Protected // Justin Foley x Reader

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Warning: mentions/description of rape

You were sitting at your desk, studying for your finals. You got up to get your calculator out of your backpack when Justin at the window startled you to death. You opened it, allowing him to hop into your dimly lit room.

“Jesus Christ, can you give me a warning at least?” 

He dropped his duffel bag next to your bed. “I’m sorry, it was last minute.”

You looked at your boyfriend in sympathy, knowing that something was going on at home for him to end up at your window. You sat across from Justin on your bed and caressed his reddened neck while giving him a gentle kiss. 

“What happened now?”

He sat quiet before sighing deeply. “Meth Seth tried to fucking choke me to death and my mom,” Justin teared up and you squeezed his hand. “She just stood there, watching it happen. It was either I go or he goes, and she chose him.”

Justin cried even harder at the mention of his mom long gone, drowning herself in drugs. You wiped his tears and laid beside him gently as he rested his head on your chest. You twiddled with the strands of his hair in between your fingers, kissing his forehead every so often. After he fell asleep in your arms, you waited a few minutes before prying your body out of his grasp to turn off the light on your desk. You stood up in front of your bed and watched the broken boy lightly snoring. You sighed and turned off your light then took off your hoodie, leaving you in pajama shorts and a camisole top. The light of the moon reflected off your skin.

“Babe, why are there bruises all over your back,” your curious boyfriend asked cautiously.

You stood there stunned, the memories you’ve been desperately trying to forget flooding back into your head. 

You were currently at your best friend, Jessica Davis’s party full of drunken jocks and sober wallflowers. You threw the ping pong ball into the red solo cup easily and high fived Jess. 

 "Drink up, Atkins.“

He rolled his eyes and chugged the drink. “Why did you get me into this, Monty?“ 

Monty laughed at his buzzed partner. "I swear we can still win this!”

Now it was Jessica’s turn to roll her eyes.

“(Y/N) and I have one cup left while you losers have seven. No way you’re gonna beat us.”

As Monty took his turn, Justin walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Hey babe, some of the boys and I are gonna do a beer run.”

You could smell the alcohol reeking from his breath.

“No way are you driving like this!”

He pecked your forehead and walked backwards while replying to you. “I’m not! Alex is and he only had one drink." 

"Stay safe!”

“We will! Love you!" 

He disappeared in the crowds of people. Jess handed you the ball and you threw it. It landed in the cup perfectly. Montgomery groaned and downed the last of the alcohol. Jess and you celebrated to yourselves while Atkins and Montgomery started getting drunk. 

"Hey Jess, I’m gonna go use the restroom." 

She nods and you proceed inside the house and up the stairs. You entered the first door on your left, using the restroom and washing your hands. After checking your makeup, you opened the door to reveal a drunk Bryce Walker.

"Sorry Bryce, but you’re in my way.” As you tried to dodge him, his strong arms forcefully pushed you into the restroom, him following along and locking the door. You backed up until you couldn’t anymore, shocked by his aggressive demeanor. 

“You know, Justin doesn’t deserve a pretty girl like you,” he whispered into your neck while pushing a strand of hair to the side. Bryce started to sloppily suck on your neck and ran his hands up and down your body.

“Bryce, please stop.” You attempted to push him off of you, but he pinned your arms to the sides of your head.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, (Y/N).”

The tears began to fall as you tried to yell for help. Bryce bent you over the sink and covered your mouth with one of his hands. You closed your eyes to avoid staring at the reflection of yourself getting taken advantage of by your boyfriend’s best friend. You felt Bryce lift your dress and enter you, the tears falling rapidly as your soul became broken. 

You finished explaining the story to your boyfriend, shivering in fear in disgust. You collapsed on your carpeted floor, frozen. Scarred. 

Tears flowed freely down your reddened cheeks. 

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, Justin. I didn’t know what to do and I-” you cried even harder as you rambled.

Justin said nothing. He simply took you in his arms and laid you in your bed. You faced the wall as he grazed his fingers over the bruises, leaving butterfly kisses across your back. You turned around and he held you tightly. 

“I’m scared, Justin,” you admitted. 

“I know, baby.” He stroked your hair gently. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you. I should’ve never made that beer run. I’m so fucking stupid.” 

Your glossy eyes met his. “None of this is your fault, Justin. Please don’t blame yourself. It hurts me to see you create your own wounds.” 

“Okay,” he whispered and passionately collided his lips with yours.

“Promise me one thing, baby girl.” You looked at him curiously. “Promise me that we’ll go to the police first thing in the morning.” 

You nodded and he lingered a kiss on your forehead, holding you closer than ever before. You felt protected in his arms. You felt safe.

My thoughts after finishing 13rw

My words on the post I made from before I finished watching the show still ring true for me. I understand more why she did what she did, but I still think it was awful for her to leave her parents with nothing.
What happened to Hannah was disgusting. What happened to Jessica was disgusting. It needs to be talked about. Sexual assault isn’t anything to take lightly and I’m glad that this show allows for discussion to take place. It has to.

I don’t understand why the creative team felt the need to add in a few things during the last couple of episodes, and it left me with a few questions that will probably forever remain unanswered:

-What happens to Bryce?
-Does Jessica press charges?
-What happened after Sheri confessed?
-Is Jeff’s family gonna be alright?
-Why was Kat brought back for questioning?
-Do the Baker’s win the trial?
-What happens when Hannah’s parents listen to the tapes?
-What happens to Justin?
-Is Justin’s mom gonna be okay?
-What happens to Alex?
-Why did Tyler pack away those guns?
-Was Tyler planning a school shooting?
-Why did Tyler take down Alex’s picture?
-Did Tyler shoot Alex and stage it to look like a suicide attempt?
-If that’s true, does Alex know or remember what Tyler did?
-What does Mr. Porter do with the tapes?
-What does Mr. Porter do with his tape?
-How was Tony supposed to publicly release Hannah’s tapes if people didn’t follow the rules?
-Is Mrs. Jensen gonna be okay when she inevitably finds out the truth?
-Is Skye okay? Will she get better?
-Is Zach okay? Is Marcus okay?
-Is Mrs. Bradley going to be okay when she finds out what happened?
-What happens to Ryan?
-What happened to the pink journal that Hannah wrote all of her poetry in? (Honestly they may have covered this one in the show but I don’t remember)
-Does Courtney come out to her dads? To everyone?
-Does Courtney realize that Hannah was right? Does she stop apologizing for Bryce like Justin did?
-What was the point of that scene where Jessica was showing Bryce the guns? I didn’t understand what was going on tbh

Overall I still enjoyed the show. I realize that all of the characters are purposefully flawed, and what happened was truly tragic. I still believe that what Hannah did by not leaving anything with her parents was wrong but I understand more why she did what she did.
I think the show sparks a great conversation between everyone about the way we handle the smallest things in life. Everyone should be more careful and considerate. Everyone deserves a friend, so let’s all be friendly, you know? The hardest scenes to watch are the most important.
I hope that I’ve come back from this experience as a better person, and I hope that everyone else does too.
I don’t like that the show left so many things unanswered, but I guess that’s just one of the morals of the story itself: you can’t know everything. You can’t jump to conclusions and you can’t assume. And when something happens, you need to take it all in in order to be prepared for the next time- because there will be a next time.

Just a Bet, final part

Part 1, Part 2 ♡♥︎

I wasn’t really awake just yet, but the feeling of arms wrapped around me made me open my eyes. I gasped as I saw a shirtless chest right in front of my eyes. My face was resting on the unfamiliar chest, and I could just make out a few tattoos on the rock-hard chest. I slowly unwrapped the stranger’s arms from around my waist and crawled out of bed, only to realize that I was naked. I screamed and hurried to grab the covers from the bed and the stranger’s body. The scream must have woken him up, and that’s when I realized that I had slept with Justin! Justin was laying fully exposed in front of me and I couldn’t help myself, I studied his body intensely.

“What happened?” Justin asked as he rubbed his eyes, he still hadn’t noticed that he was naked. When I didn’t answer him, he finally looked at me. He furrowed his eyebrows as he realized that I was looking intensely at him, then he looked down and hurried to cover his private area. “Did we…” he didn’t dare to finish the sentence because he knew we had. I hurried to grab all my clothes, then I went into the nearest bathroom and got dressed. I didn’t even know where I was, I just knew that I had to get out of there.

“Y/N please open the door, we need to talk about this” Justin said as he continuedly knocked on the bathroom door. I had just pulled on my jeans and was only wearing my bra, but I decided on opening the door anyway. Immediately Justin came into the room, then he pushed me against the nearest wall and crashed his lips onto mine. I moaned at the feeling on the cold wall against my naked back, which gave Justin access to my mouth completely.

“Please tell me you don’t regret our night together” he pleaded as we pulled apart. I looked down and shook my head. “I’m still very disappointed in what you did, but as I recall, last night was pretty amazing” I whispered to him, then I hugged him tight. “You’ve got every right to be disappointed, but as I told you last night, I will do anything to make it all up to you,” he told me, then he pecked my neck repeatedly. “Now let me take you home to get showered, then we’re going on a date,” he told me. I pulled away from him, then I put on my shirt and jacket. “Okay,” I told him.

I was currently getting ready to go on a date with Justin. I was really excited, and that was very easy to tell.

Justin had told me to dress casually, therefore I was dress in a pair of black jeans, an off-shoulder blouse in black, a pair of baby pink sneakers and a floral printed headband. I decided to try my best, regarding makeup. I even put on a pair of false eyelashes to make my eyes pop. I also wore a whole bunch of jewelry in silver to go with both my clothes, but also my skin type.

A car horn was heard outside, Justin was here. I smiled to myself, then I grabbed my phone, sunglasses, and bag and then I ran down the stairs.

“Who is at the door?” mom asked as I made it downstairs. I smiled and started blushing lightly. “Justin” I then casually said which made her smirk. “Oh, just Justin?” she asked with the smirk still playing on her lips. I nodded my head, then hurried out of the door before she could embarrass me even more.

Justin was standing outside his car waiting for me, and when he saw me, he hurried to walk up to me. He placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, then grabbed my hand as I blushed rather hard. We got into Justin’s car, and then as we drove off, Justin waved at my mom in the window, talk about being embarrassed.

“Okay, so I thought we should be tourists for a day,” Justin said as we drove out of town. “I thought it would be great to get away from normal, therefore we’re going to LA” Justin placed a hand on my lap and then looked at me.

“What do you say?”.

I placed a hand on top of his, then nodded my head. “I like that idea”.

We drove for an hour just listening to music and talking about everything and anything. I hadn’t been in LA that many times, but I certainly enjoyed being there. “How about we start at the Hollywood sign?” I asked Justin. Justin nodded his head and then took a turn to the right. We parked at the bottom of the mountain and got out of the car. Justin grabbed a few things from the trunk, then he came up to me and grabbed my hand. We stood still for a few minutes just staring at the big sign then slowly we started walking closer to the sign. It took us a while to get up to the sign, but when we did, it was amazing.

Justin had brought us some sparkling wine along with some chocolate-covered-strawberries. We sat down on top of the sign and enjoyed the food and drink. “I got to ask you something,” I said to Justin after a long pause of silence. Justin gulped and nodded his head. “Why did you do it?” I asked him. The question had been stuck in my head for days, and I really wanted an answer to fully forgive him. “I honestly don’t know,” he told me, which made me sigh sadly. I figured that would be his answer. “I guess I was just tired of hearing the guys talk badly about you because let’s face it, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world” he then continued. My feelings were getting completely mixed now. “I wanted to make then realize that you weren’t just the nerd and the nobody because I had seen how you could just let go and be yourself when you were at home” he continued. I still said nothing. “Every night I would watch you as you got ready to go to bed. You would listen to your favorite music, and you would sing along, especially to ‘hall of fame’ or 'superheroes’ because that’s your favorite band” he said with a smile, and finally, I also smiled. “I didn’t know you knew this much about me,” I told him honestly. “You would never look at me, which made me want to get your attention even more, and eventually that lead to the whole bet,” he told me. That’s when I did it, I finally kissed him again, the one single thing I had wanted to do all day but hadn’t dared to do. Justin was caught off guard, and it took him a few seconds to kiss back, but when he did, he gave all of him to me.

We pulled apart and just stared into each other’s eyes. “I know I still have to earn your trust, but I need you to trust me when I say that I love you,” Justin said. I covered my mouth with my hand as I gasped. He loved me? “Will you be my girlfriend?” he then asked me. I was still very speechless and decided on nodding my head instead of trying to answer. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me close and hugged me tightly. Afterward, Justin pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket, which made me furrow my eyebrows. “I’ve gotten you a promise ring, where I promise you that I will remain faithful, to want you forever, to one day pop the actual question, to keep your secrets and to always let you know that I love you,” he said. The ring was very simple and it had a knot on it to resemble to promise to pop the question someday in the future. I awed, then I let him put the ring on my finger. I pulled Justin in for a kiss to tell him thank you, and he sure understood the intention because a few seconds later, I was laying on the ground while Justin was on top of me.

Today had really been the best day of my life, and even though I knew Justin and I would have our ups and downs, I knew in that moment, that I loved the man in front of me.

Last part was supposed to be published hours ago, but apparently my scheduled time was not right, so I apologise for that ♡

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justlex: bc of all that happened, theyre super protective of each other, but theyre not articulate, they show everything through touch. Alex holds Justin's hand when they get his stuff from his moms, Justin strokes his thigh & kisses his hair when Alex has stomach pains, hands on lower backs & waists when people stare at school, arms around shoulders constantly. And when they're not there to physically comfort one another, maybe Justin guves Alex his jacket, and Alex gives him something of his?

AYYYYYYEEEEEE! This is it! I live for Alex and Justin, who don’t even label what they are, they’re just super close and affectionate, and kids at school notice, but the boys never say anything because they don’t care about anything outside of the bubble of the two of them. There’s so many soft touches and so many heart eyes and everything is okay when they’re together. AND ESKIMO KISSES!!!!

(Do you have your own imagines blog, because you should!!!)



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Your Sister gets arrested

Summary: Y/N and Justin have to look after Y/N’s sister’s months old Daughter after her sister gets arrested.

Word Count:417

Warning: NONE

Y/S/N – Your sister’s name                         y/m/n – Your mom’s name


“Don’t look so sad.” Justin poked your nose and held you close while brushing a strand of your curly dark brown hair away from your face while focusing on your shocked expression during your phone call to your mother. Sniffing dejectedly and burying your face in his chest you continued talking you your mother on the subject of your younger sister, “So she’s staying with us?” you asked stand up and placing some old film from the shelf in the DVD player and joined him back on the couch. He eagerly wraps his arms around your waist, once again you burying his head in my chest. “ok then ma see you in a few” Justin was observing your facial expression during both your and your mother’s conversation hinting that he was concerned on why she would be calling at 3am.

“Y/S/N got arrested so now we have to look after her until this whole police investigation blows over, would that be okay since this is your house or whatever? ” you shifted into his embrace

“Malia is practically my future niece, when is she coming?” asked Justin

“My mom is coming over in a while so sometime today” For the past 2 days your mother has been taking care of your niece and couldn’t find a way to explain how and why Y/S/N had been arrested with work pilling up and her constantly rotating Malia around any family members that were able to have her for the night it was very difficult to ensure that she would be in a stable with people that she knew very well. To get your mind off your sister’s new arrived problems you turned down the lights and focused on going back to yours and Jay’s bed.


Both you and Justin were jolted awake after the doorbell violently rang. Rubbing his tired eyes with the insides of his palms, Justin’s sat up from the king sized bed and started to make his way towards the entrance which there stood the shadow of a petite woman which was all so famously known as your mom. “It’s so nice to see you Justin” Your mother smiled after receiving his warm embrace that he kindly gave in the middle of the corridor “same to you Y/M/N”.

It wasn’t a clear view but you were able to see Malia comfortably sleeping in her stroller proving the point that she wouldn’t be a large hassle for the remaining time she would be spending with you.

Authors Note: I feel like taking a break from many things but i really do appreciate many of you reading my stories and following me BUT i am extremely grateful for the small amount of users who are here for me when i need  to chat or when they thank me xx

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i freakin love your blog!!!! i dont know if anyone has ever mentioned this but, have you ever thought if brian's feelings toward justin after the bashing and more nurturing? i remember, justin's mom asked him to be affectionate because she knew brian was the only person who could help justin recover, and brian acted as she wished????? also do you think the mikey protecting justin and being empathetic before the whole ethan thing was because mikey knew justin was staying and brian loved him?

LISTEN. AFTER THE BASHING, BRIAN WAS GENTLER WITH JUSTIN THAN PEOPLE ARE WITH NEWBORNS. Sometimes I’ll see Britin gifs on my dash from season 2 and I just cannot believe that those are actual things that happened because they’re being too perfect and sweet and affectionate. And that scene in 2x02 when they have sex for the first time after the bashing………………… SHOWSTOPPING, LIFE-CHANGING, ICONIC, BEAUTIFUL, TEAR-JERKING, WANNA DIE, HELP ME, IT HURTS (@xoxoemynn why was i so close to typing that lyric from it was a shit show)

Like let’s all just take a step back and remember that the words
“I want you inside me”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Just… Take it easy”
“Like the first time?”

cAME OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS???? It’s like they WANT us dead!! Like that entire scene was so soft and SO beautiful from their body language to the lighting and music (this scene sparked the love i have for sigur ros. i’ve been listening to svefn-g-englar on repeat since i heard it here amazing).


And the affection and gentleness didn’t stop there either!!!! Brian and Justin were also more playful and my heart cannot handle it to this day. I always say season 2 was such a blessing and it truly is. Can you believe they went from this:

to this:

and this:

AND THIS (tears are streaming down my face rn):

LIKE??? This fandom got so many things to be thankful for!!!!

And to answer your second question, I think Michael was already aware Justin would be sticking around pretty early in season 1 and was very aware that Brian loved Justin by season 2. I think as Justin slowly started to become a part of Brian’s world and hanging out with the gang more regularly, Michael just got used to him being there and ended up genuinely enjoying his company and caring about him!  I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it again… 2x15 IS WONDERFUL, THE MICHAEL/JUSTIN SCENES WERE JUST TOP NOTCH A++++ I just really love their dynamic, it’s unlike any other on the show imo and their development since season 1 warms my heart!!! I especially love that the one thing they had in common was essentially Brian at first but that changed. Turns out they’re both massive nerds and actually major bottoms

Shut Up// Justin Laboy

Warning(s): Cursing, drug mention

Word Count: 1090

Author Note: First fic, hopefully it’s okay ? Please leave reviews so I can improve!

Requested: No

You were extremely late to class. Your car had broken down and you had to walk a mile in order to get to your high school. Finally reaching the door, you stare at the knob as you prepare for the awkward walk of shame as everyone watches you. With one pull you open the door and immediately turn to your usual seat next to your best friend, only to see a girl you’ve never seen halfheartedly talking to Justin, occupying your seat. You quickly sit in the chair behind Justin and tap his shoulder, trying to get the notes you missed.

With a wave of his hand he brushes you off and you raise an eyebrow before just getting it from another kid, ignoring Justin the rest of class. The bell rings and you quickly stand, going beside him but he kept talking to the girl without even glancing at you. You push past them and go to your next class, sitting in your usual seat. Soon after Justin sits beside you with a grin on his face. “What the fuck Laboy? You completely ignored me!” He turns to you and lets out a soft “sorry” and turns to his bag. You roll your eyes and soon the class is filled, but then the door opens. In walks the girl from last period, sitting in the chair in front of you both. You simply watch silently as Justin’s face lights up, I’m asking to switch with the person sitting beside her, and then he leaves. You feel the familiar ache in your chest of abandonment but you just finish your work quickly and wait for the bell.

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Our parents are dating AU

A/N: This is when Jeremy was not married

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: Our parents are dating and thank god I’m not the only one pissed off about this

*[Y/H/T] = your hometown

Since the divorce between your mother and father; the least you can say is that you’re not the happiest of happy about your mom dating again. Over that last 3 years and separation of your sisters Averie and Larissa, who stays with your dad in London, your mom and you both moved out of [Y/H/T] and to Los Angeles for a new and fresh start in your new penthouse near Hollywood.
“So you’re telling me that I have to meet your potential future husband today?” you crossed your arms over your white Bardot dress and leaned against the marble kitchen counter directly inform of your mom who proceeded to stir the pasta sauce in the pot completely ignoring every word you were saying, “I understand it has been 3 years but I don’t need another father figure in my life” you panted
“Y/N I am not going to stay single forever now get your ass changed before your ass gets out, they are coming here tonight”
“They who?” you questioned
“THEY as in Jeremy, his 2 sons and daughter” your mom replied over your exaggerated sighs
Tired of all this you walked over to your bedroom and changed into a basic white long-sleeve crop top with ripped denim jeans and a pair of gold high heels before opening the closet and pulling out a black jacket then walked out of your apartment complex “I’m going out”.
You sat down on a small bench overlooking the passing cars driving by, illuminating the city of lights that you have grown so used to love and scrolled down on your contact list to talk to someone you dreaded to talk to in so long. Your dad.

DAD: hello y/n?
Y/N: hi dad is Averie and Larissa at home?
DAD: you just missed them they went out with a couple of friends, I miss you
Y/N: thanks but do you miss mom?
DAD: It’s hard without both of you here
Y/N: she had enough after you cheated and now she is making me meet her new beau
DAD: *coughs* so it difficult for both of us
Y/N: It wouldn’t have to be if you didn’t go for Miss Romania when you had a wife and 3 kids back home
DAD: and I regret it every sin-
Y/N: Mom is trying to contact me. I’ll call you later
DAD: I love and miss you
Y/N: see you

Since leaving your mom alone at the apartment you had a lot of time to think about the pros and cons of your mom moving on like she won’t hassle you with your ex-boyfriends but having a new ‘dad’ will mean new siblings and possibly half-siblings. You began to walk back to the apartment complex to head up to your penthouse for a long night ahead jiggling the keys to the door and throwing your shoes to the side of the door all eyes were on you – especially a foreign pair of brown orbs staring directly at you that belonged to someone with possibly the same age as you. Must be the older brother Justin that your mom was talking about before you zoned out and walked out. Time to pull out the game.
“Hello everyone, sorry I’m late I was stuck in traffic, I’m just going to wash my hands and join you all for dinner” you raved and walked over to your room to quickly touch up your makeup and walked to the dining room where everyone was to sit next to the only empty space available which was next to Justin.

[After dinner]
“Y/M/N you really outdid yourself with this meal! Don’t you agree Jazzy and Jaxton? Thank you again” pointed out Jeremy placing the cutlery on the plate and collecting the finished plates
“It really is no problem Jeremy” Your mom showed the largest smile that you have seen in a long time since your parent’s marriage renewal years ago, “y/n do you want to show the kids the movie room and show them the games they can play?”
You turned to face Jazmyn and Jaxton and noted, “Just down the hall then turn left guys” which earned you a head shake and a dirty look from your mom “If you will please follow me” you smiled and began to walk to the direction you originally told them to follow and turned on the XBOX controller for them to play which left only you and blond haired, brown eyed Justin to talk back at the living room alone. “So y/n how do you feel about my dad and your mom dating?”
“Do you really want to know the truth?” you asked looking directly at Justin. “Your dad is no good for my mom”
“Funny because I don’t like our parents together either” Justin smirked

“so what are we going to do about it?” smirked leaning closer to Justin waiting anxiously for his reply on how to prevent this from happening,

“End it”.

Nobody wants to ask the real Sassy a question? Guess they can’t handle the truth.
—  Justin (Slytherin)’s mom in response to nobody responding to the previous post about asking her questions