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Fraxus Week 2017: Day 2
∟ Reverse → I’ve wanted to draw the clothes swap for such a long time already, and this prompt was kinda fitting, so I guess it’s Close Enough™ 


“The opening number is a perfect example of that dichotomy, because on the face of it it’s a very exciting, happy song, but there’s a lot of melancholy in it as well,” [Justin Hurwitz] says. You’ll find that melancholy right there in the title: “Another Day of Sun.” It’s upbeat, but there’s something a little weary about it too.


“The opening number is a perfect example of that dichotomy, because on the face of it it’s a very exciting, happy song, but there’s a lot of melancholy in it as well,” [Justin Hurwitz] says. You’ll find that melancholy right there in the title: “Another Day of Sun.” It’s upbeat, but there’s something a little weary about it too.
For lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, that push-and-pull informed their approach. “What Damien inspired us to capture was that there’s this difference between L.A. and New York,” Paul explained. “In New York, you grind and grind to pursue your dreams and accomplish what you’re hoping to accomplish, and you get up the next day and it’s muddy and gross and the snow is just turned to black ice.”
Meanwhile, L.A. may also be a constant struggle, but it’s also constant blue skies. “You pursue that dream, and you go to bed and get up the next day, and it’s a gorgeous day,” Paul says. “It encourages you in one breath, and in another breath doesn’t acknowledge that you just failed miserably. You wake up and it doesn’t match your mood. It’s a bright and shiny day. And you’re like, ‘Wait a second!”

Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul on composing ‘Another Day of Sun’


If you want to get out of here, all you have to do is sing.


travis: daddy, what kind of music do you play when you’re getting busy?
justin: [yelling] MY HEADPHONES ARE OFF! 
dad mcelroy: well, travis–
justin: i’m out of the goddamn room!
dad mcelroy: it depends on what you’re, uh–
justin: OUT! 
dad mcelroy: what you want to accomplish. if you want to extend the experience–
travis: uh-huh?
griffin: oh, no.
justin: [yelling in the background] you fucking stop that on my show - i built an empire, you will not destroy it!
travis: now, what if you’re trying to build a certain sexy atmosphere, daddy? what–
griffin: [losing it] OH GOD, don’t say daddy. if you’re gonna explore this goof, don’t say daddy.
justin: travis and dad can go on this venture. i’m OUT!
dad mcelroy: [citing several musicians, including barry white] 
justin: [wordless yelling in the background]
travis: now, what if you’re actually having sex with barry white?
dad mcelroy: you don’t actually do it with barry white.
justin: he’s DEAD! like ME!
dad mcelroy: you let him play in the background. yeah. ‘cause that would be a little creepy.
justin: [crying]
dad mcelroy: [says the word “climax”] 
griffin and justin: NO! GOD!
justin: i’m going out the window! this is a nightmare! 
dad mcelroy: well, there is a band called climax. there was also a climax blues band. 
travis: i see.
justin: there’s a– there’s a band called jefferson airplane and i wish they would hit me right now and kill me in their propellers. i wanna die. 
justin: you’ve never done it. it’s never happened.
dad mcelroy: obviously, i’ve done it three times. i had to - where would you have come from? 
justin: a star put a crystal under a cabbage leaf and i appeared! I’M A GIFT! 

  • Zach: If you bite it and you die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it's venomous.
  • Justin: What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Zach: That means you're poisonous, Jesus, learn to listen.
  • Jeff: What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Alex: That's voodoo.
  • Marcus: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Zach: That's correlation, not causation.
  • Jeff: What if we bite each other and neither of us dies?
  • Justin: That's kinky.
  • Zach: Oh my God.

When your country’s at war, but you gotta find your sweetheart.

First things first. (*´▽`*)


Welcome to City Hall

um. so i have a lot of sentiment attached to this picture, since it was maybe the first properly completed piece of art i’ve done in a few years (i know i’ve uploaded things recently, but it took a while to get this scanned). sometimes you get stuck in a rut and then a spark of inspiration comes along that kicks you up the backside until you go find your watercolour set, and for me that spark was the MBMBaM tv show, apparently. episode 2 is probably my favourite, and the scene with Mayor Williams (if i may call you Mayor Williams) is one of many many many highlights.

there’s lots of little errors that i keep picking up on (i was Extremely Rusty especially in the inking department) but mainly i’m just very proud of finishing this and i hope it makes someone smile like the show made me smile (eg. like a big goof).

anonymous asked:

If you are still asking for instances I once had someone ask me out for coffee and I responded with "sorry I don't like coffee, but thanks anyway." My friend had to tell me that they were asking me out on a date.

omg classic!! that’s so hilarious though~ (I hope you had a crush on them? lmao)

also, sorry, this will be kind of a short one / losing some steam tonight 😅 but I decided to go with a plance high school AU.

“Abiotic components, go.”

“Nonliving chemical and physical factors in the environment. Next.”

“Abdominal cavity.”

“Contains a number of crucial organs including the lower part of the esophagus, the stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and bladder. Next.”

“Anaerobic respiration.”

“A type of respiration that doesn’t use oxygen. It’s used when there isn’t enough oxygen for aerobic respiration.”

“Pidge,” Lance interrupts before Hunk can shout out the next flashcard item on the list. “You know everything already for the test. What do you need to quiz yourself for?”

“We’re taking turns,” Pidge corrects. “Hunk and I just want to make sure we’re on top of everything.”

“Yeah, we really want to keep ahead of the curve,” Hunk agrees. “Got to stay on top of the academic food chain.”

“If anyone needs help with biology, it’s me,” Lance says. “But I decided I wanted to have a life.”

“This is our life, Lance,” she says. They stop in front of Lance’s class, where Pidge and Hunk usually split off for biology.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he replies in a bored voice. “So do you want to get coffee this weekend now that your bio test will be over?”

“Sorry, Lance, I don’t like coffee,” Pidge says as Hunk looks back and forth between the two of them. “But thanks anyways.”

The warning bell rings before Lance can respond. Without skipping a beat, Pidge continues walking, her backpack slung over one shoulder as she slips her flashcards back into the crack between the zippers.

“See you later, Lance!” she calls back without turning around.

“Dude, Pidge,” Hunk says when he catches up to her right at their classroom’s doorway. “I think Lance just asked you out on a date.”

“What?” she asks, throwing her backpack down on her desk. “That’s ridiculous.”

“No seriously,” Hunk says. “He’s still standing in front of his class with his mouth open in shock.”

Pidge looks up at the clock. They have about a minute before the final bell rings. With a resigned sigh, she runs back out the classroom, yelling, “Watch my stuff!” behind her back.

She finds Lance right where Hunk says they’d left him, though his mouth is no longer open. When he sees her again, however, he gives her an angry look.

“Did you really just do that, Pidgista?” he demands. “I can’t believe you just did that.”

“Yes,” she says in a firm tone.

“Yes, what? Like you’re admitting to just leaving me out in the cold just now?”

“Yes, I will go on a date with you,” Pidge clarifies.

Lance’s mouth falls open in shock. Again.

A few seconds pass without a response, causing Pidge to raise an eyebrow.

“Um, so, see you then?” Pidge says uncertainly. “I can’t be late for class, you have like twenty seconds to respond.”

“It’s a date!” he claps his hands and, without warning, plants a kiss on her forehead before rushing into his class.

Pidge ends up being thirty seconds late and Hunk gives her an expectant look. Shrugging, she sits down in her seat and smirks.