she was using him in 2014 which is why Jelena spottings happened mainly because Selena told Justin that he “owes it to her” because he’s the reason for her issues which is not true. She’s the reason for his. And because he was depressed as fuck, he couldn’t stand seeing the person he loved, feeling that way also so when Selena told him he’s the reason for her problems, he took on that mindset as well. 

Selena breaking up with him + Selena confusing him + Avalanna dying + the world against Justin + Selena’s drug use is “his fault” = messy Justin who acted out and was always drunk. Why? He was medicating the pain. 

He surrounded himself with people who didn’t care how he was feeling. He was always at clubs, with gold diggers, always drinking, smoking, etc. It’s expected of me to say that Selena is the reason for this and I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. She is the reason whether you believe it or not. She wanted to see him fail and even Selenaexposed told us early in 2013 that Selena wanted to send him to rehab. And it can’t be a coincidence that after she said that, Justin only got worse in the public eye. Selena wanted to take away the one thing he wouldn’t give up for her, his career. 

Did the people who truly care about him, try to stop him? Yes.

“If you don’t wanna get into a huge argument with Justin stay quiet about certain things” SELENA. You don’t like the girl he loved? He didn’t give a fuck! Which is why Za would shade Selena, but once anyone confronted him about it, he would act like it wasn’t directed at her. Khalil is another example. Chaz is another one. There’s a reason why Chaz and Justin aren’t as close anymore. Chaz had a voice and he used it and Justin didn’t really like what he heard. So if you didn’t like Selena, Justin didn’t give a fuck. 

Justin’s parents should have stepped in more in his life but as we just saw, Justin is now a grown man and whatever he wanted to do, he did. Your opinion was irrelevant to him. 

He was an asshole in 2013 mainly because he was stoned half the time and was just depressed so he acted as someone he wasn’t. 

Justin knows he hasn’t made it easy for anyone. Scooter, his friends who cared for him, and most importantly, his fans. 

What makes him better than Selena you may ask? Justin never blamed his problems on anyone and never once made anyone pity him. If you make someone pity you, that’s because you know you’re in the wrong. Selena making that AMA diary of her REHEARSING every move and when she’s going to cry and even listening to a sad song before performing, it is all obvious that it wasn’t REAL. Her always victimizing herself in interviews and on social media was all an act to try to get everyone to hate on the person who truly was a victim. And don’t tell me Selena didn’t blame everything on him. She changed the lyrics from “We screwed it up” to “You screwed it up” in Love Will Remember and implied that she was abused emotionally and physically several times. Pull up the receipts for yourself because I’ve repeated myself enough. 

Back to Scooter and the whole not promoting Journals thing. 

Justin was not in a good place around the release of Journals. Not only was he not in a good place, but his image wasn’t either meaning his label DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK. 

In our end of the year video, we showed you how important image was. Justin didn’t have that Miley kind of image of her being “trashy” and whatnot. He had a “rude, arrogant, piece of shit” kind of image and that image isn’t something a label wants to spend money on. Guaranteed Beliebers would have bought everything either way, but the label paid attention to other people like Ariana Grande for example. We blamed this on Scooter but it’s not Scooter’s job to pay thousands to promote Justin. That’s the point of having a label. 

Even though it sucked that his label didn’t promote or even work on Journals and the Believe Movie, it was a good idea because in my opinion, I don’t think Justin was in his right mind. He was still going through personal issues as I just explained, and doing promo tours and public appearances is a recipe for disaster. Taking time off and finding yourself was the best thing Justin could do and that’s what 2014 was about. He isn’t a bad person. He never was. He was just someone going through a very difficult time in life and didn’t want to make people pity him by hating on someone else LIKE SOMEONE. 

So is this all an act you may say? No. Blingossip released this blind today

This blind is obviously about Justin but it’s a small part of the full story. 

No Justin isn’t going broke. Yes Justin has to fix up his image, that’s part of the industry and that’s why all of our faves have publicists. People still have the idea that he’s an asshole and that won’t make people want to work with him. No Justin doesn’t want to be a movie star. He can’t even act that well to begin with.

Update: Justin recently said he wants to be a movie star and I didn’t know about that, so sorry for the confusion. Credit to @NoahUpdates for bringing this to my attention!

So back to the post, no Justin’s act isn’t fake either. Whoever Ace is talking to, didn’t get the full story. Obviously his team want his image to be restored DUH. But the whole image thing isn’t fake. Ace is acting like Justin just started preaching about his mom, kindness, and God. We all know Justin and Pattie have always been close

They’ve always had a close relationship. Ace would be accurate if this is the first year Justin acknowledges his mom the way Selena acknowledges God. (eek! Give too much away about an upcoming expose?)

Justin giving back and being kind isn’t new either. He’s been doing it since he stepped in the industry. Even when he was messy af, he still did charity.

And the stupidest thing Ace tried to play as an act, is his love for God.

Justin is a walking bible, Ace!

Trust me, if a celebrity wanted to use religion as part of their image, tattooing them isn’t in the rulebook given by their publicists. 

Either this blind isn’t about Justin or Ace really needs to get back to her source and have her explain this.

For the millionth time, sites like Blindgossip are accurate most of the time because they only talk to reliable sources, however, those sources may lie as I stated a million and six times in the past. Just like when they solved the blind for Selena’s drug addiction, they said that Selena is a sweetheart and Justin isn’t good for her. Something tells me, Ace talked to someone from Selena’s party because they knew that Ace knew about Selena’s drug addiction all along so knowing that, they knew they had to have some explanation for it. Just like they did to TMZ about the Jenners. So the blind isn’t fully true and it isn’t fully false. It’s important for Justin to restore his image, but I assure you, it’s not an act.

Anyways that’s pretty much it for this post. I know this post explained everything. Thank you Selena for almost costing Justin his career and probably his life from the depression and pain you played a major role in inflicting. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Love you guys ♥ Hello Selena. 


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Captain Bieber

Your POV

Me: Passangers please take your seats we will be ready for take off in a couple minutes. Please make sure that your seat belt is fastened, your luggage is safely stored in the overhead compartiment or underneath the seat in front of you and that your seat is in the upright position.

The plane moved, i took my seat and so did Kate, the other flight assistant and one of my best friend. Soon after, the plane took off.

Captain: Hello this is your cruise captain Justin Bieber speaking . We are currently at an altitude of 1500ft, please keep your seatbelt fastened until we reach our cruising altitude that is 11200ft. The flight from New York -JFK to Paris - CDG will take approximately 10 hours and 15 minutes. The flight attendants will begin serving you after we reach our cruising altitude and the ‘fasten your seatbelt ’ sign is off. On behalf of the team and American Airlines may i wish you a pleasant flight

Me: He’s so cute

I whispered after Captain Bieber finished talking

Kate: Who?

Me: Um…noone

Kate: Omigod

She covered her hand with her mouth

Kate: You have a crush on Bieber

Me: No i do not

Kate: Stop lying to me. He makes you wet

Me: No he does not

Ok, maybe i did have a crush on Captain Bieber. And maybe he did make me wet

The plane has now reached its cruising altitude and i was ready to start serving the passengers


Captain Bieber (over the speaker) : Miss Y/N please present yourself at the cockpit

I followed the instructions and headed to the cockpit.

I knocked on the door

Me: Hello?

I opened the door to find that Justin, i mean Captain Bieber ,was alone in the room

Justin: Hello Y/N. I’ve been waiting for you

Me: Why?

Justin: I need you to fill in some reports for the French customs

He put his hand on a pile of paper and i sat down

Justin: And then I’m gonna need you to suck my cock

I stared at him and he just winked, going back to piloting the plane

Me: I’m done with these

I said as i finished writing the papers. Justin put his hand out and i handed them to him. I sat up just about to leave but he stopped me

Justin: Bad, bad girl. Trying to leave without completing her duties

He sat up and wrapped his arm around my waist

Justin: I might have to punish you for that

Me:S-sir….the plane

Justin: It’s on automat pilot. And, by the way, call me Justin

Me:Okay… Justin

Justin: Now, how about you fill in my request by filling your your mouth with my manhood

I stood there for a few seconds, mesmerized by just the idea of sucking Justin’s cock, here and now, in the cockpit of a damn plane

I ignored my thoughts and dropped to my knees, starting to undo Justin’s belt

Justin: Now that’s a good girl

I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, along with his boxers

Me: Wow

I stared in awe, amazed by his size. I used my thumb to caress its crown and he hissed.

Justin: Take it in your mouth.

I did as told, taking the enormous monster in my mouth. And here i was, sucking world class cock at 11200m in the air

Justin: Mmm baby who knew you could suck dick so good?

The compliment only made me suck him faster and harder, hollowing my cheeks and trying to fit all of his length in my mouth

Justin: Ahh fuck yes baby take me in

He fisted my hair into his hands

He guided my head up and down his shaft a few more times before pulling me away

Justin: As much as I’d love to cum inside your mouth I’d rather cum inside your pussy

Me:Please do do

I bit my finger and winked towards him

I turned around and Justin lifted my skirt up, revealing my black thong

Justin: Mmm feisty.  I like it

He said as he slapped my ass

Justin :Now tell me baby girl…

He said, running two fingers up and down my entrance

Justin:… how hard do you want this pretty pussy fucked

Me:As hard as you can do it

Justin: As you wish, my princess

He pulled my panties aside, revealing my wet center to his eyes

Justin: So yummy. I’m gonna have to eat that out later

His fingers teased my entrance before two of them entered me

Me: Aghh just fuck me please

Justin: Not yet baby you’re not wet enough. I don’t want to hurt you

His fingers moved in and out, increasing the wetness between my tights and the thirst that only his cock could quench

Me: Justin please do it

Justin: As you wish precious

He stood behind me, wrapping my left leg around his waist and pushed his tip inside

Justin: Fuck you’re tight

I bucked my hips backwards and his cock went all the way in

Me: Oh fuck….. Justin: Mpfh hell yes baby do that again

I pulled away and pushed back again , and his hand went down to rub my clit and my walls instantly clenched at the feeling of his talented fingers

Justin: C'mon baby girl i know you’re close

But I didn’t want to cum without him so i tried moving faster and making him cum as well

Justin: No , princess, i want you to cum first. I want to see you give it to me, see the pleasure i give you rip through your body in waves. I wanna have  you trembling in my arms as i fuck you to my own orgasm

Justin started pounding into me faster, his skilled fingers working on my clit. I tightended my walls around him and let go, shaking in his arms from the earth-shattering orgasm

Justin didn’t slow down, he just kept thrusting in and out until his own release

Minutes later, when we were both settled he came and kissed me

Me: What was that for?

Justin: I just fucked the hell out of you and i haven’t kissed you yet

Me: Do it again

Justin: Kissing or fucking?

Me: Both

Justin: Gladly