Justin//Spencer: After dinner

Spencer made his way up to the red floor, after mustering down some soup.  Spencer loved food too much for his stomach to be at ease, but it was, and that was a part of life. Before heading to Justin’s room, Spencer lingered at Logan’s old door.  He pushed off it when the screams started.  "Everything is fine…“ Spencer muttered. He limped towards Justin’s door.  His cane had become somewhat of a security blanket.  He still clutched on it.  Spencer slowly knocked on Justin’s door. 

Hatchets and Chess

Spencer went to his room, and packed his bag.  He put in it his chess set, and his Monet mug.  He stood there, staring for awhile, almost contemplating his next move.  Finally, he scooped up Wilhelm and placed him in the bag as well.  He texted Justin before he headed up to the red floor. 

Spencer & Justin //Plans and provisions.

Spencer brought with him a list.  A very carefully detailed list of everything he did on a day to day basis.  Silly things like washing out the art room sink.  Habits that he picked up from others, like checking on Dwight’s salt lines.  Simple things, like checking on patients  and painting in the garden.  He even listed. “Therapy” at 2 pm. and “Panic attack” listed by the word random.  It was just an exercise for Spencer.  Dalton had become Spencer’s home, and he was more afraid of what would happen when he and Sydney left it then what would happen camping.  He knocked on Justin’s door, a bit nervous.