13rw jocks when you're sick

request: would it be possible for you to write a preference about the 13rw boys and how they take care of you/react when you’re sick?? Love your blog thank you xo

warning: one curse words lol

a/n: this was more of the 13rw jocks, this was also super cute! enjoy! 💗

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did justin ever explain why taako gave everyone macaroons on candlenights? I know taako talked about it with angus but i dont know if justin just forgot about taako's backstory in a rush to give presents?? or if it was deliberate??

For Taako, it was more of a heat of the moment thing.

Angus: So why don’t you cook very much anymore, sir? The macaroons you made were so delicious, and I wonder why you don’t cook for your friends more often sir?

Taako: [sighs] Well Angus, uh, one time I transmogrified something… I transmogrified it into something you really shouldn’t eat, ever? For life, to live, I mean? And, uh, a lot of people ate that. And that went, so sideways. Um… I-I just decided I would never again cook for people I cared about, because I couldn’t risk something happening to them. Until I get this under control, I guess.

Angus: That’s very sad sir, I’m sorry for making you bring that up. I can tell that it upset you.

Taako: Yeah, that’s okay. I just don’t cook for anybody who’s close to me. That I care if they live or die, I guess, more specifically.

Angus: You did let me eat the macaroon.

Taako: [High pitched] I did! I did. Hmm… that must have been a lapse, you know what, in hindsight? That was a lapse of judgement. I was actually just really excited about making macarons, and I’m fairly certain that I didn’t ummmmmm poison-

Angus: [crosstalk] Didn’t goof that one!

Taako: Didn’t goof - didn’t goof that one up, as near as I can tell. I mean, you’re here, right? You’re fine! Have you always been this height?

Also, with the whole thing about Taako’s backstory; Justin came up with Taako’s used to Sizzle it Up with Taako but then stopped a lot of people died during a show backstory thing all the way since after Moonlighting during the Max Fun Donor-Only Prequel episode. With that in mind, it’s possible that Justin purposely cook, since it’s also mentioned that Taako’s a little more serious about not using magic while cooking than him just not cooking at all.

Angus: I-I was wondering if you could use Prestidigitation to get some better flavors on these bad boys.

Taako: [sighs] Y-you could, but you really shouldn’t cross those streams little man. That got me into some bad trouble, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Angus: I was just hoping maybe you could show me how Prestidigitation works. [Taako sighs] But I understand if- no, I understand.

Taako: [tired] No, it’s fine. Yeah, Prestidigitation. So this has two components, V and S. [Griffin laughs.] There you go. I’ll just make these sort of… taste better.

Listen to My Hero Academia’s Dub


- it comes out the same time as the sub now, with Funimation’s Simulcast. 

- you can watch both (it’s what I do - not at the same time)

- Chris Sabat (you may remember him as a li’l dude named Vegeta in a li’l ol’ show called Dragonball Z) as All Might, and let me tell you, he’s perfect

- Clifford Chapin as Bakugo Katsuki (do you want to hear a man scream like he was born to scream? of course you do, go watch the dub)

- Monica Rial as Tsu. The ribbits. They’re… they’re so cute… 

- My bb boy Justin Cook as Kirishima. It’s like getting a little slice of Yusuke every time my spiky hard boy yells

- i mean i feel likeJustin Briner as Deku is…immaculate? On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, he’s 6 stars? when I read the manga now, I hear Deku in Briner’s voice. 

- Present Mic. Present Mic. Present Mic.

there are more but I don’t have as much time on my hands as writing this post may make you think 




This ‘interview’ kills me… every time.


AAA girls cooking special

imagine justlex’s quotidian life as a married couple

- they have two children (a male and a younger female), the female is justin’s little princess, while alex is more attached to the male and always plays videogames with him and teaches him how to play guitar

- alex wakes up before justin due to work, while justin is the one who brings the kids to school because he has more free time

- during the weekends, alex sleeps until 11am and justin usually wakes him up giving him a forehead kiss and bringing him breakfast in bed

- after getting the kids to sleep, they like watching movies sometimes; they lie on the sofa, justin always puts his arm around alex’s shoulders and they enjoy the movie like that, under a blanket if it’s cold

- they have a chimney! and they always enjoy have a little talk with a cup of hot tea in front of it when they light it up

- on holidays they do family trips very often. they enjoy more the mountain than the beach, so, especially during winter breaks, they usually go skiing. during summer holidays it’s enough for them to sit in the balcony and sunbathing (when the kids are with them, justin is the one who makes sure that they have enough sunscreen)

- at the supermarket, alex is the one who has to stop justin from buying too many things. he’s also the one who keeps the house clean and, according to justin, he’s too picky sometimes — very often alex gets mad at justin for being messy

- at least justin is good at cooking (while alex sucks at it) and he enjoys to cook new things and see how his family appreciates it

- they like going for a walk when the weather is sunny, cuddling when the kids are not around, eating ice cream at midnight, and giving gifts to each other. they also lowkey like having little fights because they both know that, after the fight, one of them (usually justin) has to say sorry and that, that moment when they finally make peace, is the best moment

(feel free to add more)

Who I think should do the English Spriggan voices - Bradman: Travis Willingham, Wahl Icht: Justin Cook, Dimaria: Laura Bailey, Neinhart: Ian Sinclair, Larcade: Troy Baker, God Serena: Jason Liebrecht, Brandish: Natalie Hoover, Irene: (Don’t know maybe they’ll reuse Colleen), Ajeel: Aaron Roberts, Jacob: Andrew Love, Invel: Taliesin Jaffe , August: Kent Williams
     – submitted by @thegreatrhapsode

Master List

Justin=Justin Bieber 

Jason=Jason McCann 

Fake Text Message Imagines:

You’re at dance practice and he misses you (Justin)

You go out to the club and don’t respond to his texts and he gets worried (Jason)

He is on a mission and doesn’t respond so you get worried (Jason)

He’s mad at you so you promise to ‘make it up to him’ (Jason)

You get into a fight (Jason)

You get into a fight part 2 (Jason)

He’s on tour and you talk about your baby (Justin)

You and Justin are out to lunch with your friend Jake and he gets jealous and wants to leave (Justin)

You send him a picture and he gets turned on (Justin)

He’s in a bad mood so you try to cheer him up (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

He forgets about your dinner date and promises to make it up to you (Jason)

He’s at the studio and misses you (Justin)

He wakes up turned on but you’re out with a friend (Justin)

He comes over to spend the night with you (Justin)

You send him a picture and he gets turned on (Jason)

He has a crush on you (Justin)

Him being cute (Jason)

He gets jealous (Jason)

You prank him (Justin)

You died in a car accident but he still pays your phone bill so he can text you (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

Your father is abusive and hits you so you text him (Justin)

You steal his hoodie and wear it to work (Justin)

There is a spider in your room and you text him to come and kill it (Jason)

He tells you he is taking you to the fight (Justin)

He tries to cook (Jason)

He kissed Kendall and you’re upset (Justin)

He finds your daughters birth control (Justin)

He texts you the night before your wedding-Cute (Justin)

You get into a fight-Cute (Justin)

He teases you-Cute (Justin)

You want him to come home (Justin)

You breakup because of his bad behavior and he apologizes (Justin)

You’re his bestfriend and he confesses he is in love with you (Justin)

You’re pregnant and text him to get you food (Justin)

He is in a meeting and you turn him on (Justin)

He is visiting family and you and your baby he miss him (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

You get into a fight part 2 (Justin)

You tease him (Justin)

He thinks you’re cheating (Jason)

He wakes you up (Justin)

You convince him to come join you (Justin)

He overhears you and your boyfriend (Justin)

He texts you while you’re at a shoot (Justin)

He “misses” you (Justin)

Your Calvin’s come in the mail (Justin)

Written Imagines:

You Take your kids to the park-Cute (Jason)

He pleasures you during a family dinner-Dirty (Justin)

You try to leave him-Dirty (Justin)

He tries to cook you breakfast-Cute (Jason)

You tease him while he’s working-Dirty (Jason)

He is protective and gets jealous-Cute (Jason)

He is sick-Cute (Justin)

He gets mad-Cute (Jason)

He finds you after you were kidnapped-Cute (Jason)

He takes you to the beach-Jealous/Cute (Jason)

He distracts you when you’re scared-Dirty (Jason)

He joins you in the shower-Dirty (Justin)

You visit him at work-Dirty (Jason)

You see your ex and he gets possessive-Jealous/Cute (Jason)

He ignores you but apologizes-Cute (Justin)

He is frustrated-Dirty (Justin)

He wants to runway with you-Cute (Jason)

He wants you to stay home with him-Cute (Justin)

He stops you from leaving-Cute (Jason)

You have a nightmare and he calms you down-Cute (Jason)

You make up-Sad/Cute (Justin)

He gets possessive-Dirty (Jason)

He wants you-Dirty (Jason)

A guy tries to hit on you at the club-Jealous (Jason)

Werewolf imagine part 1-Cute (Jason)

Werewolf imagine part 2-Cute (Jason)

Werewolf imagine  part 3-Cute (Jason)

He leaves you behind when he goes on a mission-Cute (Jason)

You’re pregnant-Cute (Justin)

He gets busy-Cute (Justin)

You get drunk-Cute (Jason)

You have your baby-Cute (Justin)

You go out with a friend and hes mad-Jealous/Cute (Justin)

Lazy Sunday morning-Cute (Justin)

Your daughter is a daddy’s girl-Cute (Jason)

He gets clingy-Cute (Justin)

You can’t sleep-Cute (Justin)

He tries to make breakfast-Cute (Jason)

He gets jealous part 1-Dirty (Jason)

He gets jealous part 2-Dirty (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 1-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 2-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 3-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 4-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 5-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 6-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 7-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

You broke up weeks ago and he comes to apologize-Sad/Cute (Justin)

He visits your grave-Sad/Cute (Justin)

Hes in the hospital Part 1-Sad/Cute (Justin)

Hes in the hospital Part 2-Sad (Justin)

Your daughter invites him to lunch-Cute (Justin)

They tell you hes gone-Sad/Cute (Jason)

You go to the studio with him-Cute (Justin)

You have a panic attack and call him-Cute (Justin)

You wake him up-Cute (Justin)

You take your son to daycare-Cute (Justin)

He gets possessive at the club-Protective/Cute (Jason)

You meet him for the first time after you broke up-Cute (Justin)

He has been in the army for a year and you get news-Sad (Jason)

He comes home drunk and you take care of him-Cute (Justin)

He is in a meeting and you tease him-Dirty (Justin)

He is drunk at the club and you have to go get him-Cute (Justin)


He tells you he loves you

How he cuddles

How he kisses

How he is in bed

How he wakes you


Justlex Roadtrip #3

They leave early when it’s still cool out and the sun’s barely out. Justin packs the car while Alex listens to his father give a speech about calling when they get there and frequently after that, don’t pick up hitchhikers, don’t waste money on stupid things, and always make sure the car has gas in it. Alex nods and gives an occasional, “Yes, sir.” His father hands him some money for gas and tells the boys to have a good trip. 

Alex’s mother insists they eat breakfast before leaving. The entire meal consists of Justin complimenting her cooking skills and Alex rolling his eyes and grinning. 

When they’re finally in the car, it’s Justin who demands to drive. 

“I’ve driven with you before,” he says, “you’re all over the place.”

“I’m a perfectly safe driver,” Alex says. He pulls out his bag of CDs and pops one in. 

“Safe, my ass,” Justin snorts. He feels Alex punch his shoulder and he chuckles. He slips on his sunglasses and starts the engine. He taps the steering wheel. “We’re fuckin’ doing this.” 

“We sure are.”

“Try to contain your excitement there, dude.”

“I am excited,” Alex laughs. “Let’s get the hell outta here.” 

“Yes, sir!” Alex scoffs at Justin’s words and salute. They pull out of the drive way and they’re on the road, driving through town in a matter of minutes. 

“Oh, hey,” Alex says, “let’s stop at Monet’s.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I want to get one more drink in before we go.” 


“Yes, really!” 

Justin throws his head back against the seat and groans dramatically. 

“Hey, don’t you want coffee? You got a lot of driving to do since I’m so terrible at it,” Alex reasons. Justin supposes that he’s right. 

They get their drinks to go. Alex gets the mint chocolate chip frappe -which he highly recommends, by the way- and Justin gets a large coffee with sugar. 

Back on the road, they play a game of Would You Rather?

“Would you rather…” Justin starts,” …lick a dirty pole on a subway, or be licked by five dirty hobos?”

Alex makes a disgusted face. “Ew, why?”

“Just answer!”

“Ugh, um… how dirty is the pole?”

“Thousands of people who haven’t washed their hands after wiping have touched that pole.”

Alex wrinkles up his nose. “Okay, where are the hobos licking me?”

“Anywhere they want.”

“Am I fully clothed?”

Justin smirks. “For now.”

“Ew, ew,” Alex grumbles. “I think I’ll take my chances with the pole.” 

“Gross, dude,” Justin chuckles. 

“Fuck off,” Alex sighs. “Okay, would you rather… wear the same pair of underwear -without washing them ever- for the rest of your life, or… only eat roadkill for the rest of your life?”

Justin thinks quietly before giving a firm answer, “Roadkill.” 


“Enough ketchup can make anything taste good.” 

“Oh God-”

“Oh!” Justin grins. “I got a good one. Would you rather dye your hair neon pink… or watch Clay and Tony have sex?”

“Ew, Justin! What kind of question is that!?” Alex exclaims over Justin’s laughter. 

“Just answer!” 

Alex frowns. “Guess I’ll be rocking pink hair for a while.”

Justin smirks and cocks a brow. “You don’t wanna watch Clay and Tony go at it?”

“Do you!?”

Justin shakes his head. “No, but I don’t know if I could take you seriously with pink hair.” 

“This is a stupid game.”

Justin’s laughing so hard that he starts to choke on his own spit. Alex feels little sympathy as he drinks his delicious mint chocolate chip frappe and shakes his head and pats Justin’s back. 

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