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Annie Awards

I just want to wish the WOY crew good luck at the Annies tonight! We’ve got a couple nominations on this show and we’re rootin’ for ya!

@crackmccraigen Craig
@suspendersofdisbelief Frank 
@owner-of-wendys Dave
@atalkingmagpie Eddie
@benbalistreri Ben
@ Justin Nichols 

and everybody else on the WOY crew!

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you know what im just gonna make a list cause i forgot a few

youtubers that don’t suck (at least outwardly)

  • polygon crew (incl. justin & griffin mcelroy, nick robinson, etc.)
  • hbomberguy
  • superbunnyhop
  • jim sterling
  • primitive technology
  • neil cicierega
  • mega64
  • lazygamereviews (hes made bad jokes in like 2008 but i think hes pretty clean now)

idk who else


The Rick and Morty Mini-Episode! This is great!

LiS Before the Storm E3 Trailer Breakdown and Theory

Down below you will find 19 screen caps from the LiS Before the Storrm E3 Trailer and what my theory to them is. On first glace it looks long af but the only reason the post is so long is because of the pictures. The text is very short.

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