anonymous asked:

Do you think Justine adopted Sebastian after Prosecutors Path?

(of course justine is best mom and seb is her precious son)

For real here, I don’t think she would have adopted him legally. He’s 17, if I’m not mistaken, he has a job, and most importantly, he’s beginning to experience independence, so I think that wouldn’t happen.

But on every other aspect? Yeah, Seb’s definitely like a child to her. She was the only one who believed in him and treated him kindly when he was still heavily influenced by Blaise, and not just because she wanted to uncover the truth about Blaise. She knew who Blaise really was, so obviously she looked out for Sebastian, and probably still does. She’s also incredibly proud of him, and will always be right there for him. And Sebastian knows it. He really appreciates everything Justine has done for him, and he loves her like the caring parent he never had. 

Also, Justine can’t help but go into mom mode around Seb sometimes. She’s probably leaves FB comments on Seb’s wall like “That was a fantastic trial today, Sebastian, I am so proud of you, love you.”, and John’s like “mmOOOOM”.

furutaloops  asked:

I saw that you answered an ask about Izuku's voice actor and I actually have a pretty funny story about Justin Briner. So, he lives in my town, I live like 30 minutes away from FUNimation and the town is cool so it's like an ideal place. Anyway, the only reason I know that he DEFINITELY lives in my town is because my mom was driving me to church and I was looking at his wiki while I was on my phone and she was turning the corner and sHE ALMOST HITS HIM. I HAD TO DO A DOUBLE TAKE, BUT IT WAS HIM.

OH MY GOSH your mom almost ran over justin briner. your mom almost ran over izuku oh my gosh. that is a hilarious story thank you for sharing! the real question tho: is he ok?? Give us the deets!!

even though im sad right now about how much of a shit stain justin turned out to be like……….. i feel like it’ll help me get on with my life. like this is such freaky timing like the SAME day justin dies my mom finally tells me she accepts me like… god is out there ….. and like justin was my life line for the most confusing painful and dark times in my life and im finally getting out of it. so yeah its a shame about what happened adn its going to hurt for a while but in the end my life is so much better in this very moment than it has ever been the entire 6 years i cared about justin. god really did that