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CEO!Calum fucking you to Suit And Tie by Justin Timberlake, giggling slightly at the irony as he bends you over the counter but quickly losing his smile in the groans coming from his mouth as he buries himself inside you over and over until you're shaking and his body is slumped over yours in exhaustion, his suit jacket brushing against you, the silk of his tie smooth against your skin.

And as long as I’ve got my suit and tie,
I'ma leave it all on the floor tonight.
And you got fixed up to the nines,
Let me show you a few things

Calum’s hand is hot, searing straight to your skin through the fabric of your dress. You’re just showing the last of his guests out of his spacious new office, the office warm party having gone off without a hitch. He’s waving off the caterer’s, shoving a check into their hands and letting the cleaning staff get started. There’s music still playing in the background, upbeat and current. He was never one to be left behind. 

“Have I showed you my office, yet?” He stoops, tip of his nose nudging the hair away from your ear, voice breathy.

You smirk, “Not recently.” 

It’s all windows and wood, furniture sturdy and sleek. The edge of his desk digs into your bare hips the second Calum bends you over, dress bunched around your thighs. He groans at the sight of your bare ass, hands spreading over the flesh. 

Neither of you are particularly up for foreplay, heaving groans falling from your lips the second he sinks into you. Music filters in through the door, slow beat of an older Justin Timberlake timing Calum’s slow thrusts; Calum’s hips drag in time to the opening, head of his hard cock dragging over every inch of you. 

All pressed up in black and white,
And you’re dressed in that dress I like.
Love is swinging in the air tonight.

Calum hunches over, hands braced on either side of you from where you’re bent over. A slow grin takes over his face when the beat picks up and his hips snap, fucking into you with the beat egging him on. The position lets his tie pool on your back, fabric dragging down your spine where your dress exposes the skin. 

Moans tumble from between your parted lips as you shift beneath him; the angle changes, Calum’s cock spears a little deeper, a little harder. Your walls clench and Calum’s grin drops, jaw slacking. 

He buries himself in you, hips grinding forward that send you rocking. Your nails dig into the expensive wood as you shake, toes curling in the heels you wear. Calum’s hips stutter and he drapes himself over you, letting go. 

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1. the (after) life of the party - fall out boy
2. love in the dark - adele
3. bad news - kanye west
4. don’t rain on my parade - glee (santana’s version)
5. hate you - 2NE1
6. suit & tie - justin timberlake
7. Triangular (fight on stage) - macross frontier
8. take care - drake ft. rihanna
9. u remind me - usher
10. fallen leaves - billy talent

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