Canada-EU trade talks collapse in Wallonia as Freeland walks out
Belgium prime minister phoned Justin Trudeau overnight to explore ways to salvage CETA

Last-ditch efforts to salvage Canada’s trade deal with the European Union appear to have collapsed Friday, as International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland walked out of talks with the regional government of Wallonia that’s been blocking the deal that was supposed to be signed next week.

Freeland said that the failure to come to a consensus and proceed with signing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) at the planned Canada-EU Summit next Thursday was a “missed opportunity.”

Earlier, Paul Magnette, the president of the Belgian region of Wallonia, briefed his regional parliament, saying that although talks were productive, difficulties remain and he’s not prepared to reverse the decision to reject CETA.

“We made new significant progress, especially on the agriculture issues, but difficulties remain, specifically on the symbolic issue of arbitration, which is politically extremely important,” he said in French.

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Former Green Party candidate taken down after throwing pumpkin seeds at Justin Trudeau
'We strongly condemn that sort of behaviour,' says party press secretary

Cries of “don’t hurt me!” rang out outside Hamilton City Hall on Friday as a protester who tried to ambush Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by throwing pumpkin seeds was taken down by security.

The protester was Ute Schmid-Jones, who ran for the Green Party of Canada in the 2015 federal election.

Schmid-Jones shoved past reporters screaming, “keep your promises,” and throwing pumpkin seeds with hearts drawn on them as Trudeau was leaving city hall.

The prime minister was ushered into a waiting SUV while Schmid-Jones was forced to the ground by security, as she repeatedly yelled, “don’t hurt me!”

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Why is Trudeau Backtracking On B.C.'s Oil Tanker Ban? These 86 Meetings with Enbridge Might Help Explain
When pressed on his promise to ban tanker traffic — a proposal some say is not nearly comprehensive enough to protect the coast from vessels like the Nathan E. Stewart —Trudeau awkwardly dodged the question.

Since the Liberals formed government last November, Enbridge and Northern Gateway Pipeline have lobbied Ottawa an astounding 86 times, federal lobbying reports reveal.

Fifty-one of those meetings have taken place since August — which, funnily enough, is around the same time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau started backtracking on his commitment to ban oil tankers on B.C.’s north coast, a policy that would leave Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal dead in the water.  

Since October last year, representatives from Enbridge and Northern Gateway Pipeline met with representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office eight times, Transport Canada 10 times, Fisheries and Oceans Canada 10 times, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada 12 times, Natural Resources Canada 31 times, and mostly Liberal Members of Parliament 39 times to name just a few.

During this time Enbridge and Northern Gateway Pipeline lobbyists met with more than 130 top-level chiefs of staff, policy directors, and ministers, records show.

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“Within just four days of welcoming our new prime minister, he has notified Obama that Canada will be pulling out of the bombing campaign in the middle east, he has put forth a motion to remove the ban that prohibits gay men from donating blood, he has motioned to have medical marijuana dispensaries placed in every major Canadian city, which will stimulate the economy, and has launched an official nation-wide search for the missing and murdered First Nations women and girls. Justin Trudeau has accomplished in four days what our former prime minister couldn’t do in 10 years.
For the first time in many years, Canada is in the forefront of international news just in this one week following the election. The world loves him…and for the first time in a long time, I am proud to be a Canadian.”

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Trudeau reaffirms commitment to electoral reform
Committee to report by Dec 1st with recommendations for changing voting system

Justin Trudeau says he remains “deeply committed” to reforming Canada’s voting system.

The prime minister is reaffirming his commitment one day after he appeared to be laying the groundwork for reneging on his promise that the 2015 federal election would be the last conducted under first-past-the-post.

Trudeau says he looks forward to the recommendations of a special all-party committee that has been exploring alternatives to the existing voting system.

The committee is to report by Dec. 1.

On Wednesday, Trudeau told Montreal’s Le Devoir newspaper that electoral reform will require “substantial” support.

At the same time, however, he mused that the public clamour for reform has subsided since the Liberals defeated Stephen Harper’s Conservatives one year ago.

This entire cabinet is a giant ‘fuck you’ to Stephen Harper

oh, you won’t do anything about the missing and murdered indigenous women? well I’m going to assign an Aboriginal woman as the fucking Minister of Justice

you’re going to start a national debate on head coverings and immigration? I’m going to make a Sikh immigrant our Minister of National Defence

you have someone who doesn’t believe in climate change as your Minister of Environment? I’M GONNA RENAME THE POST TO THE MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE

you’re going to censor scientists and destroy science libraries? I’M GOING TO CREATE AN ENTIRE NEW FUCKING MINISTER OF SCIENCE

Spill response boat sinks as Prime Minister appears to backtrack on tanker ban promise | Dogwood
With ongoing response to a diesel spill near Bella Bella in disarray, Prime Minister Trudeau’s comments prompt deep concern.

Coastal residents are gobsmacked to learn that a boat working to retrieve diesel from a sunken tug in the Great Bear Rainforest has itself sunk. Details are still sketchy, but Dogwood has confirmed that a skiff operated by Florida-based Resolve marine salvage took on water Wednesday afternoon and went down in Seaforth Channel, next to the wreck of the tug Nathan E. Stewart. A crew member was rescued, fortunately without injury.

“If this is world-class spill response, it’s not good enough,” said Kai Nagata, communications director at Dogwood Initiative. “And after what we heard from the Prime Minister today, we are deeply concerned that Ottawa is still not taking oil spills on the West Coast seriously.”

Asked about his plans for a North Coast oil tanker ban on Vancouver’s Breakfast Television this morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instead described how his government had reopened the Kitsilano Coast Guard station, 650 kilometers away from the diesel spill in the Great Bear Rainforest.

“The oil tanker ban was Trudeau’s idea. It was his promise to British Columbians. But when he was asked a simple question about his plan for the North Coast, he chose to talk instead about Kitsilano,” said Nagata.

The Kits coast guard base is a 36-hour trip by boat from the spill site. Fortunately a Coast guard search and rescue team was able to deploy from a base on Denny Island to rescue the crew of the Nathan E. Stewart. A spill response crew from the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation crew arrived on scene from Prince Rupert about 20 hours later.

The spill is still not cleaned up, a week after the Texas-owned tug pushing an empty oil barge ran aground and sank. “Today’s incident reinforces a simple truth. We are in no way prepared to respond to a full-scale oil spill on the West Coast, and likely never will be. The best way to prevent a catastrophe is to quickly bring in a ban on oil tankers,” said Nagata.

Dogwood Initiative is B.C.’s largest citizen group, uniting more than 246,000 supporters in the province against oil tanker expansion on the West Coast.