Jem Carstairs, Modern Day Mortal.
  • Jem: but why is this "justin bieber" child doing these awful awful things tessa why
  • Jem: *watching frozen* aw tessa look he loves her
  • Jem: *an hour later* nO NO *flings single piece of popcorn* YOU TErRIBLE mAN n O
  • Jem: ooh look these little flat devices are apple flavoured
  • Jem: if he is seeing blurred lines he needs to stop singing and get glasses
  • Jem: *sadly* they did it for the vine, tessa
  • Jem: tessa you look positively turnt up this evening
In which Deku outs himself

Class 1-A Group Chat

2:53 a.m


Uravity: Uhh Deku you realize this is the class chat right..?

AllMightJr: WHAT

AllMightJr: how do i delete a message?!

Alien Queen: lmao wow deku nice coming out

Pikachu: yeah rlly thought u of all people would be a bit more .. professional abt it

Duct-Tape: ok so everyone already knew the resident sunshine child was gay but are we gonna ignore he just said for justin bieber or

AllMightJr: sunshine child???

GetHard: hell yeah deku!!!!

GetHard: american boys are FINE

Alien Queen: are we not going to address the fact that sunshine child also said this at nearly 3am wtf you need sleep

AllMightJr: so do you…?

Uravity: Guys be quiet or Iida’s mom sense will tingle n we will be dead we have early class tomorrow…today

TeamMom: Why are you all awake?! It is 3 in the morning you need to sleep we have class in three hours!

Pikachu: fuck you were right

Uravity: I’m always right


TeamMom: Language!

ExplodoKills: Why am I the only one who gets yelled at fuckin four eyes?!

Alien Queen: mom just hates you lmao

TeamMom: I do not! I simply dislike how he talks to his classmates it is very disrespectful! 

Duct-Tape: yeah bakubro you cant talk to ur family like that

ExplodoKills: Fuck off

Pikachu: anyone else wondering where sunshine child went bc he’s been silent for several minutes now

Uravity: He’s sobbing over some new photos Justin Bieber posted don’t worry

ExplodoKills: Deku is doing WHAT

GetHard: wow someone sounds jealous I can hear u seething from here dude

ExplodoKills: I am NOT fucking jealous of that dumbass Deku!

TeamMom: Everyone be quiet and go to sleep!

DarkSoul: What are u guys doing up ur ruining my and kyokas music time

Duct-Tape: tf music time? at like 3;30????

DarkSoul: It is never to late for MCR

Pikachu: wtf no invite?

Uravity: Wow who knew Denki was an emo

Pikachu: sh im in the closet…unlike deku as of now lolol

ExplodoKills: What the fuck are you guys talking about

GetHard: our lil bby accidentally informed us that he is gay even tho we already knew 


TeamMom: Everyone is getting in bed, that is what!

Alien Queen: no

Pikachu: no

Uravity: no

DarkSoul: no

Duct-Tape: no

GetHard: no

ExplodoKills: NO

TeamMom: Stop this!

AllMightJr: …maybe we should listen to Iida I can hear him hyperventilating

ExplodoKills: Whatever I don’t want to talk to you fucktards anyways

GetHard: bye felicia

Alien Queen: that meme is old as fcuk you suck

Pikachu: fcuk

Duct-Tape: fcuk

Alien Queen: ill fuckin fight u

Uravity: As fun as this is I’m with Deku and the flaming asshole gn

DarkSoul: I’m going back to MCR night

Pikachu: ugh u all suck whatever im gonna go play pokemon

Duct-Tape: ur lame gn everyone 

GetHard: ya ima pass out night dudes

Alien Queen: night everyone! @denki & hanta u better sleep w one eye open;)

TeamMom: Good! See you in class everyone (:

AllMightJr: uh .. Iida just used a smiley face thats enough for me goodnight

Music Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @textmybias so here goes nothinggggg

1. Stupid in Love - Soyou & Mad Clown

2. Mark My Words - Justin Bieber

3. Winter Child - Dream High OST - Suzy

4. Greedy - Ariana Grande

5. Last GoodBye - AKMU

6. Rollin - Brave Girls

7. Give it to me - Agust D (Suga)


9. THE BOYS - Girls Generation

10. Holiday - Sistar

I tag @quiverhope @sashaofthesea @amembivert @kpoplover4life don’t worry you’re not obligated to do it, it’s just for fun! Don’t forget to tag me so I can see what you end up with.

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Justin Bieber was a child when he made those videos. I don't think he understood the full weight of what he was saying.

  • Emmett Till was 14 when he was mutilated and murdered for flirting with a white woman, his killers acquitted. 
  • George Stinney was 14 when he was executed via electric chair, for allegedly killing two white girls. There was no evidence and the all white-jury took 10 mins to declare him guilty.
  • Trayvon Martin was 17 years old when he was stalked and killed by a man with a history of violence towards others. His murderer was acquitted. 
  • Jordan Davis was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by an entitled white man over loud music. He was later found guilty for attempted murder.

Racism and white supremacy are literally killing black children, but Justin Bieber gets a pass because he was 15-17 when he decided to record his racist “jokes”???

Text Imagine Part 6

*Part 1*

*Part 2*

*Part 3*

*Part 4*

*Part 5*

You began packing a few items into a bag when you heard someone coming up the stairs. Since Justin wasn’t really able to walk you figured it had to be Pattie. “Justin wants to speak with you.” She peeped her head around the door. She watched you toss shirts and pants into your suitcase. “I don’t think that‘s necessary. At least not yet. Not before you hear him out.”
You didn’t hear her out and you surely weren’t going to listen to whatever Justin had to say. You sipped up your bag and headed for the door. “(Yn)!” Justin wheeled himself over to you. “Please baby.” His voice cracked. You stopped in your tracks. Without even looking at him you could tell that he had been crying. That was something he should be doing. You tried to convince yourself that he was a bad person and that you should just leave immediately but you couldn’t. You had to hear what he had to say.  You sat your bag down.
“It’s not real. That’s how I should have started everything. It’s all for good publicty for her. To help her career. “ You turned around to face him, “Go on.”
“The baby, it’s not mine. It’s some other guys baby. She got drunk and had sex with some random guy.” He continued. “So what?” You shrugged your shoulders. “So her publicist figured that in order for her to stay good with her audience,she should ‘get back’ with her old boyfriend. And they want me to say that it’s my baby.” Justin paused and looked up at you. You could tell there was more that he really didn’t want to say but you needed to hear it. “And..?” You urged. “And they want me to marry her. Having a baby out of wed-lock is no good. They want me to think about her future and career.” He waited for your response. “You’re not really going to do it are you? I mean, what about us. What about our future? What about your career?”
“We can still be together. We just couldn’t do it in public. After a few years, I could file for divorce and-”
“Why? So you could be painted as the bad guy? ‘Justin Bieber leaves wife and child after so many years.’ Justin, no.” You spat. “(yn), that’s how these types of things work. You just have to bare with me on this one. We can get through this.” Justin reached for your hand but you pulled away. You picked your bag back up, “No, you can get through this. I don’t want to  be your side chick in your phony marriage because you’re saving someone else from the stupid decison that they made. Count me out of this soap opera.” You began walking away but turned around to say one more thing, “Think about the baby. What happens when it finds out that you’re not their real dad, then what? “ You turned around and left Justin sitting there alone.

Why Child Stars Melt Down: Bieber’s Character Split

The eggs! The drugs! The drunk-driving! The uncanny-valley Tweetdeck screenshots!

Why, Justin Bieber? How could you so rashly destroy our belieb in you?

“Why is one of the most affluent stars throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house?” asks Conan O’Brien.

“Cause he’ a “f*cking idiot,” Joel McHale responds.

Possibly, but that’s not the full story. The child-star meltdown is a trope: Lindsay Lohan went from portraying a set of precocious campers in 1998 to becoming synonymous with the word “tantrum.” Amanda Bynes has had her own share of psychological turmoil, some of which included “janky wigs.” For more examples, Buzzfeed helpfully provides a listicle of 16 Disney stars who have been arrested.

A closer look at the psychology of early acclaim helps explain some of these implosions. There aren’t that many studies of child stars—it would be tricky to corral them all into some university lab to fill out questionnaires—but psychologists who have studied the effects of young stardom say strict parental limits are key to preventing post-adolescent disasters.

Read more. [Image: Reuters]

Begin Again - Chapter 7

Justin’s POV:

I sat in a booth at Hooters waiting for Ryan to show up. Again, I am so glad he agreed to meet me for lunch.

I just had to know if I’m a father.

I couldn’t get any sleep last night thinking about this.

I played with the straw of my drink, when the waitress brought some hot wings.

“Here ya go handsome.” The blonde flirted. I looked up at her and smiled trying to keep my eyes away from her breast.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Anytime babe.” She smirked sending me a flirting wink before walking off.

I took one of the hot wings immediately moaning to how good they were.

“Hey now, don’t eat ‘em all.” Ryan joked sliding into the seat across from me.

“Sorry they’re just so good.” I laughed. “Anyways the waitress just brought them, this is my first one.”

“Still—don’t eat them all.”

“Okay, okay.” I laughed putting my hands up in surrender.

Ryan and I talked for a while before our waitress came back taking our orders.

“So what was so important that you had to talk to me about?” Ryan asked taking a sip from his drink.

“It’s about Selena.” I began.

“What about Selena?” Ryan asked raising a brow.

“Well not really her—alone, more like her and Kaylie both.” I said.

“Ok?” Ryan said—more like questioned.

“Did you know Selena had a daughter all this time?” I asked.

Ryan thought about it for a second but nodded his head.

“And you didn’t tell me?” I asked.

“You never asked.” He chuckled.

“Well yeah—but I asked you to tell me how she was every time she and Demi talked.”

“And I told you she was fine, which she was.” Ryan pointed out taking another hot wing.

He did have a point.

“Do you know who the child’s father is?” I asked.

Ryan thought even longer this time before sighing and then nodding his head. “Yeah I do.” He sighed.

“Who is it?” I edged on.

“Justin it’s really not—“He began but I cut him off.

“Is it me?” I asked and that surprised Ryan.

His eyes went wide and he literally stared at me for a while.

Ryan was about to speak up when our waitress brought us our food.

“Here ya go boys. Enjoy.” She winked.

Selena’s POV:

“I want chicken fingers and fries!” Kaylie smiled to the waiter who was taking our order.

“Make those four orders of chicken fingers and fries.” I smiled. I went ahead and ordered for Gracie and Jazzy already knowing what they wanted, and I decided—hey why not so I ordered the same thing for myself.

My dad ordered a BLT and fries, and both Pattie and my mom just ordered regular burgers with fries.

We were all out to lunch at a new diner that had just been built a little under a month ago. And it was pretty nice actually. I gave off that 70’s vibe feel which was cool.

“Can I have a milkshake mommy?” Kaylie asked looking up from her coloring.

“After you eat your food.” I smiled and she nodded her head and went back to coloring.

“So Selena, are you happy to be back in Florida?” Pattie asked smiling.

“Yeah it feels good to be home.” I smiled over to her.

We decided on sitting in a big round booth so there would be room for everyone. My dad sat on the left end, with my mom beside him, then I sat next to her and Kaylie sat in between Gracie and me, which leaves Pattie on the right end with Jazzy next to her.

“So I heard Kaylie had a play date with Justin?” Pattie chuckled.

“Yeah, and she had fun.” I smiled looking over to Kaylie.

“Yeah. Justin sucks at Mario-kart though.” Kaylie chuckled.

“No he doesn’t. He always beats us and rubs it in our faces.” Jazzy spoke up.

“Well he didn’t beat Kaylie.” I said.

“I beat him at his own game and won ice cream.” Kaylie exclaimed. “But he claims I cheated so I have to have a rematch with him tomorrow.” Kaylie said rolling her eyes and everyone chuckled.

“No way how did you beat him?” Gracie asked.

Kaylie just shrugged her shoulders. “I let him win the first rounds, and he let me win one, but I learned the way he plays and I beat him and won ice cream.”

“You’re gonna have to teach us how to win.” Jazzy said causing everyone at the table to chuckle.

The waiter brought us our food and we wasted no time digging in—well I didn’t anyways. I was hungry.

I got an incoming call and I reached in my pocket taking out my phone seeing it was Mason calling and I smiled.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Selena.” Mason said.

“Hey Mason.” I smiled through the phone.

“Mace?” Kaylie asked excitedly.

“Hold on Mason, someone wants to say hi.” I chuckled and handed the phone to an eager Kaylie.

“HI MACE!” Kaylie smiled through the phone. “I’m good……I miss you too!…..When are you coming to visit?…Oh ok…I’ll tell her….I love you too Mace bye!” And with that Kaylie hung up.

“Mace said he’ll call you later because he had to go back to work. But he misses us and loves us and is trying to come visit soon.” Kaylie said handing me back my phone. I smiled and nodded my head.

“See Kaylie, I told you Mason wouldn’t forget about you.” I said grabbing her cheeks giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“I know, I just miss him.” Kaylie sighed before she began eating again.


“I want my milkshake now!” Kaylie said after she finished her food. She does have an appetite like me.

“Wow Selena, she’s just like you.” Pattie laughed.

“What kind of milkshake do you want?” I asked Kaylie.

“Chocolate!” She said throwing her arms in the air.

My dad ordered the girls and I chocolate milkshakes, the adults not wanting any.

Well I am an adult—but lets face it—I still act like I’m 17.

It didn’t even take ten minutes before our milkshakes were brought to us.

“Mhm, this is so good.” I smiled sipping my milkshake the best I could—being careful not to get a brain freeze.

I felt my phone vibrate indicating I had a text message. I opened the message and I gulped and I felt my nerves tense up. My parents and Pattie were having a conversation amongst themselves, Jazzy and Gracie were in their own little conversation and Kaylie was too busy coloring to notice either.

From: Justin

We need to talk about Kaylie. Asap.

I think I just died.


I was literally pacing around my room right now.

At 11:32 at night.


It’s been nine hours since I got that text from Justin, and guess what—I haven’t replied to him. Like what am I suppose to reply to him?

I’m a train wreck right now.

“Selena, mom said stop pacing, you’re causing a draft.” Gracie chuckled.

“Oh ha-ha.” I laughed sarcastically.

“Seriously Selly, what is the matter with you?” Gracie asked walking into my room making herself comfortable on my bed.

“Nothing—nothing.” I said and looked at Gracie but she gave me that ‘not buying it face’ causing me to sigh. “Fine, it’s about this text I got from Justin.” I said handing her my phone showing her the text.

“Ok?” Gracie said confused. “He just wants to talk to you about Kaylie.”

“Yeah, what if he found out he’s the father Grace! No, no, no see this is why I should have kept my butt in New York and—“

“Selena, breathe and listen to yourself.” Gracie said. “He sent you a simple text. Maybe he just wants to talk about the re-match him and Kaylie are gonna have tomorrow.” She said simply.

I nodded my head taking deep breaths. “Yeah you’re probably right.” I said.

I can’t believe a ten year old is telling me to calm down and making sense right now.

“Should I text him back? It’s almost midnight—he’ll probably know I was avoiding him.” I said worrying again.

“Selly stop worrying. Just text him back ok and see what he says, ok?” Gracie said and I nodded my head.

Sometimes I wonder how she is the younger sister.

“Hey, what are you doing up late anyway?” I asked. “Everyone else is asleep—apart from me.” I chuckled.

“Well I couldn’t sleep because it feels weird not having Jazzy over. Ever since summer started we’ve been together 24/7.” Grace chuckled and I chuckled along with her.

“You two are seriously joined at the hip.” I laughed. “So are you excited for your birthday coming up in four days?”

“Yeah.” Gracie said excitedly.

“So what do you want?” I asked.

“I really don’t know.” She chuckled.

“So I can get you a peacock and you’ll be fine?” I chuckled.

“Oh gosh no, Selly you know I hate those things. Especially their feathers.” Gracie said whispering the last part.

I chuckled. “Okay, okay. I’ll surprise you.” I smiled. “Now go to bed, its getting late.” I said shooing her out of my room.

“Selly, it’s summer break.”

“Still, you’re only ten; you’re not ready for the all-nighters.” I chuckled.

Gracie stuck her tongue out at me before she walked out my room and to hers.

I took my phone off from its charger opening up my text messages.

Here goes nothing I said nervously.

Justin’s POV:

From: Selena

Sure x what do you need to talk about??

I sighed reading the text message from Selena. Now she decided to text me back when I’m trying to sleep. Sasha was sleep next to me, so I grabbed my phone quietly and walked down the stairs hitting the ‘call’ button to Selena.

“Hello?” I heard her voice say.

“Hey Sel.” I said.

“Hey Jay. So what—um—did you need to talk about dealing with Kaylie?” She said stuttering.

“It’s not my place to say anything. You need to talk to Selena yourself about it.” Ryan’s voice echoed through my head.

“Yeah about Kaylie—she’s still coming over tomorrow right?”

I can’t believe I choked. But asking Selena if Kaylie is mine is more of a face to face conversation. Not over the phone conversation.

“Of course. She’s excited too.” Selena chuckled.

That laugh can brighten up anyone’s day.

“Justin are—are you sure that’s all you wanted to ask?” Selena asked carefully.

“Yeah. Well for now anyway.” I said. “Sel you should get some sleep it’s getting late. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” I added. “Goodnight.” I said.

It took everything in me not to say “I love you”.

“Goodnight Jay.” Selena said before she hung up.

I hung up my end and set my phone down on the kitchen counter running my hand through my hair.

What the hell is wrong with me?

First I say I miss her lips, and now I wanna say I love her?

Because it’s true.

“Justin are you okay?” A voice said startling me.

I snapped my head up seeing it was only Sasha.

“Huh—yeah I’m okay.” I smiled.

I’m no where near okay. I’m a fucking mess. I miss my ex-girlfriend, who I might also be the father of her child.

“Oh—okay. Well come back to bed. I miss you next to me.” Sasha smiled.

“I’ll be up in a sec.” I said.

She nodded her head and walked back up stairs.

I think I’m going insane.


Hey cuties! So I’ve decided that I’m gonna post only on Monday’s and Thursday’s. It’s for the best. It’ll give me time to write out more chapters and not be so stressed out about everything x

And no, Linds will not change my mind (:

Awww, Justin still loves Selena ^.^ 

Do you guys think Justin will find out? And what do you think his reaction will be?

Love you guys and thank you again for reading and liking my story! It means a lot xoxo

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Louis isn't the first famous boy to be caught up in a fake pregnancy rumor. Two years ago a rumor about Justin Bieber having a child with a woman was spreading like wild fire, and it was 100% false. So either it's them stalling the CO, or She is trying to get something. Who knows, the truth will come out eventually.

My reaction is this tweet then

I looked at the date and LMAO forever if they do it on Aug 23rd..