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“My goal was to come to Portland [Public Library] and make the teen library a success,” says Justin Hoenke, aka Justin the Librarian—blogger, music enthusiast, “retro video gamer,” and fearless programs creator. “Being a teen can be a crazy thing…. We want to help teens 12–19 find the best path toward adulthood.”

Hire awesome people, make rad stuff

Yesterday I was reading Breaking Up With Libraries by Nina McHale.  I had a few thoughts.  First and foremost, I was bummed that our profession was losing such an amazing and talented person.  Nina…

Justin is usually on the ball with these things. And it’s true - investment in good people will always have a higher return than investment in mediocre products. Which still doesn’t answer why all the products are mediocre, but that’s a problem for another post.

In the Field: Meet Justin Hoenke

Welcome to “In the Field,” a new blog series here on the iYouth Blog. I’m Rebecca Z Dunn, a MLIS student here at the University of Washington iSchool, and I will be interviewing successful, innovative youth services professionals from all across the country. So hold onto your hats, and get ready to be inspired by amazing individuals doing amazing things for children and teens in the library-sphere. Today, I’m excited to introduce Justin Hoenke, Teen Librarian extraordinaire from Chattanooga Public Library!


Message from Justin Hoenke: First time I met Eric and Jaap and why This Week in Libraries is awesome…

Gaming Guru: Up Close with ‘Justin the Librarian’ | School Library Journal

“There’s so much going on in [teens’] heads and in their lives, both present and future, that it can be easy to lose track of who they really are,” says Justin Hoenke, aka Justin the Librarian—popular blogger, retro gamer, music buff, and the very first teen librarian at the Portland Public Library (ME). “We try to help them understand life…We want to see them be really awesome adults who make a change in the world.”