Pillows (Mature)

I couldn’t process it at first, the sound I heard when I creeped up the stairs on that early afternoon. It was as though my brain couldn’t let my heart believe it was what I was imagining.

Moving slow so the floorboards wouldn’t give me away, I had a pacing heart and a stirring in my stomach. The sound became louder and sent chills trickling down my spine.

The anticipation was almost too much.

Standing outside of the bedroom, my fingers gripped the door frame ever so tightly as she came into view through the small gap she’d left between the door and its frame. I could feel the heat enter my body and stir, causing me to take a slow, deep breath.

Her back arched beautifully, the light emphasising a thin layer of sweat covering it, and from where I stood, I could see the curve of her ass prominent on the white sheets.

But what I noticed a few moments later was the pillow tucked between her legs, just below her rocking hips that allowed her to find just the right amount of friction. I swallowed a moan just in time.

Somewhere deep down, I felt guilty for not turning around and letting her to get off in peace. All I could do was stand and watch, and occasionally brush a hand over my dick; each time I did, I was harder than before.

Soft whimpers left her throat, but just because they were soft, doesn’t mean they weren’t loud. They echoed around the room and my God, they were enough to make my cock twitch.

I’d never seen her in such a way, I’d never been given the chance to see her so wrecked and needing for pleasure. It was my first time and I wanted so much more.

See, [Y/N] was always my angel. She was always blushing a deep red at anything related to the subject of sex, and squirming away when my curious hands moved too far. Whenever my fingers would so much as brush against her inner thigh she’d retract completely; slam her legs together, brush off her shirt, all before giving me a look that meant a firm ‘no’.

And I retreated immediately, of course; giving her a sly smile and a quick peck on the softness of her cheek. And later when I was alone, I’d make sure to jack off the pent up frustration, ready for another day.

But this, this was new. It was exciting, and it was as though my eyes were glued to the writhing girl in front of me. All I could do was drink in the sight of her thighs shaking whenever she hit a particularly good spot, I bit down on my bottom lip as I imagined see the view from below her and being able to feel her thighs shaking.

I’m not one to voice my pleasure too much, but I was another minute from imitating her whimpers; seeing her rutting her hips against the pillows and whining as though the pleasure was ripping her apart was almost too much. Would it be so wrong to make her aware of my presence? Would she be freaked out, or would she maybe let me sit and watch? I very much doubted the last one, but I let it feel possible for a little while longer.

My hand stopped taking breaks from palming my dick through my jeans and set up camp instead. I suddenly regretted wearing skinny jeans as the restriction caused me to break out in a sweat.

[Y/N] let out a string of ’Oh God’s with a trembling voice and I was silently encouraging her to cum, but knew I couldn’t make a sound; I don’t think she’d be able to look me in the eyes if she knew I’d seen her, although I’d have no problem imagining her moaning while riding a pillow whenever I looked at her, despite how wrong that would be.

My head was in a daze. Whenever I thought I was over it, she’d let out a strangled whimper and entice me all over again. And the sounds only got louder as I assumed she got closer, striving for that edge. 

My fingers clenched firmly on the doorframe while I drank in the sight of her hips rigorously thrashing against the soft material, I imagined her stomach was twisting and turning while her heart hammered in her chest. Another moan vibrated through her throat.

The guilt was sickening in my stomach. I knew enough to know it was wrong, so why didn’t I stop? I’m a sucker for pleasure; once I’d had a taste, I nodded more.

I wanted more of [Y/N] writhing and wrecked, I wanted her moans closer to my ears, I wanted her on all fours in front of me. I wanted so much.

Everything intensified when she came. I could only guess, but the way her body jerked and the voicing of her pleasure became louder told me everything I needed to know.

It was music to my ears. It was everything I imagined it to be and more. The sound of a girl whimpering had never had such an effect on me.

She sounded almost in pain, as though she needed to cum more than she’d ever needed anything in her entire life, like she’d do absolutely anything.

It wasn’t entirely silent after she came down from her high; her pants and occasional sigh echoed around the room.

It was probably time for me to leave, I kept thinking. I didn’t want to pry my eyes off of her; if I did, it all ended. It’d be like a hollow dream.

But all good things come to an end. I watched her run a hand through her hair before - as silently as I could - tiptoeing towards the stairs and taking each one at a time. I’d made it so far; I was determined not to get caught then.

I adored the look of panic in her eyes when she caught sight of me in the kitchen, knowing she was praying I hadn’t witnessed her little rendezvous. To save her some red cheeks and stuttering, I pretended to have just got home.

To my disappointment, she wasn’t naked when she came down the stairs. One of my sweatshirts hugged her shoulders while a pair of shorts hid underneath, only making an appearance when she raised her arms and the sweatshirt rode up.

She blushed when our kiss lingered, and gasped when I moved my lips down her jaw and towards her neck, as though she’d experienced no higher pleasure.

But I knew.


Here’s some late night smut for you all. This imagine was inspired by a porn video I stumbled across you’re welcome


If Justin is having a good day, then ya know what ME TOO. ☀ | 🔁 @justinbieber



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Music Rec

Rules: we’re snooping up on your playlist. set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first 10 tracks that pop up and then choose 10 additional friends.

Thanks to @justkeeponthegrass for tagging me!! I’ve got an… interesting taste in music so let’s see how this goes…

  1. “Future Looks Good” by OneRepublic – I’ve been a huge fan of OneRepublic for a lot of years (they were my first concert and I almost cried when I saw them) and their most recent album (which this one was off of) was a different type of sound that took me off guard for a bit, but I really love it now!
  2. “Valley Forge (Demo)” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (The Hamilton Mixtape) – I think it is a surprise to literally no one following this blog that I love Hamilton. The Mixtape is also pure genius… This song is a cut song from the musical, which I always regretted got cut because it calls Congress “you fucking skinflints.” And, let’s be honest, that’s a very relatable feeling. If you know the musical, most of this song became “Stay Alive,” but it’s still great to hear this version.
  3. “Take It Like A Man” from Legally Blonde – Again, more musicals. (Honestly, I think I have 13 hours worth of musicals in my library.) This musical is such a wonderful feminist statement and this song is one of those parts: “Take It Like A Man” is about shopping. Not exactly what you normally think of when you take something “like a man.” Also it’s when Emmett and Elle really start falling for each other and I’m a huge shipper soooo I really love it. 
  4. “Forever and Always” by Parachute – I was obsessed with this band when I was a teenager. They’re kinda boy band-ish, but without the terrifying fangirls that One Direction has and they’ve got a really sweet sound that super relaxing. Of course, this song is depressing as hell. It’s about an engaged couple where one of them gets into a car crash and is about to die so they have an impromptu wedding so they can be married. I also happen to cry very easily and so I normally skip this song with a very bitter jam of my finger into my phone screen. 
  5. “Ave Maria” by Celtic Women – My sister has been very into Celtic Women as long as i can remember, and I just kind inherited the obsession. (Also helps that my dad’s side of the family is very Irish and 100% encourages all of this.) Listen, these women have beautiful voices. I’m constantly in awe of how amazing they sound… I have about three albums worth of their songs on my phone. 
  6. “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber – First things first: DON’T JUDGE ME.  Listen, this thing said to put my entire library on shuffle, not my favorites playlist. But, basically, my freshman roommate at college was a huge Belieber and had fun playing me lesser known songs of Justin’s that I would go “Huh, I like this song! Who is this?” and basically tricking me into liking his music. So I have one of his albums on here  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they’re catchy, okay?
  7. “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons – This is pretty Top 40 so I’m decently confident you all know this song, but its such a great pump up song. Definitely tops my running playlist and never fails to get me going. Not my favorite of their songs or their albums, but still not bad!
  8. “In The Light” by The Lumineers – Such a fantasitc album. If you all haven’t heard it you 100% need to. This song is so relaxing… I can fall asleep listening to it, and it inspires dreams of well lit, grassy fields… Let’s forget that is completely not what the lyrics are about, but it feels very nostalgic and I really love it. 
  9. “Holy Ground” by Taylor Swift – I remember one time I told someone at school that I was a Taylor Swift fan and he just kinda laughed and said he assumed because I definitely look the part. (Basic white girls like Taylor Swift, who would have guessed?) But I maintain that this is one of the best Taylor Swift songs, off my favorite album, Red. This one didn’t get a single or radio attention, so not too many people know it but it’s one of my favorites. Also biased, because I got this album about the same time I got a car and so I really connect this song with that feeling of early teenage independence. 
  10. “Rock Steady” by Bad Company – Bad Company was one of my dad’s absolute favorite bands; he used to play it for my siblings and I an awful lot when we were young (probably too young to be listening to it, honestly), which makes it feel nostalgic in multiple ways now. I’m shamefully lacking in the amount of Bad Company on my phone, just one “Greatest Hits” album, but whenever I want to feel closer to my dad, I turn it on. 

I’m not sure who’s done this yet so I’m tagging @sleepykalena, @pedro–parker, @moonprincess92nz, @callioope@oh-nostalgiaa, and @skitzofreak (only if you want to, of course!)

Even though Justins body ain’t really beautiful to me anymore because the tattoos just got out of control and I don’t like bodies which are completely covered with tattoos, I still love him the way I do. He will always be the most beautiful boy inside and out for me & the most important person in my life. I will always support him, AND defend him when I have to - doesn’t matter what’s going to happen. Justin has always been there for me when I needed him, in my brightest and my darkest moments. I just can’t leave him. Doesn’t matter how mad I am at him - doesn’t matter what he would do. I will always love him the way I do and he will always be the love of my life - in every kind of way. This boy is my everything - all of my heart. He has my heart & my soul. I don’t care if he would get uglier by the second - he will always be the most beautiful person to me. I just love this boy way too much. He’s my absolute world.


Kylie Jenner + Justin Bieber

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