Au: He proposes💍


I’d rather see you in this.


I want to give justin a hug and tell him that there are millions of people out there who are there for him.

I mean when all this happen it was livestreamed and all over the news and he was being jugde right away.

But last time I check when pit-pull, bruno mars got in jail , neither of them was all over the news, no.

Justin is only all over the news because he is so famous.

My mom told me today, and I quote “Justin is a really nice boy, but what he did this time was a big mistake” and then she said
“but he’s only all over the news because people know who this boy are, and ofcourse there are other 19 year old boys doing that to some where els, but they ain’t famous so they ain’t in the news,
And that is why people are judging him so hard because his famous”

That’s what she said.

When I see all of this I don’t know what to say or feel.
when I see someone on tweeter kicking him down, I feel for him.
But when all of this happen I cried, yeah because I feel for him, he is being jugde by the hole world.

And I don’t care If you say ‘But you don’t even know him’ I don’t care, I know him through his lycris.


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