justin york


Can we just respect and appreciate creators and others? Every member of this band, even the tour members literally give their 110% at every venue, city, and festival they perform at with great music for people to enjoy out of their own free will. Of course Hayley, as the frontwoman of the band, like any front of a band, would have expectations to be lively and interact with the audience, but to expect Taylor or Zac to do something else is crazy, they’re already putting on a good show for you.

“ It feels like I’m holding the band in an open palm, versus grasping on to it like it’s the last thread of a rope that I’ve been hanging on to. I feel a bit more tenderness towards it, and I feel that it’s not something I can control whether it goes or stays. It’s a living thing, and I’m a part of it. It’s just relieving. I love my friends and I love music, so at the end of the day, whatever capacity that’s in, I think that’s gonna keep me going. That’s gonna keep me alive.”  — Hayley for Tennessean