Spirit Gun! Shout out by Justin Cook voice of Yusuke Urameshi!


Powerful Photo Series Examines Post-Tobacco Era Durham, NC

When cities decide to revitalize their less upscale districts, a blind, or at least indifferent, eye is generally turned towards those who stand to lose. Durham-based photographer Justin Cook has been working on Made in Durham, the story of those not included in the wake of this renewal, since he was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and plans to continue long into the future. The work focuses on what remains in post-tobacco era Durham, amidst education in peril, homicide, and “urban renewal” (for some). He was a finalist with this series in Photolucida’s Critical Mass competition. He is currently fund-raising for an exhibition of the work, part of which would be a zine involving participation from community members. Cook spoke with us in depth about his work.

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Check out the footage from our L.A. Red Carpet Event for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Are you looking forward to seeing the movie in theaters finally? Starts on Aug 5th!

“Since Ray was murdered, I have nightmares. I dream of him in the morgue and when they are cutting his body I wake up because I can feel the knife cutting me,” says Joslin Simms, who weeps at the corner of Broad and Leon Streets in Durham where her son Rayburn, 30, was shot to death on May 21, 2005.

See more from Justin Cook’s stunning photo essay here.


YouTube VA Panel Spotlight: Ohayocon 2014 Hetalia Special Guest Panel - Justin Cook, Vic Mignogna, Ian Sinclair, Mike McFarland, Jerry Jewell, J. Michael Tatum

uploaded by: Katsuka Akita

Justin Cook as a producer - Vic Mignogna as Greece - Ian Sinclair as Romano - Mike McFarland as Estonia - Jerry Jewell as Russia - J. Michael Tatum as France

This panel is great for any Hetalia fan out there! You can tell how much they all love their characters and how much Justin Cook enjoyed being involved (even though I get the strong impression that Vic is very much weirded out by Greece…). 

Behind the Voice Actors profiles:

Cook - Mignogna - Sinclair - McFarland - Jewell - Tatum

Props to Justin Cook for doing a really good job with all of Yusuke’s agonized screaming.

Seriously, most non-dialogue vocalizations in anime are TERRIBLE, but whenever Yusuke’s in pain it feels really intense. The guy must have wrecked his vocal cords recording episodes like 44-49 because literally all Yusuke does for like 4-5 episodes is scream, and he made it sound good as fuck.


This ‘interview’ kills me… every time.