I can’t see any point in speculating about Bruce Jenner’s gender identity, much less making jokes about it. Most of it is pretty nasty and embarrassing, is it not? It certainly illustrates why it’s so difficult to come out as Trans as an adult. The media seems to think it’s okay to bully them into coming out in preparation for praising them for their “bravery” once they do. It’s disgusting.
—  Justin Vivian Bond

@st_vincent: Just a snippet, but it moves me to no end to hear @mxjustinVbond perform “Prince Johnny” at Joe’s Pub. Thank you, V.

Mx. Justin Vivian Bond is a writer, musician and performer. [preferred pronoun is “v.”]
V is outside of the gender binary:

“I remain on the fence but I am beginning hormone treatments not to become a woman but in order to actualize what I’ve always known myself to be -a trans person.  I want my body to be a declaration and physical manifestation of my transgendered spirit.  When I was younger I used to refer to myself as a “non-op transexual”, meaning I was a transexual who didn’t need to have surgery to assert what I was.  But I was wrong because without assertions people can only make assumptions and I no longer wish to indulge or refute the assumptions or labels other people choose to place on me, I simply want to inhabit my very clear vision of myself.

Now, at last, I am on the pathway to embodying my own identity with the hope of unifying my work, art, intellect, body and spirit in order to be as alive and engaged in living my life as I can possibly be.

My gender is neither male nor female but Trans.”

V’s blog is here