Off to Las Vegas

Description - You fly with Logan and the boys to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards.


Sometimes, staying with Logan was a living hell. And by sometimes - it’s more so all the time.

You and your mom were staying at Logan’s for a while, you and your mom taking Logan’s bed while he slept on the couch. Why were you both in California sleeping in Logan’s bed?

It was your birthday tomorrow and as a birthday surprise, Logan got you the ability to attend the BBMA’s with him and a few others. Those few others being a music group called Why Don’t We, who you weren’t foreign with being that Logan’s introduced you to them before and you’ve been in their presence on many occasions.

Your mom was staying back in Cali while you and Logan flew off to the awards, watching after Kong and Maverick.

Unfortunately, after spending an entire month away from your brother, you forgot how loud he could be in the mornings and every other time of the day.

A small groan left your mouth as Pam walked into the room, clapping your hands.

“Up! Up! Shower quickly, we’re gonna go get breakfast,” she enthusiastically cheered.

“Why can’t we just order?” You grumble, burying your head deeper into the pillow.

“I want to go out and you’re coming with. Now hurry,” she swipes the blanket off of your body and you whine in protest. It took you half an hour to finish showering and getting dressed, now you were doing your makeup in the mirror that rested against Logan’s wall. You sat with your legs crossed, applying mascara onto your eyelashes when Logan busted through the door with his vlog camera in one hand and Kong in the other.

“YO, LOOK! It’s my sister! Out of bed and not sleeping! That’s a first,” Logan’s voice booms as he points the camera at you and then himself.

“Oh shut up,” you say, glancing down at your phone that played Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.

“Mom woke you up an hour ago,” Logan points out.

“I’m aware,” you hum.

“It took you an hour to get ready and you aren’t even done, yet,” Logan continues.

“Stop acting surprised, we’ve lived in the same house for fifteen years,” you roll your eyes at him.

“Excuse me for still wondering why it takes you so long to scrub yourself with soap and throw on some clothes.”

“It’s a lot more than that,” you scoff, turning on your bum to face him. “I have to wash my face, put on the creams that keep the acne somewhat away, wash my hair, blow dry my hair - which I haven’t even done yet, straighten my hair, choose an outfit to wear and find out what kind of makeup goes with the outfit chosen,” you explain as Logan just narrows his eyes, facing the camera to you and then him repeatedly.

“I’m sorry, all I heard was waste of time, wasted time and more time wasted,” Logan shrugged before walking out of the room. You shook your head and went back to getting ready. Another episode of PLL passed before you were done with everything.

“I could’ve sworn I said to be quick,” Pam said from where she sat on the couch, looking back at you with a raised eyebrow.

“Quick isn’t in my vocabulary,” you tell her. “Hey Jeff.”

“Hey, Y/N,” Jeff greets, looking up from his laptop for a second or two before going back to whatever he was doing.

“Kong’s coming with us,” your mom mentions and you nod before going to pick up the dog.

“Oh, wow, she’s finally done,” Logan says as he walks into the living room. He then turns to his camera and starts talking, your ears zoning out until you hear him start talking about the Billboard Awards. “So, yeah, I’m presenting an award at the Billboard Music Awards, correct?” He points to Jeff, who nods. “What is the award I’m presenting?”

“You’re presenting the top social artist award.”


“Justin Bieber-”

“Wa-wa-wait. Why is it not me? Am I right, ‘social media artist award’ - HAHA,” he points the camera to his crotch where he starts humping the air.

You shake your head with a small smile on your lips.

“And who are the nominees?” Logan faces the camera back on his and Jeff’s face.

“Justin Bieber. BTS. Selena Gomez. Shawn Mendes,” Jeff says.

“Ooh, hear that, Mama?” Pam is then brought into the camera. “You hear that Mom?”

“Can I come?”

“… sorry,” Jeff is heard from the sidelines and you laugh.

“It’s not your birthday tomorrow, Ma,” Logan teasingly sympathizes.

“Sorry, Mom,” you input.

“Alright, I’ll just stay here and take care of Kong,” she throws her arms in the air, defeated.

“I like that!” Logan hoots.

Another half hour passed before your mom headed to you, lightly slapping your knee which was bent and pressed again your stomach. “Alright, let’s head out so you could be back here to finish up your packing before you leave,” Pam grabs her purse off the table before going to hook the leash onto Kong’s collar. You nod and hop onto your feet, heading to the door and unlocking it.

Getting breakfast didn’t take long before you were back at the apartment and zipping up your suitcase.

“Y/N hurry the f************ up!” Logan shouts, his camera on you as he storms into the room.

“I’m done, you dimwit,” you tell him, putting the last item into the side of your backpack, that being your phone charger.

“Well then let’s get goin’,” he rushes you. You both say bye to Pam and then temporarily Jeff, as he would meet you guys in Vegas. Logan and the boys scored a seat for you on the private jet they were taking, and you couldn’t be more excited.

You and Logan get in the uber and he continues talking to his vlog camera. The uber stops at Logan’s favorite smoothie shop and he goes to purchase one before you guys are back on the road again.

“Guys, I love smoothies, but you know what’s better than smoothies? Private jets - YEHEHE! I am fortunate enough, along with Y/N, to be able to take one to Vegas today. Actually with my lil bros, the Why Don’t We boys - who I believe are actually right -” he points the camera out the window and points at the upcoming van before shouting “IN THERE!”

Logan hops out the uber and so do you. He heads to greet the boys while you pull the luggage out of the trunk. The boys hop out of the car that brought them and fist bump Logan.

“This is sexy!” Logan squeals, showing the jet to the camera.

A smile grows on your face as Jack and Daniel come skating your way.

“Whaddup,” Jack skids by, high-fiving you in the process.

“Hey, Y/N,” Daniel stops his skate board beside you just as Jack rides back and Jonah, Corbyn and Zach appear as well. They all try to help you with the luggage but only two suit cases were in the trunk, so there was no need for them to do so.

Eventually, Jonah passed Logan his suitcase and Daniel got yours out for you. You had stolen his skate board somehow as he got your luggage out, and rode it by the private jet as your Snapchatted the scene, Daniel trying to catch up to you.

“What do you get when you cross a bunch of millennials and a private jet?” Logan asks his camera. “Hella Snapchats, bro. Hella content. Hella Instagram,” he shows you and the boys all with your phones out, recording the moment.

Daniel eventually catches up to you and you go to swipe Jack’s, but he knows what’s coming and easily rides by you.

“Not today,” he winked as you rolled with eyes with the smallest of smiles.

Eventually came the time when you all had to board the jet, and you stood beside Logan as he recorded the boys climbing on. You sat in the seat horizontally across from Jack and vertically across from Jonah, Jonah beside Zach and Logan with his back to yours, Corbyn and Daniel sitting on his side. (This isn’t how seats are originally arranged in the video tbf)

25% of the ride to Vegas was spent trying to solve one of the boys’ rubix cubes while Jack and Zach had solved theirs at least twice. Another 25% was devoted to goofing around with Jack, Jonah and Zach.

“Yo, there’s snacks back here,” Logan says loudly, causing you and the boys to all turn towards him, although you were the first one up to head over. Logan whips open his camera and begins filming as you open a drawer filled with peanut packages.

“You guys, I’m exploring the plane right now - oh so many drawers! What we got, bro?” He turns the camera to Jack who opened the first drawer upwards. “We got plates! We got ice!” He opens a drawer filled with ice and miniature water bottles.

"Jackpot,” you say aloud, causing Jack, Corbyn and Logan to look at the top drawer that was filled with snacks.

“Whoa! We got clif bars! We got brain food!” Logan shouts. “We got wet ones!” Him and Jack point to the wet wipes. Logan then turns the camera to all the boys who were crowding the back. “They all came cause they heard we got wet ones.” He then turns to the liquor on the top shelf. “Yo, lookie here, we got that good good. We got a lil alcohol right here,” he takes a small whiskey bottle. Jack stealthily swipes the bottle from Logan’s hand, but Logan laughs while taking it back. “No, no, no, you’re underaged, you’re underaged - but I’ll do it, for you, though.”

“You hate Whiskey,” you scoff as you bite into a clif bar before everybody cheers him on as he gulps the entire thing down.

“That’s so bad,” Daniel scrunched his nose.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Logan’s face turns red as he coughs. “It’s horrible. I don’t like whiskey. I just did it for principle!”

You shook your head from your seat, opening your phone and checking the time as Logan continues exploring the jet with his camera. You flinch when you see something in your peripheral vision coming at you. A small laugh leaves your lips when you see that it was just your brother being the goof he is, doing a handstand in the middle aisle.

For the rest of the flight, you, your brother and the guys all lounged around. For a few minutes, everyone just stood around as you all waited for the drivers to come pick you up - Jack and Daniel riding their boards around, Logan vlogging and you standing with Zach, Corbyn and Jonah.

Some time passed before a van pulled up, Logan climbing into the front while you and the boys fill the two rows in the back, you sitting in the very last row at the left end beside Corbyn whilst Jack, Daniel and Jonah sat in the row in front.

The ride to the hotel was loud, the boys singing ‘The Song That Doesn’t End" because Logan told them that you hated that song.

By the time you all reached the hotel, you were tired. And because Jonah was such a sweetheart, you were perched on his back, his hat on your head as he had his hands gripping the backs of your knees.

“Gotta love hotels. Something I love more than hotels? Seeing my lazy baby sister putting people to work to her benefit,” Logan tells his camera with a smile before showing it to the scene beside him. You hid behind Jonah’s head as he laughed.

“He offered!” You say.

“I was joking,” Jonah scoffed.

“But look where we are now,” you mention, causing him to shake his head with a small smile.

“I give it a week,” Logan whispers to his camera, inaudible to both you and Jonah who are bantering back and forth. “I told the boys if the vibes are good this weekend, I’d put 10k on black,” he says.

“You won’t do it,” Jonah smugly says as you slide off his back and onto your own feet.

“Ah-NOW I HAVE TO DO IT!” Logan roars.

You take Jonah’s hat off your head and place it back on his head, being that he’s the one who put it on you when he took it off to run his fingers through his hair.

“I’m ready to jump into my hotel bed,” you sigh as you retrieve your suitcase from the trunk before shutting it close and waving a thank you to the driver. He pulls off as Jack politely grabs your suitcase from you even though you didn’t ask him to.

“It’s alright,” you smile at the kind gesture, going to take it from him, but he shakes his head and keeps the handle tight in his grip.

“I got it,” he dramatically bows and you roll with your eyes playfully.

“And they say chivalry is dead.”

You and the rest of the guys head into the hotel and explore the hotel’s lobby before actually heading up to your rooms. Logan goes to the boys’ room before his own but you go straight to yours, collapsing on your bed and throwing your backpack on one of the chairs. Jack still had your suitcase but you were too lazy to go and get it. A few minutes passed with you just laying in bed and nearly falling asleep when you feel for bodies collapsing either beside you or on you.

A scream left your throat as you quickly sat up to see that the bodies that trampled you under them belonged to Logan, Jack, Jonah and Daniel. Corbyn stood with Logan’s vlog camera recording the whole thing and Zach laughing while clapping his hands and bending forward.

“I thought I was being jumped in my own hotel room,” you huff, shoving Logan off of your bed completely, victoriously watching as he tumbles to the floor.

“Who would jump you?” Corbyn laughs.

“I don’t know, how did you guys get it?” You question.

“I have one of your key cards,” Logan state’s as he hops up from the floor.

“Shouldn’t you be at the stadium?” You ask Logan, who’s eyes grew wide.

“Sh**!” Was Logan’s last word before he grabbed his camera from Corbyn and scurried out of your room.

About an hour and a half later, you, Jack, Zach and Corbyn are chilling around in your room. Corbyn was watching your television because he says yours was bigger than his; Zach on his laptop at your hotel room’s desk for no reason at all - just to be there; and Jack and you lied in weird positions on your bed as you scrolled through Tumblr on your laptop and Jack scrolled through social media on his phone. You lied on your stomach while Jack’s head rested on your arched spine, his body lying horizontal while you were straight.

Jack’s random laughing would be accompanied by you saying 'send it to me’ and him sending it to you via Instagram, and then you laughing at whenever it is he sent. Then Corbyn and Zach would also laugh because Jack sent it to the group chat you guys had.

All was chill and calm until you heard Zach say 'no way’ from where he sat.

“What?” Jack’s head tilted backwards, trying to see Zach.

“Daniel just found someone’s underwear in the bathroom,” he chuckled, springing out of his seat and running to the door. For no reason at all - just for the sake of being there, Corbyn, Jack and you rushed after him and down the hall to where Daniel and Jonah were hanging. Zach quickly knocked on the door and Daniel opened it.

“You saw my story?”

“I saw your story.”

That’s all that had to be said before you all walk in, Daniel closing the door afterwards.

“What is it?” Jack asked.

“It’s a pantie,” Jonah said and you giggled at his uncomfortableness saying the word.

“Is it really?” Corbyn snorts as they make their way to the bathroom, but you stay back.

“You guys are acting like it’s a dead rat,” you chuckle.

“What if it has STD’s?” Daniel murmurs from beside you.

“That’d be unfortunate,” is all you say before making your way pass the gawking boys and to the pantyhose that lie on the ground of the bathroom. “That’s a pretty nice pair,” you pout with nod and risen eyebrows.

“You’re not gonna take them, are you?”

“Ew, no, why the hell-” you shudder at Zach’s question just before Logan barges in with his camera.


Bad way to end it, ik, but I wanted to ask what you guys want to see in the next part. Not only who you wants y/n to end with, but a scene you’d want between the two or something GO CRAZY.

Posting this pretty late, I hope you all like it.

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Y/n is feeling lonely & shit. The girls have just made her feel really unwelcome.
Justin turns into super boyfriend.

(I want to do a part 2 of this but I wanted to do it as a group chat kinda thing so if anyone wants to get Involved dm me & we will sort it out. if not I’ll do a oneshot.)