Justin Trudeau takes a stand against Trump’s Muslim ban

  • President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees is debuting with a lot of criticism — particularly because it discriminates on the basis of religion. 
  • As a result, world leaders are responding with pledges to step up with initiatives to resettle refugees, while reiterating their countries’ commitment to take in refugees from around the globe no matter their faith.
  • The first response came from right on the United States’ northern border: Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau took to Twitter Saturday afternoon and said Canada would not be discriminating on the basis of a refugee’s religion. Read more.

It’s official, Justin Trudeau and his government have approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project. I will be among many people that will participate in sitting in front of the bulldozers to stop this horrible project. Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. We have a duty as a nation to do whatever we can to make amends with the original peoples of this land, and as this process has run roughshod over the very valid concerns of first nations that live along the proposed route

2. This project is slated to add 162 megatons of carbon pollution to our atmosphere, that’s more than double what the whole province of BC emits. That is simply appalling at a time when we should be drastically reducing our fossil fuel use

3. There has been no real review of the project, in that the review they went through didn’t allow cross-examining kinder morgan’s evidence or any mention of climate change… for an oil pipeline

4. Our flagrant disregard for the climate and indigenous rights take away considerable credibility from Canada on the world stage

5. It’s been over a month since the minor diesel spill in Heiltsuk territory and it’s still not cleaned up, I can only imagine what would happen with raw bitumen that SINKS to the bottom of the ocean where it cannot be retrieved

6. The endangered Southern Resident Orcas might be wiped out just by the sound of the massive tankers, this is because they communicate by sound and the noise of supertankers would make it near impossible to hunt or even live.

7. kinder Morgan wants to DRILL THROUGH A MOUNTAIN, the project as proposed would go right under SFU, and univerCity, where thousands of people live.

8. There is one way off the mountain and if there were a leak the people up there would be stranded for DAYS without any help.

9. The burnaby fire department said it would take at least 4 days to get any fire in the expanded tank farm under control.

10. Millions of dollars are made annually from ecotourism, and it only takes 1 spill to wipe it all out

I could go on because this project is such a bad idea but i’m gonna ask you all to do whatever you can to help. Whether it’s bringing coffee and treats to the land defenders on bby mountain, convincing your conservative uncle this project is a bad idea, donating to groups that are dedicated to stopping this project, or even joining us in direct action EVERY little thing matters and it’s gonna take all of us to stop this pipeline.

Trudeau is a spineless liberal capitalist.

He spent many minutes talking about how great the environment in Canada is, how we need to improve the climate for our children and grandchildren, to closely listen to Indigenous people and have them involved in decision making, to transition to green jobs, and to follow through on what he was elected for, but then he approved Kinder Morgan pipeline.

He’s showed he is perfectly fine ignoring consent.

He’s showed he is not genuinely concerned with the lives and lands of Indigenous people.