Preference - How they kiss you

Jeff Atkins

Jeff is very touchy when he kisses you, and it’ll almost always turn into heated make out sessions. He loves to grope your ass or thread his hands in your hair. Jeff will go to kiss your lips while your at your locker and he’ll secretly snake his hands around your waist, lowering them to grab ahold of your butt. He’s very into French kissing too, and being with Jeff means A LOT of PDA. He’ll start making out with you in the school halls, and you’ll have to remind him that your in public. After kissing Jeff, you’re most likely always sporting a couple of hickeys around your neck and collarbones. Jeff will always leave you breathless after one of his kisses, wanting for more. 

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Alex Standall

Alex’s kisses are gentle but very passionate. He pours all of his feelings for you when the two of you lock lips. He’ll gently thread his hands into your hair or cradle your face between his hands. If the two of you are not in public, Alex will get more handsy with you and grab your butt, pinching it slightly while the two of you kiss. He’ll trail kisses down your neck and suck harshly on your sweet spot, leaving his mark. 

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Zach Dempsey 

Zach is a GOD when it comes to kissing. Sometimes he kisses you with so much love and passion that you’re tummy is doing little flips. He’ll cradle your face between his big hands and softly press his lips against yours. Other times he kisses you with a raw animalistic need. He’ll pin you against any surface, or have you straddle his lap, kissing you fiercely, lust evident in his eyes. He’ll rub your centre against his growing bulge, groping your ass. Zach will shove his tongue in your mouth and dominate you completely. After kissing Zach you’re always left all hot and bothered. 

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Justin Foley

Justin is either super sweet when he kisses you, pecking your lips lightly or kissing your nose, he adores the way you wrinkle it when he does. Or he is super naughty. He’ll pin you down on his bed, squeezing you ass or breasts while trailing hot, moist kisses down the column of your neck. 

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Tony Padilla

Tony is super gentle when he kisses you. He’ll lightly press his lips onto yours, savouring the feel of your mouth against his. Tony is gentlemen, and always respects your boundaries. So he is pretty cautious when it comes to more heated kisses, always asking you if what he’s doing is okay. He loves to thread his hands in your soft locks when he’s kissing you. Kissing Tony is like a fairytale dream come true, it truly is magical. 

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Clay Jensen

Kissing Clay is heaven. Clay is one of the sweetest guys you have ever met, and his kisses are even sweeter (if that’s possible). He’ll cup your cheek in his hand, slowly leaning in and pecking your lips once, before diving back in for another kiss. He’ll swipe his tongue against yours hesitantly, asking for entrance. Which of course you grant him. You’ll always have to coax his tongue with your own to explore each other’s mouths. 

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Hannah Baker

Hannah’s kisses are really passionate. She’ll start off by kissing you with a sort of delicacy but the kiss will soon turn more sensual. She’ll thread her hands in our hair and lazily drag her tongue against yours. Hannah is not big on PDA, so she’ll always kiss you in non public places, like at home. Sometimes your kisses with Hannah do tend to get a little heated… 

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Montgomery de la Cruz

Monty will kiss you with so much lust and want, it takes your breath away. He’ll come up behind you at school, pinning you against your locker and shove his tongue in your mouth. He’s BIG on PDA because he likes everyone to know that you’re HIS, and only his. 

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Jessica Davis

Jessica’s kisses are gentle, sweet, and loving. She’ll constantly be giving you little pecks on the cheek at school, or lightly kissing your lips. She does get carried away sometimes when the two of you are in public, especially at dances or parties, and will kiss you with more fiery passion, clinging onto you in want.

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Ryan Shaver

Ryan is very forceful when he kisses you. He’ll pull you against him and force his tongue into your mouth, stealing the air right out of your lungs. After kissing Ryan, you’ll have dozens of hickeys that are pretty hard to cover up. 

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Tyler Down

Tyler is very timid when kissing you. It usually has to be you that instigates the kiss. But once he gets more comfortable with this intimate gesture, he’ll run his hands up and down your back, sometimes daring to cup your butt, and kiss you into a breathless oblivion.

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Basketball Challenge

Summary: Zach Dempsey challenges you to a one-on-one basketball game

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning: Fluff

A/N: This is my first imagine for 13 Reasons Why, also I haven’t written anything in a while so why not start fresh with some new inspiration.

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It was another one of yours and Zach Dempsey’s stupid little bets. You started out just shooting around in the school’s gymnasium before basketball practice when he walked in. Your once three point shooting streak had come to a complete stop when you saw the tall, handsome basketball star as you missed the basketball goal completely and caused the ball to land right into his hands.

You hustled over to him to retrieve your ball. As you walked away to go back to your previous spot, Zach called for you so he could give you a snide comment. “If it were me, Y/N, I wouldn’t have missed that shot,”

You slowly turned on your heels and eyebrows raised at the trash talk. “Excuse me?” you dared him to say it again.

“I’m just saying,” he continued to put up his arrogant front, “I wouldn’t have missed that shot in a game,”

You felt something burning in your stomach. You were just as good at basketball as he was, but because you were a girl you were inferior to him. He always gave you shit for it. Every time the two of you saw each other on the basketball court he celebrated himself like he was a god of basketball and that you could never touch. Well, today was the day that you wanted to settle the score. You wanted to prove to him that you were just as good as he was no matter the gender.

“You know what Dempsey let’s play it out,” you walked up to him with a purpose until you were chest to chest.

“Excuse me,” he snickered.

“You heard me,” you pressed your finger against his chest, “Me and you, one-on-one, after practice. Or are you too chicken to get beat by a girl,”

There was a shift in atmosphere and you could feel it. Zach’s eyes narrowed and his smile turned into a hard line. “You’re on!” he said before he stormed off to the locker room.

Now, the two of you were sweaty and out of breath both from practice and from your game. It was close and intense. All you needed was a point and you would have one the game. You had the ball at the top of the key. Zach was staring into your eyes, waiting on your next move. You dribbled the ball to the corner of the court with Zach slowly following behind. Before he could plant himself, you changed directions to where you came and forward, passing Zach in the process. With Zach in the dust, you took the shot.

It was the perfect shot, you could feel it as the ball left your hand. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion as the ball connected with the goal and made the beautiful swishing sound that you cherished. You couldn’t help but celebrate, pumping your fist in the air at your victory. You turned to Zach, as he had a smirk plastered on his face.

“What are you so smug for?” you raised an eyebrow.

“I let you win,” he chuckled as he walked up to you

You crossed your arms over your chest. “No, you didn’t,” you scoffed.

“Yeah, I did,” he placed his hands on your shoulders before gently sliding them down to uncross your arms. “I let you win, so I could lose and take you out to Monet’s for a date,”

Yet another sweet gesture from the sweet Zach Dempsey. He always knew how to fire you up and to cool you down. It was the best part about your relationship together. Every muscle in your body softened when you saw his sheepish smile. It was that smile that you fell for every time.

“Fine,” you groaned, “We’ll go to Monet’s, but if you do that again I’m kicking your ass, Dempsey,”

Zach couldn’t help but laugh at your slight frustration. He leaned down to place a kiss on your forehead. “You got it babe,” he smiled.  

Reader and Protective Friendship with the Jocks

Request: Are you tacking any requests? Di mind doing one where the reader is super close to “Jocks”. Like dempsey,Justin,Jeff Monty and them. they are just protective of her and even though some of are kind asses to other people and maybe don’t always treat all the girls right,they are just different around her and like they party together,she knows about Justin’s hard home life,she protective over zach when people do him wrong,she keeps Monty in line when he gets too angry,she helps Jeff with studying


A/N: This was fun to write, I hope you like it!


Warnings: Mentions of violence, mentions of possessiveness


Reader and Protective Friendship with the Jocks…

  • You had been friends with the schools jocks since the beginning of high school. Your mum was best friends with Monty’s mum, and so you’d grown up together, and even though you didn’t have the natural ability to be popular and everyone thought he was way out of your league for friendship, you’d always been very close

  • You’d met many of the other jocks stopping their fights with Monty. You had such an ability to read people. You were able to jump in the middle of a fight, say a few words and have the boys walk away as best friends. Jeff was the only one you didn’t have to convince into friendship
  • You’d been like your own little family ever since. You, Monty, Zach, Justin, Jeff, and the little ones that come along with that, like Alex and Clay. You knew about Justin’s home life, and Zach’s loneliness. You helped Jeff study when Clay wasn’t around and you kept Alex company when all the other boys were at sports

  • The adults in the school worried about you a little. One everyday high school student often crammed in the middle of a table of four to five jocks and their respective friends as well, who all had reputations, teachers got suspicious. They’d pull you aside all the time and ask questions, but you couldn’t be more sure that these boys would never do anything to hurt you or make you uncomfortable
  • You helped all of them drop their walls. Jeff was originally the only one who wasn’t standoffish or particularly concerned with his jock image. You gave them all a happy place, somewhere they could all just be, without any pressures or societal expectations. They all became much more affectionate and loving people with your presence

  • At parties one of them would always stay sober, or close to it, usually Jeff. That way there was always someone there for you if you needed, and someone who could make sure the whole group got home safely. At least one of them would be with you at all times of the night. They knew what the other jocks were like, and they would never risk leaving you by yourself while the others were around, not because they didn’t think you could take care of yourself, but because they didn’t think you should have to in the first place
  • At the end of the night Jeff would drive you all to the local 24/7 fast food shop. You’d all sit there trying as hard as possible not to seem noticeably drunk, as it was kinda obvious you were underage. This would usually just lead to a lot of giggling while you all ate and discussed whatever interesting things you’d learnt at the party. It was always Jeff who had the interesting stories, you figured that he was just someone people easily trusted

  • Monty would usually end up crashing at your house after these parties. He was the type of drunk who had to eat and then drink, and if he ate again after, he’d be asleep within half an hour. You were both super lucky that your mums saw only the friendship you two had, and not the hormones, because that meant you could easily get away with sleepovers. You’d usually be a little hungover the next morning, and you’d cuddle until one of your mums made you pancakes for breakfast, then it was back to acting like you hadn’t just been drunk off your face
  • Justin would often hang around the house with you and Monty too. You knew his home life wasn’t great, and you’d dropped hints to your parents that Justin didn’t like being at home sometimes, and so he was always welcome in your abode. He’d almost always eat your fridge out while he was there, but you didn’t mind, he was a teenage boy, you’d learnt from Monty just how much they could eat

  • After a couple years of convincing, you finally got your parents to agree to having all the boys over for a sleepover. It totally wasn’t the boys thing at all, but you could talk them into anything. You transformed your lounge room into a giant slumber party, trying to make as many little beds as you could, but needing to make a couple of share beds. You figured it didn’t matter though, after a few years with you these boys were the worlds stereotype of a boy anymore, they didn’t mind being close to each other.
  • Jeff would often invite Clay to your get togethers, and just your luck he was always the first to turn up. He was the first boy aside from Monty and Justin that your parents met, and his nervousness and awkwardness put them to ease of course. He helped you gain a little more trust from them, and you were super grateful for it

  • Your first ever date was actually with Clay, and even though he’s clearly harmless, you can bet that the jocks were sat a few tables away keeping an eye on you. As you began to go on dates with other people too they were always there, which was a blessing sometimes when your date was a total bore, because they always had a plan to sneak you out of there
  • The down side was that you felt obligated to go to all of their games. The plus was that half of the boys played basketball and half played baseball, which meant that you always had a couple boys to sit and keep you company no matter what. Aside from cheering boys on through the games, you tended to eat a lot while you were there. It was a good way to pass the time

  • And you can bet that although the boys are protective of you they never let you feel like you’re the odd one out in the group. They’ll have eating contests with you, and wrestle (a little more gently than usual) with you, they’ll try and get you to join basketball and baseball practices with the other boys
  • But then they also spoil you too. You get massages and back tickles and they play with your hair. You always have someone to drive you around, and sweet talk your parents and help you sneak out at night

  • There are a few mixed opinions on your relationship with the boys from other students. Some of them have a few not so nice things to say, and occasionally call you names and make rude accusations. The boys are always there to fix that though, and they all have a different approach. Zach and Jeff are a lot calmer, they’ll use their words, but you can bet that Justin and Monty are ready to go in with fists
  • Zach will often treat you to dinner dates. Nothing fancy, just at the local diner. He often tells you a hundred times during the night how grateful he is for you being there, because sometimes he feels everyone just wants to be seen near him and no one wants to actually know him, and you’re always there the assure him that you adore him and that he’s one of your best friends in the world

  • Jeff is the one who usually takes you out to do cute things. Go to carnivals, get ice-cream. Jeff will come and pick you up and you’ll spend the day together, no rushing around anywhere, just relaxing and travelling around the city together, always stopping to take cute photographs together
  • Justin just likes to hang around home with you. You’ll usually make a big dinner if you know he’s coming over, because he absolutely loves home cooked food and never gets it. You mostly just sit across the table from him and look on with heart eyes at how happy and grateful he is over something so simple. He also gets along great with your parents, and your dad (the cook of the family) loves that Justin’s always complimenting his cooking

  • You and Monty don’t ever really change, you still have the same relationship you had as kids, but now you’re older. You’ll bicker a lot between each other, steal each other’s food, be clique best friends and tease each other in front of your crushes, go to concerts together, take late night adventures. You’re so comfortable with each other you’ll just walk into the others house whenever you visit, there’s no need to knock or anything anymore
  • The boys all have their own levels of relationship with each other. It’s tense at first, since most of them met off the back of an almost fight. It doesn’t take them long though to grow close. Spending time with you they get to see each other’s flaws and relate to each other, and they actually grow super close super quickly

  • You’re a number one priority to them all. It’s a small group of people- you, Zach’s little sister, yours and Monty’s parents and not many others. They’ll protect you with everything that they are. You can guarantee someone so much as looks at you wrong and Monty has fists raised, Justin and Zach not far behind him if he needs support, and you and Jeff are left to calm them down
  • Being the one to get in their fights then means sometimes you come out of it with a little bruise. This usually makes the boys even angrier and your job harder, but you figure it’s just a part of interrupting a high school boys fight. You’re also then the one to ice the boys bruises and clean up any bloody cuts that they have. You usually take this time to lecture them, but when they give you their puppy eyes you can’t help but give in and just help them

  • The boys also worry about you getting hurt in everyday things. They watch you on stairs, during sport, when you’re driving, sliding around the house in socks. You’re always yelling at them for it, if you do hurt yourself you won’t shatter after all, and sometimes you just want a little bit of space, and maybe you do occasionally want a cool bruise to show off.
  • Overall your friendship with the jocks is so supportive and protective. You’re the only person aside from each other who they’ve let themselves get close to. You’re like a little family and they’d do anything to keep you safe and make sure that no one ever hurts you

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Strawberry Ice Cream

“I love you,” Zach mumbled while kissing the top of your head. You two were cuddling in his bed watching a movie.

“I love you too,” you said while looking up at him. You adored everything about him. The way his eyes would squint whenever he would laugh. Or the way his laughter filled the room and made your heart flutter. The way he could make you happy just by looking at you. This cuddling session was the most you guys have hung out recently, Zach has been getting busy with basketball. Either always at practice or always at a game.

He started putting his fingers through you hair,

“We rarely hang out anymore.” You looked up at him and frowned,

“I know baby, but its because of basketball. You know I love hanging out with you.” He stopped stroking your hair and grabbed both your hands. You hugged him,

“Can we go get ice cream?” You mumbled,

“Sure babe,” Your face lit up. You jumped out of the bed putting on your shoes,

“Slow down babe,” Zach laughed,

“No you hurry up slow poke!” You were up and ready while Zach was barely putting on his shoes. You kept on whining telling him to hurry up. He was done and you two started walking to the ice cream shop.

You two soon arrived and got in line,

“Babe go sit down I’ll order,” You told Zach, he nodded and walked over to an empty table booth. You ordered for the both of you, strawberry ice cream for you and mint chocolate chip for him. You walked over to the table and handed him his ice cream. He grabbed some ice cream on the top of his fingers and laced it on your lips,

“Let me clean that,” he said while leaning in and kissing you.

“Got a room you two!” Yelled Justin as him and Jessica walked in. You and Zach just laughed and you nudged Zach.

“That was pretty smooth babe!” Zach said in his defense. Jessica and Justin sat in the same table as you guys. Zach was leaning in to lick your ice cream,

“IT HAS STRAWBERRIES YOU DORK!” You yelled pulling away your ice cream. Zach frowned,

“It looks good…you know what else looks good?” Zach smirked,

“What?” You questioned,

“You,” he burst out laughing,

“Why can’t you be like Zach?” Jessica questioned Justin while laughing,

“Because I already make you feel good in bed,” Justin smirked, Jessica pushed him while blushing.

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Justin foley

Song: rockabye by clean bandit (it helps more if you listen to an acoustic or slow version)

I stroked Justin’s hair as he laid his head on my stomach and cried softly. I loved comforting him, he used to hate coming to me thinking he was a burden but now I was the first person he turned to. His breath slowed down and the tears stopped as I continued to play with his hair.

“Remember the first time we met?” He smiled. I hummed a yes in response.

“Can you do that again?” He whispered. I smiled softly as I thought about the first time we had met.

I walked out of class to grab a notebook I had left in my locker. Suddenly I passed the boys locker room and heard someone crying and breathing heavily. I debated on whether I should go in or not. What if someone was changing? But what if they where hurt and needed help. That made me forget all the possibilities and walk in without hesitation. I came to view with someone sitting on one of the benches hunched over so there back was to me, they where wearing the familiar light blue basketball school jersey. I recognized the person, Justin foley, I had him in a few classes but we never really talked. He was crying and breathing heavily. I quickly walked up to him and kneeled down besides him.

“Are you okay?” I spoke softly making sure not to startle him.

“Panic attack.” He quickly answered as he struggled to calm his breathing. It didn’t seem to help I grabbed his hand gently, I had seen this happen to my younger sister plenty of times so it didn’t feel weird helping him. I didn’t realize it until he was holding my hand back that I had laced our fingers together.

"It’ll be alright, it’s just a panic attack, just breath.” I reassured him. He continued to breath heavily. Usually when my sister couldn’t stop I could only stop it one other way.

"Um this is how I usually calm my sister okay.” I spoke softly as I drew shapes on his arm. I started singing rockabye by clean bandit.

"Oh love no ones ever gonna hurt you love.” I sang, my soft voice filling up the empty locker room. I was so focused on singing that I didn’t notice Justin was now calm. When I finished the song his watery red eyes where on me observing me. He wiped his tear stained cheeks as a calm expression took over his face.

“Thank you.” He whispered. I nodded as I was walking away but then I felt his hand grab my hand and push me back.

"Where are you going.” He frowned. I didn’t need him to get another panic attack so I decided to stay with him. After that we became friends. He told me why he had been crying and how that had caused his panic attack. From then on I always comforted him when something happened at home. After a while we started dating.

I finished singing the song as I looked down at Justin. Snores escaped from the small smile he was displaying, he had fallen asleep. I turned off the light as I cuddled into him.

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I had been waiting for Justin to come home all day because we had plans to go eat and he had been running 20 minutes late. “Fuck man.” I groaned noticing my aching stomach. I was starving, I hadn’t eaten all day. Just then I heard the key in the front door. I turned my head to see Justin walking in. He was whistling a familiar song, but I just couldn’t name it. “Babe you’re 20 minutes late, I’m hungry! I complained. "I know I know I’m sorry.” He said with his head turned away. “Justin why do you sound like me with my retainer on?” I questioned. He suddenly got a huge smile to show off his new grill.
“No you didn’t.” I said shocked. “Yep.” He said proudly. “Is that why you were whistling grillz by nelly?!” I said laughing. “Yes!” He said in the same tone laughing loudly. “So what do you think?” He asked. “Smile for me daddy.” I said with a big grin. “You want me to rob a jewelry store and tell em’ make me a grill?” He said quoting the song. I couldn’t be mad at him for coming home late, plus the grill made him sexy. “Bizzle 2.0!” He said. I shot him a look. “Hell no bizzle was unhealthy. If you wanna resurrect anyone, bring back chubstin or 2015stin.” I crossed my arms. He raised his eyebrows. “You really are a belieber.” “I stan a legend.” I smiled.